Plastic manholes: mounting varieties + features

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Construction of sewage system involves the installation of wells to service the system. Previously this task was carried out reinforced concrete structures, now in force heaviness and complexity of their designs mounting polymeric analogs have replaced them.

What is the benefit of plastic manholes to traditional hydraulic structures, and what features they require installation, consider the article.

The content of the article:

  • Scope of the plastic wells
  • Features and manufacturing standards
  • Advantages and disadvantages of plastic models
  • Types of manholes
    • Sight models throw
    • Absorption drainage design
    • Rainwater storage tanks
  • Criteria for selection of competent
  • Basic rules of installation
  • Useful videos on the topic

Scope of the plastic wells

The former Soviet Union manholes were constructed mainly of concrete rings. To increase the tightness of the construction joints between them were sealed with sealing cement mortar technical flax fibers.

But under the influence of fluctuations in temperature and other environmental influences mezhshovnaya seal over time cracked, rings shifted relative to each other, as a result, the shaft sealing and partially losing It destroyed. Modern plastic wells such trouble is not threatened. Product solidity allows for airtight connections.

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High tightness facilities
Due to the high integrity structures walls risk of accidents when using tanks of plastic minimal

Ready sewage tanks in plastic can be used as stand-alone facilities, and as a supplement to the ready silos of concrete rings. In the second embodiment, they perform the function of a sealed plastic inserts in the concrete or brick well, which protects the soil from leaking sewage.

The main purpose of the polymer wells - to connect the sewer line between them. But thanks to its special design in addition to the basic function of the application allows to solve several problems at once:

  • provide conditions for the monitoring of the technical state of the pipeline in place nodal compound change of direction or diameter of the pipe;
  • create the conditions for laying sewage pipelines branches at different levels;
  • increase / decrease the flow rate of wastewater;
  • ensure access to prisoners in the pit area for sewer inspection and maintenance.

The oversized sewer manholes placed stop-controlled equipment and pumps, if there is a technical need for the stimulation of traffic flows.

Such hydraulic objects used both for industrial sewage plants and the laying of domestic, rainwater, drainage networks.

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The use of plastic manholes
For devices of all kinds of sewage available modular plastic products, allowing in a very short period of time collecting systems of any complexity and purpose
Assembling the collector wells sewage
In the assortment of plastic products can be found the bottom of the mine and the pit for the device without problems
Rotary sewer inspection point
at a rapid pace from plastic modules construct and install rotary and linear manholes
Cumulative polymer well
Solid polymer or prefabricated structures used in the construction of the storage wells and septic tanks
Installation of drainage wells polymer
Plastic modules provide maximum operational structure of wall drainage to drain ground water from the basement
Well site drainage system
Wells drainage and sewerage systems are installed so as to cleaning, if necessary, could be performed on all connected branches
The advantages of using
Plastic wells fine resist aggression groundwater and flood waters. Due to the corrugated surface can withstand considerable mechanical load and resist heave surrounding soil
Plastic barrels in your organization
Arrange a water drain for a small country house or garden can be made of plastic barrels specifications are close to the performance of polymer products factory
The use of plastic manholes
The use of plastic manholes
Assembling the collector wells sewage
Assembling the collector wells sewage
Rotary sewer inspection point
Rotary sewer inspection point
Cumulative polymer well
Cumulative polymer well
Installation of drainage wells polymer
Installation of drainage wells polymer
Well site drainage system
Well site drainage system
The advantages of using
The advantages of using
Plastic barrels in your organization
Plastic barrels in your organization

Features and manufacturing standards

Regardless of the type of construction material sewage wells same. The construction is recessed in the ground cylindrically shaped shaft, the bottom of which undeveloped Kineta - tray two or three pipes from sewage.

Installing plastic construction
One of the obligatory conditions of use and arrangement of plastic manholes for sewerage is to ensure the free movement of water

Adjust the length of the construction allows the use of extension cords and retractable shafts. To gain the necessary length of the structure, spliced ​​them together, creating a strong and tight connection.

Often used for building construction and sliding extension model. In its role as the connecting elements, in parallel with this, and they are the continuation of construction of the wall.

The shape and size of the connected pipes
Depending on the operating conditions of the sewer pipe may have different shapes, curves, and be equipped with different branches

The upper part of the well equip overlap with the hatch. When installing plastic wells is quite logical choice hatches of the same polymer, making it possible to provide the same great durability of the whole structure.

The dimensions correspond to the dimensions of plastic models of cast iron counterparts. When you select a hatch guided by its functionality. Depending on the degree to withstand loads hatches are divided into 4 categories:

  • Standard "A15" used for installation on the green area and footpaths. He stands up to one and a half tons.
  • "V125" installed on sidewalks and in parks and parking areas, where the load weight does not exceed 12.5 tons.
  • "C250" is used in the construction of sewage, wherein the gasket is under urban roads. Products can withstand loads up to 25 tons.
  • "D400" the most solid construction capable of withstanding up to 40 tons, designed for motorways.

Hatches standard "A15" can be set directly on the well shaft, and analogs thereof "V125" category "S250" and "D400" - on the torque ring or retractable telescopic tube.

Polymer manhole cover
Manhole cover prevents the ingress into the mine a large construction debris and other foreign objects, making the operation more secure facilities

The neck is a transition element between the shaft and hatch. Its main purpose - to take the load and compensate for the outside, which can damage the shaft and supply it to the pipe. For this reason, it is a bellows or telescopic design.

Telescopic part of the shaft can be extended by taking the most convenient position for exploring the surface condition of the walls and access during repairs. Emptying the ring at both ends is equipped with thread, whereby the compound is obtained as airtight as possible.

The walls of buildings are provided openings for summing input and output pipes.

Option everything well
To prevent leakage of groundwater into the cavity of the shaft or the leakage of waste water from the well wall it operate leakproof

The wells are of two types, depending on the size of the structure:

  1. Diameter smaller than one meter with unattended shaft. The compact design of the inspection is set at arrangement at a shallow depth.
  2. A diameter of over one meter. The design allows you to seamlessly maintain the equipment and repair the structure, if necessary.

The very well operate the same material as that used in the production of ordinary sewer pipes. This can be a double layer structured or polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP).

Environmental security facilities
Created by using modern technology polymers are chemically resistant materials, and therefore do not carry the danger of environmental

Not less popular and model made from corrugated plastic. This solution simplifies the task of adjusting the height of the tank and allows to partially compensate for the load on the bottom, thereby significantly extending the life of the structure.

Both options available as the wells with single or double walls. To counter the compression of the soil outside the product equipped with ribs.

Advantages and disadvantages of plastic models

Construction of composites with polymeric matrix in no way inferior to traditional reinforced concrete ring-shaped modules. A polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride wells even superior in some aspects.

Among the indisputable advantages of plastic manholes for arranging sewage system is to provide:

  1. Affordable. Price depending on the design size, and the number of types of plastic pipes ranges from 5 to 50 thousand rubles.
  2. Lightweight construction. Weight of the product even more than one meter in diameter and no more than 100 kg.
  3. High compressive strength. Wall structures are capable of withstanding the high pressure created by both inside and on the outside.
  4. Ease of transport and installation. The installation design can be performed without additional manpower and applying small machines.
  5. low thermal conductivity. Polymer formation resistant to high temperatures. Trough part of the structure is also characterized by high resistance to wear. An exception may serve only siltation and overgrowing elements.
  6. Resistance to corrosion and frost. Manufactured by standard well plastic or polymer liner without loss practical qualities capable of withstanding up to -60 ° C.

For proper operation of plastic products are able to serve more than half a century.

Polymer well of corrugations
Many owners of country houses appreciate plastic models for ease of installation, simplicity of maintenance and reasonable cost

Not so long ago were considered products of polyvinyl chloride are not strong enough and frost-resistant as compared to concrete structures. But modern compositions can easily withstand temperatures down to -70 ° C, so that they can be used in any climatic zone.

The only drawback plastic designs is that they are even and have thick walls and extra ribs, but their installation should exercise extreme caution, as there is a risk deform the container.

In addition, in most cases they can be repaired. Any chips or cracks in the wall is brought into recycling. For this reason, it is important to choose only high-quality and durable product.

Types of manholes

By appointment polymer manholes are divided into three types: the inspection, and the absorption of rainwater.

Sight models throw

Sight models are mounted on potentially hazardous sections of the pipeline. Their main purpose - to provide access for system monitoring, accommodation of special equipment and necessary maintenance facilities. Without them, can not do any sewer.

Without fail they are installed in the ground:

  • turning highways;
  • branching compound;
  • changing slope and pipe diameter.

One manhole can combine up to three to four transport streams.

Scheme basic building elements
The main element of the manhole protrudes small volume shaft, the upper part of which is equipped with a hatch and the bottom - with special tray part grooves (+)

At arrangement sewer inspection plastic wells are placed at a distance from each other, regulated by regulatory documentation. The larger diameter of the installed hydraulic structures, the more regulatory allowable distance therebetween.

Absorption drainage design

Facilities of this type are installed where there is no opportunity to freely take wastewater. These are cylindrical plastic mine depth of two meters and a diameter of one and a half meters.

Unlike manholes absorption-type models do not require the installation of throw. Instead bottom tanks equip mesh or lining materials, providing drainage effect: gravel, broken or crushed brick. The same material is used as dusting and external walls of the well.

Construction of the absorption tank
Wastewater entering the absorption vessel, filtered through lined with a drainage layer at the bottom and in purified form gradually seep into the ground

Minimum height of tapping plastic drainage pipe in the well wall is 40 cm. With this solution, the bottom of the tank in addition to the main task serves as a sand trap, which catches the settling of sand and other particles present in the water is turned on.

Rainwater storage tanks

The main function of rainwater wells - storage of wastewater prior to their evacuation, Export and Transfer of the treatment plant. The option "end point" depends on the degree of water pollution.

Since the storage tanks are designed to hold a ton of liquid, they have a rather impressive size.

Size and dimensions of the finished containers
Overall plastic construction parameters determined daily productivity sewer system and volume of incoming water

Rainwater plastic tanks are completely sealed sides and bottom. One of the prerequisites of rainwater wells arrangement is to cover and sealed. This is necessary in order to prevent sewage overflow after heavy rainfall.

Criteria for selection of competent

Price wells polymer is composed of three basic parameters:

  1. Material quality and wall thickness.
  2. Dimensions of the design (internal diameter and height).
  3. Number of nozzles.

On sale meet monolithic and composite models. The price of solid product are much lower precast analogues.

Wells with monolithic body used in those cases where it is necessary to provide a high strength wall structures in compression.

Reservoirs with a monolithic body
Monolithic body well vysokoprochen plastic and sealed, but it will be impossible to build structures to improve performance

In view of the internal structure of static volume when selecting wells with a monolithic body it is important to properly assess the volume of water that will flow into it.

Please note that there is a model in which the lead-in nipples are built. But there are options where you need to carry out a frame supply and return pipes.

Prefabricated structures allow the creation of wells of any height. They consist of components, each of which is equipped with a sealing ring, ensuring the tightness of the structure.

prefabricated structures
Flexibility and sealing structure depends on the number of items: the more structural members, the greater flexibility, but also greater likelihood of leakage

By purchasing a plastic well for removing technical waste, pay attention to the type of material used. It must be resistant to the aggressive environment, as in the operation will be exposed present therein of organic solvents.

Models made from polyvinyl chloride, are known for incombustibility and high resistance to chemicals. If, however, requires a high tightness and resistance to thermal shock, it is necessary to choose the model of polyethylene. They are well compensated earth pressure during the cold season.

Multigrade use of polymeric articles
Even in case of freezing located in the cavity polyvinylchloride water tank they do not destroy its integrity, and after thawing liquids - acquire original shape

On soft ground, where the probability of the load on the wall of the hydraulic structure, it is recommended to install a polypropylene wells. They have high wear resistance and ductility. They can be welded.

Do not try to reduce paper costs while refusing to purchase from the throw. The damage of such "savings" comes out in times greater than the direct financial benefit.

Lack tray portion sewage effluents difficult to remove from the well. It is in most cases results in frequent contamination of the coarse fraction debris system, whereby It creates a large resistance to the flow of waste water, as a consequence - the construction of quickly wears out and comes out system.

Wells polyethylene standard sizes can be purchased in DIY stores. Mine specified dimensions can also be ordered on an individual project.

Basic rules of installation

polymeric wells mount technology is not much different from the installation process similar sewer structures made of other materials.

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The bottom of the pit for the construction of plastic
Step 1: Assembling the collector and manhole installation begins with the bottom of a pre-leveled and compacted trench
Capacity of well shaft
Step 2: Go to the bottom of the attached corrugated mine, trimmed with a hacksaw or electric saw according to the design size
pipeline connection
Step 3: To a mine at a height that takes into account deviation in the direction of motion drains connected sewer pipe
Construction of the well mouth
Step 4: Depending on the diameter of the pipe used in well construction, the neck ring is mounted either directly to the hatch or first conical part, then hatch
The bottom of the pit for the construction of plastic
The bottom of the pit for the construction of plastic
Capacity of well shaft
Capacity of well shaft
pipeline connection
pipeline connection
Construction of the well mouth
Construction of the well mouth

Work is carried out in several stages:

  1. Excavation. By measuring the dimensions of the installed structure dug pit width 10-20 cm longer.
  2. Preparation of the base. When constructing the storage facilities of the bottom of the pit lining 20-cm layer of pebbles, and then cemented. For the construction of the drainage structure bottom concreted only at the perimeter and inside of the lining 40-cm layer of crushed stone or gravel.
  3. Installing a well. With tripod, ropes and cables container is lowered onto the bottom of the pit. In order to prevent displacement and increase reliability of fixing it in position secured metal chains or belts.
  4. Connecting sewer pipes. For sealing compounds and impart strength when connecting pipes of outlets are used seals.
  5. Performing backfill. Before backfilling, if the container is not protected from the outside, to prevent deformation due to its pressure drop tank filled with water is recommended.
  6. Installing the hatch. First mounted support ring, which has a technological holes, and then placed in the ring cap, so that it aligns with the corresponding notches.

Help information during the work should be incumbent on the SNP works on installation of sewerage systems.

Useful videos on the topic

Step by step installation technology clearly shown in the video:

Technology for creating manholes made of plastic:

The use of plastic manholes for sewer construction significantly easier and cheaper manufacturing works. This is a great alternative to the usual concrete. Heat-resistant, airtight and easy to install elements easy to assemble, quick to install and virtually maintenance free.

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