Rating of vacuum cleaners with aquafilter

It is obvious to the Buyer that the new models of vacuum cleaners with an aqua filter are expensive. The consumer is obliged to recoup the work of developers and designers, plus the cost of setting up the pipeline for the release of new products. Because the first series are more expensive than the next. Let's look at the rating of vacuum cleaners with aqua-filter in order to understand which models it is worth looking at when choosing a home assistant.

Thomas Twin XT Vacuum Cleaner with Aqua Filter

Today, the unit heads the rating of washing vacuum cleaners and is well worth it on the Yandex Market. Not less than 17,000 rubles. Twin XT appeared in a variety of TV shows. Having long won the audience award, the unit in our opinion will lead the rating in popularity. German company, let's see what she can do.

Vacuum cleaners are one of two main specializations of the company:

  1. Laundry Centrifuges.
  2. Vacuum Cleaners.

The foundation was in 1900, before the outbreak of the First World War. Today, the family business is already managed by the fourth generation of Tomas. It's funny that there is no more specific information on the site, there is no English language domain in Wikipedia. We find out what types of vacuum cleaners are produced by the company:

  1. With a water filter.
  2. Premium Vacuum Cleaners.
  3. Ordinary vacuum cleaners.
  4. Steam Cleaners.
  5. Multifunctional vacuum cleaners.
  6. Washing Vacuum Cleaners.

There is a complete range of cleaning products available. Release the goods in Germany. Twin XT belongs to the latest class of equipment. This washing vacuum cleaner, of course, is an aqua-filter. Vertical parking of the suction pipe on the case will allow you to clean the air in the room, simply leaving the device in that position for half an hour.

Our experimental is equipped with AQUA BOX, the company has released a similar operating time with the prefix HYGIENE.In the latter case, germs are destroyed. Check the accuracy of the information.

It is understood that the equipment is easy to use, unlike most classmates. The device eliminates the need to mess with water when you do not want. For example, they put HYGIENE BOX, did a quick dry cleaning with a bag, and when you need to use a better quality aqua-filter, the device is removed exactly until the next time. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a washing function. It turns out a hybrid of 3 in 1( tops the rating of vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning).

AQUA BOX is notable for the lack of a mode without an aqua filter in principle. The vacuum cleaner will do the wet cleaning, it can just work on the suction. The advantage of a more hygienic compared to other manufacturers of the container.

  1. Before cleaning, fill in a plastic box with 1 liter of clean water and insert the container into the vacuum cleaner.
  2. After cleaning, a liter of clean water is added, the design is shaken( not for gentle female hands).Waste is discharged into the sewer.

Power is smoothly regulated in the range of 800 - 1700 W, and the suction force remains constant throughout the operating cycle, which distinguishes the device from an aging vacuum cleaner with a bag. A distinctive feature of the model is a long cord. As much as 8 meters. With a hose length of 4 meters. With such an easy to clean the apartment, without removing the plug from the outlet. An impressive set of nozzles:

  • Nozzle carpet-smooth floor with retractable bristles at the touch of a button.
  • For parquet and laminate, a special brush with natural hair is completed, will clean the dust from distant crevices, but the coating will not damage. On the sole, a pad of felt at the same time polishes the surface. This nozzle for joint cleaning and care.
  • Brush made of natural horsehair with a lateral arrangement of the docking nozzle will allow to crawl under furniture, where the gap is at least 8 cm.
  • The Clean Light special nozzle has an integrated LED backlight. The operator sees if the washing vacuum cleaner is going to suck in the desired item.
  • A crevice nozzle is useful for motorists with pumped biceps. Carry a product weighing 8 kg( without water) to the garage is not everyone's strength.
  • Nozzle for upholstered furniture with thread lifters specifically designed for collecting hair from sofas and ottomans.

  • Turboshchetka reminds those that we observe at cyclonic vacuum cleaners. Under the action of the input stream inside the roller spins and raises the trash delightfully. This is an effective nozzle for carpets.
  • Separate turbo brush attached for cleaning upholstered furniture. Allow to speed up the cleaning.
  • Small keyboard attachment helps to clean your personal computer with a washing vacuum cleaner. Of course, wet cleaning mode is not available.
  • The crevice nozzle for mattresses is equipped with a narrow nozzle. The high speed of an air stream created at the expense of it easily gets into thickness of material.
  • Brush with gripping pads is designed for cleaning wool from furniture. True, the accessory after the procedure will have to be cleaned from the hair pellets.
  • The nozzle for wet cleaning is equipped with a special adapter latch for different types of coating. It is recommended that the palaces be sprayed first with a cleaning solution and after 15 minutes begin the process. Adapter folds. When it comes to tile, the surface is scraped with a rubber edge of the unfolded adapter, which acts in the manner of a glazier's scraper. Difficulty: prepare to keep the nozzle of the washing vacuum cleaner upright constantly. To bring the water will serve as a special transparent plastic tube.
  • The washing furniture nozzle looks like a small triangle. Water is supplied through a plastic sleeve. The construction of the device for washing vacuum cleaner will not allow water to penetrate too deep.

  • Nozzle for wet cleaning of laminate and parquet Aqua Stealth will please fans to scrub to shine. The hostess knows how difficult it is to remove these types of flooring. Aqua Stealth will help. The microfiber cushion is wetted with moisture that does not splash onto the surface. Initially, it is a move away from itself, where a vacuum cleaner removes dust in front of a cloth located behind the suction gap. Then follows the opposite gesture. For two passes, flooring according to the statements of PR people will be clean. Water is metered with a special lever.
  • Attached adapter for the triangular nozzle, mentioned above, which is attached to a piece of microfiber. As a result, the hostess will remove the parquet with a laminate in a wet style. Why is it necessary to duplicate the functionality of the previous nozzle, it is difficult to say.

I am glad that there is a remote control on the handle with an on, off and power adjustment button. The device is clearly headed the rating according to reviews of older customers.

Robots vacuum cleaners in the world ranking

In the second place of the world ranking is the robot vacuum cleaner Roomba 780. The gadget is intended only for dry cleaning, unlike the fellow Scooba. The product costs 24,000 rubles. And no wonder. Today, buyers are eyeing automatic assistants and are studying the rating of vacuum cleaner robots. A simple rule works in a segment: the more expensive a product is, the more efficient it is. If in the case of cyclone vacuum cleaners it is possible to argue endlessly whether the percentage of filtered dust becomes important, the robots work according to a program whose quality depends on the price.

The machine requires different types of sensors: acoustic, video cameras, infrared. Due to complex equipment, some models have already learned how to create a primitive map of the premises and clean up the area according to the drawn up route. Cheap robot vacuum cleaners just poke sideways. Well, if built-in sensors fall protection from the steps.

In our view, iRobot Scooba is ideal for parquet and laminate flooring. Water a little, mostly detergent solution. This will not bring much trouble if the program gets lost.

Price framework for washing vacuum cleaners

As expected, in Russia the cheapest vacuum cleaners with aqua-filters are the pro-Russian brands Vitek and Supra. For example, VT-1833 and VCS-2085.Both cost 3000 rubles. And this is the lower bar for cyclonic vacuum cleaners. Today it is difficult to take for less money suitable equipment for cleaning the apartment.

Thus, the rating by price is headed by pro-Russian models. We believe that this is due to the knowledge of the requests of the Russian consumer, as a result, the truncation of unnecessary qualities. It is positioned on the market the likelihood that invented concessions on the part of the state to the manufacturer they liked. Like economic zones in China, encouraging the development of knowledge-intensive industries.

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