Fan for exhaust in the bathroom

Increased humidity, condensate accumulation in the bathroom, impaired ventilation in the bathroom - a situation familiar to many. If you have such a picture, then it’s time to start fighting the problem, to abandon the old methods of solution.

  • Why ventilation is necessary
  • Additional functions of exhaust fans
  • Versions of models of exhaust fans
  • The main selection criteria for

Why ventilation

As a rule, there are no windows in the bathroom, and the only way of air entry is properly equipped ventilation. Today, the construction of any home is not complete without the development of an effective ventilation system( forced or natural type), which takes into account not only the direction, but also the location of the air flow.

Often a simple ventilation system does not completely eliminate the excess air humidity. The easiest way to check how well the ventilation in the bathroom is working is to attach a piece of paper to the hole( grate).If the paper falls, it means that the ventilation is weak.

At the same time, it should be remembered that even a functioning natural ventilation system is not always able to cope with the tasks assigned to it, since the principle of the device is based on the difference in the temperature range of indoor and outdoor air.

Therefore, in summer, natural ventilation in the bathroom practically does not work. It is also necessary to understand that after some time the ventilation shafts become clogged and accumulate dust.

If you notice that a mold has appeared on the walls, small insects, an unpleasant smell, this means that natural ventilation is faulty. One of the effective solutions will be the installation of an exhaust fan for the bathroom.

Additional Functions of Exhaust Fans

Today, many manufacturers, ranging from well-known to small offices, offer a wide range of these "necessary" devices. They differ among themselves not only by price, design, quality of materials, but also technical characteristics.

The most popular among consumers is a fan for the bathroom with a timer, because the round-the-clock operation of this electrical appliance is not at all desirable and not necessary.

Timer provides the ability to ventilate bathroom space for a specified time, for example, 15 - 20 minutes.

Models that are equipped with humidity sensors work on the testimony of indoor air. They work only at high humidity, regardless of the time of year and day.

If you live in a high-rise building, experts recommend giving preference to models with a check valve. Thus, it is possible to prevent the penetration of odors in the apartment.

Versions of models of exhaust fans

In order to choose which fan to buy, you need to study all types of modern models, manufacturers, designs.

Structurally, modern models of forced ventilation are divided into axial, radial, centrifugal and roof.

Axial exhaust fans

The design of axial fans consists of a wheel with blades in the housing. Often the impeller is mounted on the axis of the electric motor, which ensures the movement of air masses only in the axial direction.

The main advantages of axial fans are high aerodynamic performance characteristics. Such models have high performance efficiency, compared with other types of fans.

The effective performance of an axial fan is more than 100 meters per hour, but the performance of pressure characteristics leaves much to be desired. Installation of equipment must be carried out directly into the wall. Among the many advantages of the model, the disadvantage is a high figure of noise, reaching 50 dB.

The axial fan for the bathroom gained wide popularity due to its ease of installation.

Radial exhaust fans

Structurally, radial fans are a paddle wheel housed in a spiral-shaped casing.

Among the many advantages of radial fans, the most relevant are:

  • the presence of the side surfaces of the blades on the hollow cylinder;
  • uniform parallel arrangement of the axis of rotation;
  • minimum noise indicators;
  • presence of one-, two-sided suction.

In order to choose the right radial fan in the bathroom, it is necessary to disassemble the design features. When using ventilation systems with curved back blades, you can reduce the consumption of up to 20% of electrical energy.

Such ventilation systems have less impeller dimensions, rotation indicators and noise.

Centrifugal exhaust fans

This type of ventilation equipment is the most "young", was developed in the second half of the twentieth century. The main advantages that ensured the popularity of the system are:

  • ensuring correct operation in large spaces( more than 15 squares);
  • easy installation;
  • low noise;
  • high power exchange of air flow;
  • service life.

To ensure maximum system life, experts recommend choosing a semi-rigid or rigid duct. Often a duct fan for exhaust in the bathroom is installed under the ceiling and hides behind a drywall box. The equipment of centrifugal ventilation can be both with rectangular, and with round section. Installation of a centrifugal fan can be carried out in front of the air intake or inside.

Roof exhaust fans

Structurally, the roof fan for the bathroom is a specialized system, which includes anti-vibration pads, electric motor, fan, automatic control equipment. Installation of equipment is carried out directly on the roofs.

The main selection criteria for

In order to choose the right ventilation system in the bathroom, it is necessary to study the parameters( performance, noise, safety, moisture resistance), functionality, cost.

  1. Performance .This indicator depends on the quadrature of the space and the multiplicity of air exchange for 1 hour.
  2. Noise .There is an exhaust fan for the bathroom with a forced system through the use of an electric motor. His work is exactly the same and can adversely affect the nervous system if the noise indicators are more than 35 dB.Therefore, before purchasing a ventilation system, experts recommend that you study the noise level in the technical specifications.
  3. Security .Choosing a fan for the bath, do not forget about the safety, security equipment from moisture. Due to the fact that the bath is the wettest room, the risk of a short circuit increases significantly.
  4. Functional features of the .Today, all types of ventilation systems are divided into stationary( axial system with a check valve) and automatic.
  5. Rationality .In order to choose a good fan, you need to pay attention not only to the cost of equipment, but also the advantages, the relevant documents( certificates), guarantees, standards, in accordance with which the equipment was made.

When choosing an automatic ventilation system, you should pay attention to the possibility of setting a timer, the presence of humidity sensors or other ways to control the operation.

A wide range of bath fans provides an opportunity to completely get rid of mold, unpleasant odors and insects.

Bathroom - this is the wettest room in the house. Therefore, having listened to the advice of professionals, you can easily choose for yourself the necessary type of fan that meets all the parameters and tasks.

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