How to care for nubuck shoes: basic rules

Things from nubuck immediately raise the status of the owner, be it boots or shoes with small inserts of this material. Many mods are hesitant to purchase them, but caring for shoes from nubuck is not really as difficult as it seems.

What do you need for the care of

? To care for such material as nubuck, you will need:

  • Aerosol for protection from stains and moisture( may be colorless or the color of shoes). It will facilitate the removal of stains when they appear and give the surface water repellent properties.
  • Shampoo for removing salt stains in the home.
  • Paint for the care of nubuck shoes.
  • Special nubuck brush.
  • Eraser to remove stains.
  • Shoe deodorant or conditioner.

Having such an arsenal of tools you can not be afraid of surprises.

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The first exit of

Nubuck shoe care should be started on the day of purchase - immediately after returning from the store, you should follow the instructions for treating the update three times with an aerosol agent to protect it from moisture and stains. This will prevent material from getting wet and make it easier to remove stains. Between the application, the shoe must be completely dry.

When using the aerosol at home, it is necessary to exclude it from falling on furniture or floor. It is better to carry out such kind of manipulations on the street.

The first processing of products should be taken very seriously, as it will become a guarantee of their durability and presentability, and in the future it will be easier to care for shoes.

Daily care

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There are several rules for everyday care:

  • You can perform any kind of treatment only when your shoes are completely dry.
  • Can only be cared for by special means for this material.
  • It is necessary to observe the correct sequence of use: dry boots( boots);wipe the sole and heel with a damp cloth, and rub the surface itself with a special brush, dry it, treat with a water-repellent spray and dry it again.
  • Aerosol treatment should occur well in advance, and not before leaving the house( preferably in the evening).
  • It is unacceptable to dry wet boots( shoes) near radiators.
  • If improper drying of the product has occurred, then it is almost impossible to restore the appearance of the product at home.
  • Do not wear such items during wet weather, accompanied by precipitation - this will lead to a loss of appearance of the thing.

Cleaning of pollution

If a product has become contaminated, then some additional manipulations may be necessary. To remove complex stains, you can use a special eraser( sometimes a regular clerical can do it):

  • First, you need to dry your boots( shoes) naturally using newspapers or special drying devices working on the network( sold in household and specialized shoe stores).
  • Then rub the eraser with an eraser.
  • The next step should be a special brush( it happens with a rubber, metal or plastic surface).
  • If the stain could not be removed, then you can use special shampoos or foams to remove dirt on nubuck things.
  • In the case of inefficiency and this technique, only the use of color restoration with the help of aerosol paints or other means for color restoration will help. Paints with aerosol spraying are applied to the boots( shoes) according to the instructions( it is important to observe the distance to the treated surface), and the usual means should be applied with a sponge with blotting movements.
  • After these manipulations, it is necessary to fix the result with an aerosol to protect against moisture, completely drying the product beforehand.


  • Coloring agent should match the color of the product.
  • After using the dye, the following must be purchased from the same manufacturer and be of the same tone as the one used.

Resuscitation of

In case of improper removal of stains, contamination or use of the product in wet weather, severe deterioration of the product is possible: after drying, the shoe dunes and shines after improper removal of stains.

In such cases, one proven method can help to return the lost appearance: you need to hold the damaged item over the water vapor and comb it with a metal brush.

After that, dry and process again with a brush and perform the actions described in the “Daily Care” section. New shoes will not, but her appearance will improve significantly.

Care for nubuck shoes should be carefully. Such shoes do not tolerate:

  • Washing in water.
  • The use of smooth skin care products.
  • Any kind of manipulation until completely dry.

Compliance with a few simple rules will help preserve the appearance of products and significantly extend their service life. Choose high-quality nubuck shoes( boots), as well as the means to care for them.

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