Delicate question: remove the smell of shoes

The question of how to remove the smell of shoes, sometimes worries even the most clean people. On the one hand, there is nothing shameful about this, because this often happens through no fault of yours. On the other - the peculiar smell of shoes will make any person feel very uncomfortable at a party. Sometimes neither washing the feet a couple of times a day, or timely replacement of socks, helps. What to do?

First, understand why there is an unpleasant smell in your shoes. This usually happens for several reasons:

  • excessive sweating of the feet;
  • slagging organism;
  • poor quality shoes;
  • neglect hygiene rules;
  • improper shoe care.

You can completely eliminate the specific aroma only when you get rid of the reason for its appearance. And here the main thing - prevention!

Eliminate the cause of

If you are prone to sweating feet, you definitely need to have several pairs of shoes. For example, office shoes, walking shoes and sneakers for every day. While you are wearing one pair, the other will have time to "relax" and air out. Also, be sure to carry spare socks with you so that you can change them in time.

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Sometimes the smell of sweat in shoes can be eliminated due to regular foot baths. Good help ordinary tea bags.

It is necessary to boil two sachets of water in a liter of water for 15 minutes, cool the infusion and put the legs in it for 15 minutes. You can repeat at least every day.

A complex cleansing of the body from toxins helps to cope with sweating. You can choose a suitable diet based on healthy foods, and also remove such bad habits as smoking or drinking alcohol.

Love for all sorts of "bad" often leads to the smell of sweat in shoes.

Improper care is another common cause of the appearance of a specific “fragrance.”In order not to have to guess how to remove the smell from shoes, follow these rules:

  • store shoes in places with good ventilation;
  • whenever possible, regularly change the insoles;
  • thoroughly dry shoes to prevent bacteria from multiplying;
  • prefer breathable materials;
  • use water repellent to keep shoes from getting wet;
  • buy special "coal" insoles that absorb unpleasant odor;
  • use an electric shoe dryer.

Important: ordinary cat litter will help remove excess moisture and prevent the appearance of odor of sweat. Just put the granules in a sock made of natural fabric, tie it up and put it in sneakers for the night.

Only after you have found the cause of the “amber”, you can try to remove it.

Fighting the effects of

There are several popular methods that can help remove unpleasant odors:

  • Hydrogen peroxide. If you apply a little peroxide on a cotton pad and treat all the inside corners of your shoes, you can remove traces of sweat for a long time. True, this is not suitable for all shoes, as peroxide can discolor the dark surface.
  • Vinegar. Moisten a piece of cotton in 6% or 9% vinegar and wipe your shoes from the inside out. After this, be sure to thoroughly ventilate them in the fresh air.
  • Wash. Some types of shoes can be simply washed to eliminate the unpleasant smell. Remember that bacteria multiply well in a humid environment, so subsequent drying is very important.
  • Freeze. If you put a pair in a bag and hide it in the freezer for a few hours, you can remove any bacteria, since they do not survive at minus temperatures. Important: the method is not suitable for patent leather shoes.
  • Any alcohol solutions well disinfect and eliminate traces of sweat. Suitable liquid ammonia, vodka or a solution of manganese.
  • Absorbents. To remove the unpleasant smell, you can use baking soda, activated charcoal or flour. All of them absorb moisture well and help to remove the peculiar "aroma".Some recommend that you simply put one of these products in your shoes, leave them overnight, and then shake them out thoroughly. However, the smallest particles can stay and give you a lot of trouble later. We advise to pour the absorbent into a clean sock and put it inside the shoe.
  • Special deodorants will help only when you have already got rid of the cause of the smell and thoroughly cleaned the shoes. Only then can the inner surface of the shoe be treated with deodorant.
  • Drying with ionizer. More recently, drying for shoes with UV treatment and an ionizer has appeared on the market. They help eliminate any bacteria, as well as get rid of the fungus. With such a modern means, an unpleasant smell will quickly disappear.

Activated carbon insoles are another great invention. If possible, choose leather, as others wear out quickly. However, timely replacement of the insoles is a good way to remove any traces of sweat from your favorite shoes.

As you can see, it is quite simple to get rid of a specific “flavor”: for this, conventional home remedies will suffice. And nevertheless, try not to bring up the appearance of the problem and in time eliminate the cause of the unpleasant smell.

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