15 best hobs according to customer reviews

  • Popular gas surfaces
  • Electric traditional panels
  • Induction panels
  • Combined models of cooking surfaces
  • Conclusion

Modern kitchens are often equipped with built-in furniture. If you place a traditional plate in such an interior, it will look very exotic. For such kitchens, hobs are more suitable, of which an incredible amount is produced. Devices differ among themselves not only in the type of heating. Manufacturers, trying to attract as many customers as possible, equip their equipment with various innovations. The variety is so great that it is not so easy for an inexperienced consumer to understand all the nuances.

To help our readers we have compiled the TOP-best cooktops and divided it into 4 large categories according to the heating method. Everyone will find here a device to your taste and needs.

Popular gas surfaces

Bosch PCP615M90E

One of the best models in the opinion of most buyers. The panel has a system of blocking the burner, which is very important for those who have small children. The surface is made of high quality stainless steel, which is quite practical in everyday use. It will have to be cleaned quite carefully - the glossy surface easily loses its appearance from the use of hard brushes and abrasives. The control module is located in the front, cast iron grille, very durable.

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  • child blocking system;
  • fast automatic ignition;
  • gas monitoring system;
  • convenient management;
  • nice design.


  • hums a little when heated;
  • need to be washed carefully;
  • easy to scratch.

Fornelli PGA-60 Grazia Antracit

A very unusual gas model. Seeing such a miracle on the shelf of the store, you definitely will not remain indifferent. Beautiful black enamelled surface, Triple Crown burner system, elegant and durable cast iron grates. Such a device will be a real decoration of any kitchen.


  • very stylish;
  • auto ignition system;
  • mechanical control;
  • gas control function;
  • robust cast iron grids;
  • adapter for WOK pan;
  • independent installation;
  • sufficient dimensions, you can cook at once on 4 rings;
  • average price category.


  • enamelled surface requires delicate care.

Ardesia PFS-4030 Black

Gas panel of the average price category. An excellent way out for those who do not prepare long and long hours. This model has only 3 rings, but it is practical, inexpensive and very convenient.


  • great price;
  • convenient management;
  • electric ignition function;
  • ring "Express";
  • nice stylish design;
  • convenient placement of burners;
  • is an excellent solution for a small kitchen;
  • thick cast iron grille.


  • enamel coating requires careful cleaning.


Continues the review panel-baby just 2 burners. This model fits perfectly into a small kitchen for those who cook little and rarely. You will not need much time for cooking - the panel is equipped with a powerful “Express” hot plate. And also here there is a gas supply control system and electrical ignition, traditional for “adult” panels. The undoubted advantage is the fact that the removable grill can be easily washed in the dishwasher.

Positive moments:

  • comes bundled with many nozzles for different types of gas;
  • looks great in a small kitchen;
  • suitable for installation at the cottage;
  • function "gas control";
  • electric auto ignition;
  • Domino type building;
  • is easy to clean.


  • with a long heating can make a little noise.

Traditional electric panels

Asko HC-1643 G

Opens the rating of the best hobs operating from the power grid, a model from Asko. The coating is glossy, glass-ceramic. The heating elements are located all over the plane, so the heating occurs quickly and evenly.

The device has valuable qualities: control of the residual heat, protective shutdown system, blocking from children. All this makes the surface very popular in its price range.


  • touch control;
  • dual circuit burners;
  • protection system;
  • blocking from toddlers;
  • perfectly washed;
  • built-in timer for all burners;
  • warms up quickly and evenly;
  • easy to build into any furniture;
  • nice design;
  • great value.


  • sensors do not always work with wet hands.


One of the most popular models of "Domino" type. It is easily combined with other devices of this type of standard size( 30x50 cm).The device has optimal functionality, it is inexpensive. Provides a timer with auto power off. Sensor control is very simple. A residual heat indicator is provided for safety control.

Positive moments:

  • protection against children;
  • glass ceramic surface;
  • residual heating control system;
  • can be combined with other standard models;
  • heats up quickly;
  • timer;
  • easy to select the desired heating power;
  • average cost.


  • cools slowly;
  • is not well cleaned from burnt food( for example, runaway milk);
  • between the burners is not very much space.


The perfect electrical appliance from a little-known manufacturer. Nevertheless, the model has found its loyal fans, and in quite a large number.

The hob has a wide range of functions, an independent type of installation, a residual heating control system, and a shutdown of the operation of the burners for greater safety. Each of the 4 burners has an auxiliary heater, which improves its performance. One of the zones is oval, and the other has two contours at once. Hostesses will rejoice at the possibility of cooking in huge containers or special utyatnitsah.


  • security level;
  • huge functionality;
  • power, contours and arrangement of burners;
  • protection from kids;
  • touch control;
  • easy to clean;
  • auto power off.


  • cools down long enough.

Electrolux EHF 96547 XK

Closes the overview of electrical panels just a smart model from a famous brand. Like the previous ones, the surface is made in a dark color from durable glass-ceramic. This solution allows the device to fit harmoniously into almost any interior. To prevent chipping along the edges, a special frame is provided. It additionally serves as protection and can hold up to 0.5 liters of liquid, accidentally overflowing.

Touch control, convenient. Each ring has an individual slider. With it, you can quickly set the required power. If during the cooking process you need to move somewhere, you can pause the cooking and continue on returning. For those who forget about pots set on the stove, a timer is provided. At the end of a specified period of time, the panel simply turns off and does not burn anything. A “smart” monitoring and security system will instantly turn off the heat when fluid flows to the sensors.

Positive qualities:

  • excellent heating quality;
  • quick and easy installation;
  • undemanding care;
  • triple crown;
  • oval ring;
  • individual sliders;
  • good protection system.


  • need to adapt to working with the slider;
  • cools down for a long time.

Induction Type Panels

LG KVN 6403-AF

Opens the most economical model with an induction hob. Its declared capacity is about 2.5 kWh.

The device is made of glass-ceramic, involves a touch-type regulation, 4 large induction burners. To wash such a surface is not difficult. Simply wipe the glass with a soft, damp cloth. You do not even have to use special detergents - it is very economical and profitable.

Positive aspects:

  • stylish appearance;
  • touch control;
  • easy to clean;
  • has 2 cooling fans;
  • economical;
  • is safe for children;
  • has simple controls;
  • heats up quickly.


  • must be handled carefully, can be scratched;
  • requires the use of special utensils;
  • price is above average.

Hansa BHI68300

Another induction device, a little more affordable. The quality does not suffer at all. The model has a glass-ceramic surface and convenient adjustment through the touch panel. For complete safety, protection from babies and residual heating control is provided.


  • stylish anthracite color scheme;
  • rings of various diameters;
  • touch switches, push-button controls;
  • silent operation;
  • economical application;
  • is safe for cats and children;
  • beautiful;
  • timer on all rings.


  • can burn food in thin-walled dishes;
  • timer operation disables all burners at once;
  • should adapt to power regulation;The
  • sensor may become hot.

Gorenje IT-310 KR

This model is an excellent choice for someone who cooks a little or has a rather small kitchen.“Cooking” has the usual depth and width of only 30 cm. The touch control is located at the front of the device( narrow).The panel is gray-blue and this is a significant plus. Fingerprints or dried water droplets are almost invisible on this surface. Clean it will have much less.


  • stylish;
  • small size;
  • unusual design;
  • quickly changes temperature;
  • is quiet;
  • provides protection against animals and children;
  • has a timer;
  • residual heat indicator;
  • separately applied function for instant boiling;
  • is very easy to clean.


  • has a edging rim with fairly sharp corners;
  • sensors sometimes do not immediately respond to touch with wet fingers;
  • table fastenings are rather flimsy;
  • is expensive.


A very interesting induction surface at a fairly affordable price. Medium size and nice design fit almost any interior. The device has two large burners and 2 slightly smaller. And they are located in such a way that they do not interfere with each other at all. Touch control, slider. Like all cooktops of this type has an indicator of residual heat and high-quality protection from kids.


  • convenient arrangement of the burners;
  • nice appearance;
  • rings of different diameter;
  • easy to clean;
  • high-quality protection system;
  • timer;
  • average price category( as for induction).


  • black glossy surface “collects” finger marks.

Combined Cooktop ModelsThe device has 2 electric and 2 gas burners - the most common option.

The hotplates in this model are extremely productive as they contain a tape heating element. They cool down and heat up literally in a matter of seconds. Cleaning the surface is easy. It is enough to apply a special glass scraper and all dirt just bounce off.

Gas burners are equipped with gas control and auto ignition. Almost the only complaint is the fact that the gas switches are not tight enough. If moisture gets into the slots, electrical ignition may deteriorate.


  • ceramic electric hot plates;
  • has a dual-circuit burner;
  • easy to clean and wash;
  • high-quality protection system;
  • does not scratch;
  • is quiet.


  • grille on the gas half has no frame;
  • in the kit does not provide nozzles for bottled gas;
  • switch knobs are not tight.

Bosch PIC645F17E

This independent cooktop is fully electrically operated. At the same time, 2 burners are electric, and 2 more induction. Between them is a touch switch. One of the heating zones with a slight movement of the hand turns from round( standard) to oval. So cooking in oblong dishes will be much easier and more enjoyable.

The touch control system is located at the front of the plate. It regulates the choice of work area, its settings and protection system. For safety, there is a lock on toddlers and ubiquitous cats, as well as an indicator of residual heating.


  • comfortable large rings;
  • timer( alarm or off);
  • protective metal rim at the edges protects against leakage;
  • heats up instantly;
  • is very easy to manage;
  • build quality;
  • mode "booster";
  • metal edging;
  • protection system.


  • control without backlight;
  • is quite expensive.

Electrolux EGD-6576 NOK

The well-known manufacturer of home appliances Electrolux completes the overview of the combined cooking panels. Four-ring model: 2 gas and 2 induction. The former are mechanically regulated using rotary switches. The second - through the touch screen. To ensure safety, there is a system of blocking from children and any third-party intervention, even unintentional.

The induction part is equipped with a timer, residual heating indicator and auto power off system in the absence of special cookware. The gas half can “boast” of iron crosspieces, a gas monitoring system and electric ignition.


  • mechanical and touch control;
  • induction hotplates of various diameters;
  • gas burners of different sizes;
  • very warm-up;
  • work from two sources;
  • quality control system;
  • booster mode;
  • silent fan operation.


  • pretty brand;
  • need to pick sparing cleaning products;
  • induction part requires special cookware;
  • is expensive.


To choose a good hob you need to impartially evaluate all its positive and negative features. We hope that our ranking of the best hobs will help you with this. In any case, to make a purchase, especially such a weighty one, should be based on your own preferences. So if our TOP has lost sight of some standing models, you can always give preference to them.

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