Several ways to clean your jewelry from browning

Jewelry can be different. There are inexpensive modest earrings, bracelets and pendants, and there are such decorations that are more expensive than precious metal jewelry. Of course, they want to save as long as possible, and for this you need to know how to clean jewelry, how to return her shine and novelty.

Material definitions

The cause of the darkening of jewelry are external influences on them. Most of the products are afraid of moisture and high temperature, because under these conditions, the metal quickly oxidizes, the stone fades, and sputtering and paint easily peel off.

Before you begin to clean any decoration at home, you must determine what it is made of. Some things do not tolerate moisture, while others can be easily washed in water. Improper cleaning from darkening can lead to severe damage to the subject.

  • Metal jewelry without any spraying can be cleaned with a toothbrush and a brush. It is also cleaned with soda mixed with a little water and chalk.
  • Copper jewelery can be cleaned with a mixture of salt and table vinegar.
  • If metal elements are combined with plastic parts, use liquid detergent or shampoo. Dissolve it in water and place the object there, after a while rub it with a soft cloth and rinse with clean water.
  • If there are scratches on the plastic, the paint has peeled off, then this will not work.
  • Products in gold or silver coated may not be strongly rubbed. Hold them in warm soapy water for a few minutes, then wipe them with a soft cloth, rinse and wipe dry.
  • To clean decorations with stazas, you can make a mixture of ammonia, washing and water. All ingredients are taken in approximately equal parts.
  • Homemade artificial pearls are cleaned with a soft, velvety cloth and you cannot wet it.

When you buy some expensive jewelry, you can simultaneously purchase a care product. This will allow you to clean your jewelry carefully, efficiently and quickly. It is rubbed with a special brush or napkin using a paste or spray. However, be careful if there are inserts of semi-precious stones. Many of them are extremely sensitive to all sorts of chemistry.

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How to store

Together with the question of how to clean jewelry, the question of how to store it at home is always relevant. There are special cases and jewelry boxes that you want to use. They provide hooks, compartments, shelves, allowing you to properly decompose objects, preventing their contact and damage due to constant friction. Such cases are also good because you can easily find the necessary thing in them, without digging into a pile of earrings and chains.

Choose a dry, but not hot, closed place for storage from the sun. Jewelry must be removed at night, before visiting the sauna, shower, bath, before going to the pool. It is desirable to touch its surface only with clean hands.

Jewelery in gold and silver

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Jewelery made in gold is especially loved. Its price is low, and seemingly an ordinary person will not be able to determine the difference. The same applies to things with silver coating. It is not recommended to rub them with brushes, therefore objects are dipped in a solution from warm water, mild liquid soap and a small amount of liquid ammonia. In this solution, jewelry should lie for a few minutes, otmyknut, after which it is washed in clean water and wiped.

Imitation gold jewelry can be wiped with a sponge dipped in white wine vinegar, then rinsed in water. After this, the object should dry naturally, without rubbing.

Products with stones

Carefully treat products that contain semiprecious stones. To them it is undesirable to apply any chemicals, even ordinary soda. If necessary, at home, they can be washed in clean water, or better yet, simply wipe with a special soft microfiber cloth, polishing the surface in this way.

Swarovski crystals are wiped with a napkin moistened with liquid ammonia solution, and any other glass elements are cleaned in the same way. Refined turquoise is cleaned with a dry cloth, it is very sensitive to the effects of sweat, fat, and an alkaline environment, so it must be handled with the utmost care. Otherwise, the pebbles will change their color to dirty green or faded.

Citrine is very picky in this regard. If it becomes muddy due to accumulated dirt, then it is cleaned with a toothbrush and detergent. Fianit allowed to clean with a soft brush dipped in soapy water.

With careful handling jewelry will last you more than one year. Even simple plastic things can keep their appearance for a long time. Only, unfortunately, fashion is changing, and we still want something new. After all, jewelry for this and was invented to change it more often.

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