How to choose a built-in electric fire

  • Kind of Foci
  • Installation Options
  • Additional Functions
  • Design Options for Electric Fireplace
  • Installation

Fireplace is warmth, comfort and tranquility in the house. This attribute is an excellent element of relaxation on cold long evenings. In addition to aesthetic pleasure, it can also serve as a heating device, which is very important in the cold autumn or winter season.

Currently, the range of electric fireplaces is quite large. In addition to the basic functions, they are equipped with additional properties that give them significant advantages: the sound of crackling or the smell of burning logs. To choose the right and not to miss anything when buying a fire, we will take a closer look at their types and features.

Varieties of foci

Depending on the free space and area of ​​the room, the size of the fireplace is selected according to the size of the fireplace. Appropriate recommendation to choose the size of the fireplace corresponding to the size of the room. Therefore, in size they are divided into:

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  • Small.
  • Medium.
  • Large.

The functional properties of electric fireplaces can be divided into:

  • Cassette type - reflects only the type of flame and does not contain additional functions. Only visualization of fire on the screen.
  • Heating - in addition to the visualization of the fire perform the function of the heater. As the main type of heating fireplaces are rarely chosen for this purpose. The power of such heaters is different. However, some may properly warm the room.
  • Combined - combines the function of displaying flame, heating. In addition, there may be steam, providing relative air humidification. They can also include sound simulation and have an integrated air freshener. Integrated models profitable because of the versatility.

Fireplaces differ according to the type of flame display, more precisely, there are various ways of its reproduction, therefore, the foci according to this criterion are divided into:

  • Multimedia - reproduce the image using the LED screen technology. Thus we see the fire on the TV screen. Fireplaces of this type often contain additional features.
  • Steam - a feature of which is the steam in the middle of the device. Therefore, during operation, evaporation occurs while simultaneously highlighting it. This creates the effect of a natural flame, and at first glance it is difficult to understand that it is not real.

Electrofireplaces, as a rule, are also divided into devices of open and closed type. The closed type is characterized by the presence of a lattice or thermal glass that does not heat up.

Current models differ in how they are managed. In particular, they distinguish:

  • Electrofireplaces with manual control mode.
  • Electrofireplaces with remote control.
  • Automatic mechanisms of work.

Installation options

Electrofireplace, such as the hearth, - it can be installed in different ways, which is convenient in certain conditions. Let's see how to install a built-in electric fire. It can be arranged in the following way:

  • Rooms in a recess in the wall, if it exists or to make it specifically for a fireplace. This type does not take up space and in fact does not require unnecessary installation work.
  • The premises of the hearth in a niche. If the apartment is equipped with this element of the interior, then this is a great option for a fireplace. And you can also make a niche where it is convenient for you, in the form of a rectangular protrusion from the wall or make it an angular type.
  • Install an electric fireplace in a special portal that you can buy just under the selected fireplace. In a specialized store there are different types of them, which allows you to choose your style at home.

Additional features

Progress in improving these devices also did not take long. Modern models are equipped with interesting features that make the device look even more like a natural fireplace. In particular, the foci may contain the following functions:

  • Sound playback. Your hearth may have a built-in sound function that creates the illusion of crackling firewood. This creates an incredible atmosphere in the house.
  • Steam creates the illusion of smoke, however, it is not harmful. In addition, it can evaporate the smell, due to the built-in flavor. Smell one chooses personally.
  • Electrofireplaces with a built-in fan. Such devices quickly and efficiently distribute heat around the room. True, the power consumption will be greater.
  • The newest models provide the ability to adjust the temperature level, image contrast.

Electric Fireplace Design OptionsHowever, there are certain subtleties that should be known regardless of the type of fireplace and style.

If you plan to build an electric fireplace built into the wall, consider the dimensions of the hole and the fireplace itself in advance. Large empty spaces in a niche can ruin the overall look and naturalness of the fireplace.

Remember that all models of fireplaces have already made portals suitable for them. Portals can be bought in a specialized store at the same time when buying a fireplace or separately.

If you decide to make a niche for a fireplace by yourself, then the most common material for this use is drywall. It is affordable and pliable to translate the original idea. And also suitable and frequent in use for this purpose are: wood, stone, heat-resistant plastic, tile.

Fashionable designs often involve the installation of the hearth in the furniture. This is a fairly modern type of design that attracts with its originality. Often this technique is used in the style of loft and modern.


The installation of electrofireplace of any type is simple and easy. Without a specialist, you can install and connect this device yourself in minutes. The main conditions that should be considered before arranging the installation site are:

  • The presence of an outlet for connection to the power grid.
  • Framing( portal, niche, etc.) must be made of resistant material that does not melt or light up.

Otherwise, it's a matter of taste and preferences. The device of a cozy corner in the house is a flight of your imagination and realization of ideas about a cozy house.

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