What is a plasma TV purchase

Plasma TV is good not too long response time. Therefore, the image does not leave a trail. The LCD TVs have to increase the refresh rate and the use of special patented technology to deal with the effect in such a plasma there. However, the marketing moves are forced to go on the counter-attack. Were born plasma TV with a refresh frame of 200 to 600 Hz. This is 10 times the normal typical PC monitor. Let's talk today how the plasma TV to buy.

TV Resolution

If we talk about the types of plasma TVs, will begin with the identification label. Surprised, but the key word is not considered a diagonal and a resolution. True, TVs mode at 40 inches FullHD, usually absent. This is due to the minimum pixel size below which the technology is still not able to go down. Want to check - Now click on the desktop, right-click and select Screen Resolution. You see FullHD (1920 x 1080)?



A computer monitor is not considered a means of entertainment. It is sometimes necessary to the system unit to connect a TV. Some manufacturers do not recommend action for one reason: the removal of the screen is maintained in the range of 1.5 - 5 diagonals!

It is believed the higher the resolution, the closer supposed to sit to the screen. Monitor Distance often maintained within 2 - 3 diagonals. And the screen resolution is not FullHD. Therefore, the range can not be predicted in advance. Similarly selected and diagonal. Now let's talk about the resolution.

Analog television broadcasts 720 x 576 pixels. If you are going to catch digital channels show up in the HD format, 1280 x 720. According to need to choose and TV. Tricolor TV package offers FullHD, where the resolution is raised to the above-mentioned 1920 x 1080 pixels. Format UltraHD (4k, 3840 × 2160 pixels) already comes into its own. Cinema such permission until rare, but Sony Play Station 4 resolution already supported consoles. Take note.

Now for the scan, interlaced or progressive. The first labeled the letter i, the second - p. For example, 1080 means FullHD mode support progressive scan, and 1080i - interlaced.

To find a store in a suitable television, look directly at the marking. Look for icons:

TV with 3D function

TV with 3D function

  1. HD or HD Ready. So TV is ready to play a high-definition digital video. high-definition progressive scan signal capable distorted.
  2. FullHD. TV image may build within the 1920 x 1080 pixels of any type.
  3. HD 1080p - similar to FullHD.
  4. If your television is HDTV worth marking in addition to the HD Ready machines contain digital tuners (receivers). For example for a satellite - DVB-S (DVB-S2). It is recommended to ask what fees are included in the composition, and take the appropriate model according to the requirements of your ISP (for example, Tricolor TV).

The need for FullHD format by a desire to see the corresponding provider packages, the presence in the house of good disc players (eg, Blu-Ray), game consoles, etc.

Diagonal TV and the distance to the viewer

Most often the choice of plasma TV's are on the diagonal, it is wrong. The idea is that the smaller the distance from the couch, the higher the resolution. Either is possible to reduce the diagonal. Rumor has it that the FullHD resolution (1080p) is found only on a TV with a diagonal of 40 inches. In fact, the above is true for PDP to the fullest. In the case of a small room take the LCD panel, they give FullHD and with a diagonal measurement of 18 inches. Go to Yandex-market and make sure. Already at the entrance to the section of televisions to choose the resolution. Put FullHD 1080p!

Distance to the TV in the room

Distance to the TV in the room

So went 6 models FullHD plasma TV with a diagonal of 42 inches. At a resolution of 1920 x 1080 distance should be 1.6 diagonal. When HD - 2,5 diagonal. Requirements placed the screen at a distance of 3 - 6 diagonals gone since the cathode ray tubes. Emitted electrons bad influence on vision. This is known programmers times 90.

Separate TV (computer monitors) have a protective glass that stands between the screen and the viewer. Electrons punched mask and phosphor, flying out, overclocked unbearable strain on the anodes. Glass repeatedly weakened the negative effect. Modern LCD and plasma TVs as the damaging effects do not have, although the electromagnetic radiation is still dangerous and accurately dosed.

From reading is clear:

  1. TV on the cathode-ray tube is placed closer than 3 - 6 of the diagonals of the viewer.
  2. Other TV is located, dependent on the selected image resolution.

For FullHD is 1.56 diagonally to HD - 2,5 diagonally. We recommend to download from the network Golovin table on which sat on the couch may determine what is needed for a particular diagonal resolution. Happens, the requirements do not match any plasma. Will have to choose an LCD TV.

This applies in cases where little room is quite small, or jobs, by definition, do not have large scale. With close individual pixels differ by the PDP.

The size of each discharge lamp today limited technological capabilities. If you want to watch FullHD on the small screen, take the LCD TV.

Manufacturers of plasma TVs

The advantages of plasma TVs in a small response time. This makes the screen much more able to reproduce fast-moving objects, rather than LCD. Specifies the disadvantages of plasma TVs. This lower limit on the size of a pixel. However, the technology is gaining momentum.

Major manufacturers of plasma TVs:

  1. LG;
  2. samsung;
  3. Sharp.

Other manufacturers raise their own televisions, purchasing components. Samsung have up to 90% of the components of its own production. The company had three units:

  1. Cellular.
  2. TVs and home appliances.
  3. Microelectronics and electronic components.
modern TV

modern TV

Galaxy 5 phone did not meet expectations (worldwide share in the cellular decreased from 32% to 25% in 2014) studied plans to shift the department head and give it authority to the head of TV sets and home department technology. Samsung is engaged in such activities, and the third unit provides the first two components and base units. Therefore, the correct choice will be in favor of the first or second giant. Panasonic, say, left the scene. LG and Samsung TVs have divided the segment between them.

Heard information that increases the share of the Chinese manufacturer. During 2014 the share of South Korean giants sales fell. And the kings of the market left a segment of the expensive models, while the Chinese have reduced the presence of Samsung and LG in the budget. We recommend wishing to buy a LCD-TV (LCD) look at the Celestial Empire, but thirsty FullHD 42-inch TV will have to choose equipment from South Korea.

Interfaces plasma TVs

Referring to the main parameters of plasma TVs, can not be silent about the interfaces. For FullHD need a digital HDMI protocol at the same time allows to transfer the sound. Most players allow the use of "tulip" (Composite RCA), as part of the lost. As a consolation to say that today find plasma TV with FullHD without this interface is almost impossible. HDMI ports can be a little, you need to look, which equipment worth at home.

For example, via a digital interface is possible to connect a personal computer and watch movies. If the house has a Blu-Ray discs player, use an additional channel. Let's say, sometimes you want to play with the Sony Play Station, in total, three HDMI ports used. Such a network is needed so as not to engage in constant connection and disconnection of cables. Individual users prefer a piece of equipment connected via the home theater system, which is also joined via HDMI. As a result, the three ports is not overkill. These are typical requirements for people of moderate means.

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