How to get rid of the smell of tobacco on clothes

The problem of how to get rid of the smell of tobacco on clothes is not confined to smokers. Sometimes we involuntarily find ourselves in the society of smokers, and clothing absorbs acrid, tar-filled smoke. But not everything is so sad. There are at least seven ways to get things fresh.

Weathering and using steam


  • dry clean;
  • hang next to wet terry towels;
  • use table vinegar;
  • apply steam cleaner.
  • They do this with fur coats, heavy coats, jackets and sweaters. The first method is especially effective if there is wind, little damp or frost outside. Fresh air copes with the smell of cigarettes.

    If the weather conditions do not allow or you live in the megalopolis, where there is a constant smog on the street, then the thing is dry-cleaned. There it is treated with steam and special detergents. The procedure takes several days. But it happens that a business suit or dress should be put in order as soon as possible, and then dry cleaning does not work. Wet towels will help to remove the smell.

    Wet two thick towels and squeeze so that the water does not drain. Hang clothes between them. Tobacco stench quickly go away, because it absorbs a damp cloth. This method is applicable to any type of clothing. Such ventilation can be arranged on the glazed balcony, loggia, bathroom or any other room.

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    If things are soaked with smoke heavily, then use vinegar. It is necessary to boil water, pour it into a bowl or pan and add vinegar to it( a glass of vinegar per 5 liters of water).Above a basin of hot water, they hang up a jacket, blouse or other things from which the smell of cigarettes must be removed. In a few hours the odor goes away.

    Those people who have a steam cleaner, do not need to tell how to get rid of cigarette smoke. They are well aware that the device disinfects, cleans and copes with any odors. But the cost of the steam cleaner is quite high, and not everyone can buy it.

    Wash and disguise smells.

    The most reliable way to remove the corrosive smell of cigarettes is to wash clothes. It is best to use air conditioning, which will give things a pleasant aroma. Dry things should be in a well-ventilated area. If possible, take out the clothes in the cold. After freezing, it acquires the smell of freshness.

    If you peppered a fur coat with tobacco so that the mole did not start up, then with the start of the season you need to clean it with a vacuum cleaner with the appropriate nozzle. Then a fur coat is hung on the hanger, placed in a case, and a linen sack with coffee beans is placed under the case. A day later, the cover is removed, and the grain is removed. After such a procedure, the fur coat smells much nicer.

    Disguise the smell of cigarettes is quite difficult, but if it became necessary to solve the problem as quickly as possible, you can use this method. Suitable fresh invigorating aromas of orange, grapefruit, coffee, mint. Special deodorants and sprays for clothes are produced, you can also use incense sticks, lamps or toilet water. But it is necessary to use these means moderately, spraying them at some distance from the fabric so that no stains remain. Some smokers put a fleece dipped in a perfume with a mint flavor. They say this method can remove the smell of tobacco.

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