Installing a water heater Termeks do it yourself

Termeks water heaters - ordinary models, ordinary army of household appliances. Self-installation of a water heater Termeks - a sample of an ordinary operation. We list the key points.

The main points when installing Termeks water heaters

Consider how the self-installation of a Termeks water heater is carried out. Pay attention to the moments mentioned in passing. By the way, do not forget - the plumber is fully worn at least three and a half turns. Otherwise, cut the thread. Self-installation of the water heater Termeks is conducted according to the standard scheme. We emphasize only the silent places.

The Termex water heater cannot be operated without a magnesium anode. In heating technology, the magnesium anode protects aluminum and steel against electrochemical corrosion in circuits with copper elements. This is spelled out in SNiPs. It is forbidden to operate iron and aluminum structures downstream from copper.

This also applies to water heaters. Often TEN use copper. Copper conducts heat well, the efficiency of the device increases. There are steel heating elements. This is due to electrochemical corrosion: the difference in electrical potentials between the steel tank and the heating element is zero. Therefore, destruction is blocked. We want to note - the process of electrochemical corrosion is not connected with 220 V from the socket. Metals in nature have a natural potential. Copper is on the right edge in a series of charge values, magnesium is on the left.

When a conductive medium is formed between two metals, charge transfer begins. As a result, one material becomes a donor, collapsing. Water heater tanks, not counting flow models, are made of steel. In some cases, the alloy is alloyed, gets the properties of stainless steel, in others it is covered with enamel. There is no third. In case of violation of the protective layer, the steel becomes in contact with water. As a result, if copper lurks upstream, the process of electrochemical corrosion starts. All the more so because the small scratched area of ​​steel accounts for the full impact force. Due to this, the process of electrochemical corrosion passes quickly. The tank begins to flow, damage is not subject to warranty replacement or repair. Draw conclusions.

Covering the tank is difficult - you have to tear off the external insulation glued( foam) to the walls outside. Necessary to conduct and passivation of damage from the inside. The process is not simple and safe. Clearly imagine - operation of a water heater without a magnesium anode is unacceptable.

Pay attention - flow models are made of copper, so as not to put a magnesium anode, for which there is simply no space inside. A crane made of non-galvanized steel will gradually eat up corrosion. For protection, use a galvanized steel faucet( there is no copper for sale).

Is it possible to place the Termex water heater upside down

The Termex water heater cannot be bypassed instructions. It happens, you need a device with a top connection. Exit - buy a new water heater.

In normal condition, when Termex is hanging correctly, the intake tube opening inside the tank enters the upper quarter and the inlet in the lower quarter. TEN is located on the bottom, between the spirals passes the probe of the thermostat, which is responsible for switching off the device when overheating. Determined by the temperature of the water, not the heating element. How the scheme works:

  1. Water comes from the bottom, it breaks into a divider( horizontal plate above the inlet), falls on a spiral.
  2. heating elements heats the water until the thermostat shows that it is time to complete the process. For this, the temperature of the medium is measured.
  3. The fence goes in the upper quarter, where the temperature is the highest due to the laws of physics, so a new batch comes from under the pressure from the riser.

Turn the tank upside down:

  1. Cold water comes from above, hits the divider.
  2. From the bottom of the accumulated part of the jet, past the heater. The device does not withstand thermal conditions.
  3. It is necessary to open the tap, as the fence goes from the bottom. Hot water will gradually reach this point, it is possible to get burned.

Do not worry, until the water in the riser is turned off, usually without warning. In the normal state, when the water heater is suspended correctly, the water in the tank will not fall below three-quarters. It is necessary to turn the tank over, the heating element will be in the air( a cushion will enter from the riser).It turns out - the spirals are warming, but the probe hanging in the air cannot correctly determine the mode. The spirals overheat and burn out. Warranty repair is excluded, get ready to tinker in the sediment and dirt tank to eliminate the problem.

The presence of a non-return valve in the Termeks water heaters

In the store, the non-return valve is marked with a water flow arrow and is connected with a relief valve( ribbed fitting in the photo).This is necessary: ​​

  • When water enters the tank from the riser( for the first time you have to open the mixer, give a current to the air).The system works without this, just a pillow will accumulate on top, and when using the shower it will come down. We'll have to wait.
  • Only the pressure inside the tank is equal to that of the riser, the check valve is shut. Heater begins to heat the water. The coefficient of thermal expansion became less than that of water. The tank begins to arch. Back in the standpipe water does not let the valve. Deformation causes damage to the tank, leading to cracks in the protective enamel coating and corrosion( see above).The relief valve bleeds off excess fluid at pressure.

Non-return valve prevents heated water from escaping into the riser. Using a water heater with an empty faucet is permissible. When the overlap of the crane drain the upper part of the tank, but 80 percent will remain inside. To use it, at the entrance to the water heater, a tee is placed at the inlet of the water inlet, through the valve if necessary. It is important to make the correct layout. A tee stands between the water heater and the relief valve.

We mention the rule of cutting a tee. Usually sediment accumulates in the tank. If you insert a non-return valve into the bottom outlet of the tee, if you turn off the water and try to empty the tank through a side drain, dirt will settle on the valve, which is unfavorable for the latter to work. The scheme looks advantageous when the water heater is powered from the side, and the emergency drainage goes vertically downwards. In this case, we partially clean the tank without disassembling the tank and removing the heating element, which is very convenient. Take note.

Put a coarse filter near the riser - the check valve does not like dirt. The inner channel resembles a Latin V, set on its side. At the top there is a grid, and the entrance wall, according to the rules, has a negative slope( directed downwards), dirt accumulates inside. Deviate from the rules, when planned or emergency shutdown of water rust will wash off in the riser. But the deviation is not allowed. A good owner of the filter is able to clean it yourself. Signs: the tank is badly typed, and water drains well through the drain. If the cleaning did not help, the case in the check valve, you should remove the valve and rinse.

Before installing the Termeks water heater, make sure that you have a convenient approach to the device. Quickly make sure: removing the heater is not an easy task. If you do not want to re-install the Termeks water heater yourself, worry about scheduled maintenance in advance. The instruction manual clearly states how many times a year to clean the product by one hundred percent emptying the tank.

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