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  • like freshly made homemade coffee. To do this, you do not need to run to the store, you just need to buy high-quality equipment that will allow you to prepare a flavored drink without leaving your home. Pay attention, now you don’t have to wash the stove from escaped coffee. Thanks to the modern appliance - a coffee maker, the cooking process will be much more practical and as convenient as possible. Still not sure what to choose? In this article, we will tell and help you find the best coffee makers and coffee machines for the house in 2018!

    What is the best coffee machine for the home?

    Certainly, many have tried coffee in specialized establishments, and wondered why the taste is much different from homemade? And all because at home there is no special equipment that allows you to maximize the taste of the invigorating drink. Do not be upset, modern manufacturers offer coffee machines for the house for every taste and color.

    The first coffee machines were developed for the purpose of a quick drink and were a double bowl, similar to an hourglass. Coffee makers and coffee machines of our time is an electric appliance, with containers for water, milk and bulk. All models are equipped with a control panel with and additional modes. The body is made of heat-resistant plastic, with rubberized buttons. The review showed that the best model of 2018 is a coffee maker with a rubberized stand and autostart function.

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    Varieties of coffee machines for the home

    There are a huge number of different types of coffee makers. Among the range can be divided into 4 main types:

    1. Capsule coffee makers. The basic principle of operation of capsule coffee machines is to use special capsules made of pressed coffee. Such brands of coffee machines are inexpensive and practical to maintain.
    2. Drip-type coffee maker. Good among inexpensive models and quite easy to use. It works by dropping water into a filter with ground seeds, saturated with smell and taste - it enters the flask.
    3. Geyser coffee maker. If we take a drip-type model in comparison, this device is completely opposite in principle of operation. The lower part is filled with water and when heated, the steam rises up in the form of a geyser, steaming the ground coffee. After that, the finished drink enters a special flask. It should be said that the volume of such devices is small, respectively, the price too.
    4. Hob type coffee maker. A versatile machine in which coffee is pressed under pressure and doused with hot liquid.

    According to the principle of operation, coffee makers are:

    • Automatic. Such devices are multifunctional and designed for maximum customer satisfaction. They not only perform the grinding, but also fill the cup with dosage, which is very convenient.
    • Semi-Automatic. Requires additional action on your part.

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    How to choose a coffee machine for home

    When choosing a coffee machine, many are guided by the price of the device, which is not always right. It is worth saying that when choosing small household appliances, special attention should be paid to the functionality and parameters, including:

    1. Capacity for liquids .It is considered the main element of the device, which directly determines the amount of the beverage to be prepared. If you are looking for a more economical model for yourself, for preparing a single serving, then the device, which has a volume of 0.5-0.7 l, is quite suitable. But for more frequent cooking and in large quantities, it is better to buy a coffee machine with a volume of 1.5-2 liters.
    2. Power .This parameter depends entirely on the device. On average, rates range from 800 to 2000 watts. Here we must remember - the higher the power, the more functional the machine.
    3. Filters .The drip-type procedure is always accompanied by excess ground grain, and in order for the drink to have no sediment, special filters with a minimum permeability are used.
    4. Additional amenities .Here you can note the presence of a water filter, additional modes, touch panel. All these parameters are designed for maximum convenience during operation.

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    Best manufacturers according to buyers

    To know exactly which coffee machine is better, we collected a basic rating, taking into account customer reviews. The following brands of coffee machines have earned the name of the best: Krups, Bosch, Delonghi, Panasonic, Philips, Redmond, WMF, Saeco, Kenwood, Witek, Melitta. The devices of these manufacturers are of high quality, durability and convenience. Thus, you will be completely sure that you are buying a certified product with a fixed period for warranty service.

    Capsule coffee machines for the home. 2018 rating. According to reviews, you can accurately say that this is the best coffee maker in a large tank for water and high power. The advantage can be noted the function of controlling the strength and serving the drink. Also, this model is equipped with a scanner to recognize the barcode from the bag, which is convenient during the cooking process. The design is made of dense thermoplastic. There is the possibility of adjusting the stand in height. If you are still looking for the best coffee machines for use in living conditions, then choose this model and you will not lose.

    Krups KP Mini Me

    In the ranking of the best coffee makers of the capsule type, the Krups KP Mini Me model deservedly hit. With it, you can make various coffee drinks in just a few minutes. The design is compact and features maximum usability. Equipped with such functions: shutdown when not in use, the indicator of capsules, and also the stand for cups can be adjusted in height. Certainly every user will like the high quality and reasonable price.

    De’Longhi EN 520 Nespresso Lattissima +

    This model was ranked as our best automatic type coffee machine. The advantage is a spacious water tank and a separate milk tank. The design has a heat-insulating housing and is easy to use. We can note the following advantages: a waste container for 10 capsules;cleaning the nozzle after cooking milk foam;milk container 0.35l;adjustable pallet;warning system about the need for descaling;warming up after 40 seconds after switching on. The ideal option for a gift or for those who first gets a coffee machine.

    Rating drip coffee makers for home

    Panasonic NC-ZF1HTQ

    Best coffee maker for the home among the ranking drip. The device has wide functionality and capacity for liquid in 1 l. The main advantages: high quality, reasonable price and many accessories and accessories for convenient and maximum safe use. This device will allow you to make delicious tea and coffee and keep the drink as hot as possible.

    Philips HD7457

    Auto-heated model, loved for its versatility and high power. Thanks to a capacious bowl, you can make coffee at once for a large family. Also, the coffee maker is equipped with an anti-droplet system, a touch panel and on / off indicators.

    The best geyser coffee makers for home

    Delonghi EMK 9 Alicia

    This coffee maker can be called better among the compact and inexpensive models. Unique modern design for the preparation of natural ground coffee. There is enough capacity for cooking at least 9 servings. The model is easy to maintain, simple and durable. Therefore, she got into our review of coffee machines for the house in 2018.

    WMF 900 S

    The best coffee machine for the home, according to cappuccino fans. It is considered one of the best and advanced models of automatic type. The device has a wide range of uses, as it is endowed with powerful pressure up to 15 Bar. Also, there is a display and automatic flushing.

    Saeco HD 8763

    Heavy-duty coffee machine for the house with improved functionality. It has a large volume, nice design, high power and several modes of preparing drinks. It is worth noting that this machine has an auto power off function. Thanks to high-quality material, the device is much easier to wash after use.

    Delonghi ESAM 6900 M Prima Donna Exclusive

    Which coffee machine for the home is better? Of course Delonghi ESAM 6900 M Prima Donna Exclusive. This model can be attributed to the premium class. It is multifunctional and designed for productive work. The model is equipped with a display and touch controls, has several cooking modes, and is also equipped with various nozzles. The best coffee machine is the one that is worth the money.

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    specialists Review of home-made coffee machines

    Kenwood ES 020

    The best coffee machine for semi-automatic home type. Compact and externally attractive model, equipped with a metal horn with rubberized inserts. The material is made of high quality stainless steel that will serve you faithfully.

    Delonghi EC 155

    Coffee machine, medium strength, but fully fulfills its mission. The capacity for liquid is 1000 ml, which is enough to make a drink for several servings. The design is completed with additional nozzles and practical to use.

    Melitta Caffeo Solo

    A good coffee machine for the home. Modern model with electronic display and grain grinding function. Differs in a reliability of a design and easy adjustment on height. Also, the main advantage can be considered power and affordable price.

    Before buying small appliances, you should always carefully read the specifications and know exactly where it will be used. It should also be remembered that a cheap model is not always a quality and better option. As a rule, a coffee machine is good if it fully meets the requirements of the client. Now, for sure, you will not have questions, how to choose the best coffee maker or coffee machine for the house!

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