Types of ionizers

When buying any ionizer, experts recommend not to exceed the measures. A thoughtful middle is important in everything. For this reason, bipolar ionizers are on sale. If you constantly generate negatively charged charged particles, the correct measure is quickly exceeded. Ionizer of bipolar type generates besides useful negative and positive ones. This will keep the balance.

What are the ionizers

Feature of bipolar ionizers - charges of both signs are produced. Other ionizers in contrast are called unipolar. Ozone overdose is equal to poisoning. This is quickly noticed. Readers, it is important to know that today almost any unipolar ionizer works on a timer. The periods of activity are replaced by a long rest.

Bipolar Ionizer

This is done to prevent an overdose of negative ions. From a typical working cycle it becomes clear how much the concentration is exceeded. This is how the work cycle of a typical nameless ionizer:

  1. 30 seconds of activity.
  2. 3 min rest.

Ionizer operates one seventh cycle. So, with continuous generation, the unipolar device exceeds the useful limit by 5 times.

Ionizers according to the nature of the air flow can be divided into:

  • active;
  • passive.

At first, the air flow is forcibly forced by the fan. This greatly accelerates the process of drinking room negative ions. Hence, the fan will meet in a fairly powerful devices, designed for a large area of ​​action. The process of independent movement of negative ions is not so fast. The question arises - why are they needed? The answer lies in the area of ​​silence. Tried to sleep with the PC system unit turned on? Not everyone will pass the test.

Passive Ionizer

This is the main advantage of passive ionizers. However, the passive ionizer is still slightly buzzing. For example, a video on Youtube demonstrates how to distinguish a fake ionizer for a car, one of the signs indicates a slight hum. Inside there is a transformer, despite the small size, makes a slight noise. By the way, if you are thinking of buying a car ionizer, remember, from China they systematically send fakes. For details, look at YouTube, how to distinguish a true device, they have already said: open the case to find a transformer. In the absence of a guaranteed fake in the hands.

The problem of which ionizer to buy is solved on the basis of the purpose. For example, on sale some device resembling a repeller for mosquitoes. Sticks in the socket and hangs. From the presented it is clear that this kind of ionizer is not designed for a large area. Therefore, forced convection is good for large spaces. It will not be possible to use an active ionizer in the form of a fan, if you blow a passive one, it will work faster.

If you take car ionizers, the gadgets in most of the blades inside do not carry. These are passive devices. In the program on YouTube called “How to choose an ionizer”, a miniature device for a car resembling a hairdryer is demonstrated. In view of the similarities, we cannot say that there is no fan inside. Therefore, it may be an active ionizer for the car's interior. They say it easily removes cigarette smoke and smog in traffic jams.

Air Purification

Air Filtration with

Ionizers Negative ions are believed to bind dust and settle. In the active models have implemented filters. The number of steps varies, the total is present in most cases. This is a metal plate with a static charge. If air ducts, on the contrary, are covered with an antistatic composition from the inside, buy a kind of aerosol in a hardware store, in the above case the metal deliberately collects dust.

Super Plus Ionizer Turbo picks up micron-sized particles from the air, like a HEPA filter. In the video, the author presented a number of two models. More expensively, there was a HEPA filter, worth a lot of money and subject to periodic replacement. In a cheap cassette, the device should be cleaned every two weeks from collected dirt. Perhaps, in the first case, we are guaranteed to get a high-quality cleaning, in the second we are sure that, without paying a penny, we find on hand a good tool for air purification.

Metal plates are far from the only type of filters inside air ionizers. The Atmos 801 device has already been described, but the set of steps there is so complete that we allow it to repeat:

  1. At the first step, the foam rubber removes fluff, hair, wool, coarse dust from the passing stream.

    Ionizer Atmos 801

  2. The second stage has already been described - a metal plate with a charge.
  3. The third stage is an adsorption filter that absorbs odor molecules.
  4. At the fourth stage, due to the action of ultraviolet radiation and a special filter material, some harmful compounds disintegrate. It is recommended to buy a similar ionizer, where there are two steps: a metal plate and an ultraviolet radiator. For the price is good, changing the lamp is rarely necessary because it rarely breaks.

Before you buy, ask which accessories are simply cleaned during operation or purchased separately. Ask, because the cost of the HEPA filter is comparable to the device.

Varieties of ionizers

From the story it is already clear which ionizers are suitable for home, auto, or it is appropriate to take to the cottage. Developed unexpected ideas. For example, the ionizer for the refrigerator. It is known that if you turn off both cameras during the holidays, an unpleasant odor is formed upon arrival. The refrigerator becomes a real breeding ground for bacteria; many bacilli do not die even in conditions of the freezer compartment. It is necessary to give free rein, the flora will grow.

It is known that in the past century, Europe suffered from a refrigerated plague. Today, manufacturers make coatings with the inclusion of silver ions. This blocks the proliferation of bacteria.

Especially the fixture is useful in NoFrost, in this case the evaporator is simply not accessible. A coil is periodically thawed. If the melt water in the pan has turned, it is time to put the ionizer inside. Plus, the NoFrost system independently creates airflow, speeding up the cleaning process. By the way, dryness inside the refrigerator does not mean that the process of reproduction of bacteria is suppressed.

A cold ionizer operates on a battery or rechargeable battery. Inside is a step-up transformer, because there is not enough space for a voltage multiplier. If you put such an ozonizer-ionizer in the compartment, the mold develops poorly, preserving products.

Water Ionizers

Water Ionizers are a different class of devices than those discussed above. But the principle is similar. Negative ions are definitely useful, but now it is recommended not to inhale, but to swallow. It is assumed that the body charges will find the right way. Silver water ionizer refines the most common liquid on the planet and cleans it. No wonder the precious metal vessels in the church.

The human blood in the lungs is negatively charged, acquiring antibacterial activity, preventing microbes from infecting tissues.

Meaning of the device: if the flow of water passes between two electrodes, then the free charges are divided into two channels. Between them put a partition, and the trick is done. One stream is living water, the second is dead water. This is not the only design. For example, you will find a cylindrical silver ionizer for water. Showed on the portal, how to do this with his own hand. In the center of the charged electrode, from the periphery of the water is separated by a semi-permeable barrier. In the simplest case, from burlap.

As a result, having a silver ionizer on hand, and the second - for air, it will be possible to inhale useful particles and drink. Regarding the first type of devices, there are reviews where the arguments for and against are described in detail. Ionizers for water are flowing type and cumulative. It is clear that the first ones are more expensive, and they consume more energy - it is required to select the necessary component from water in real time.

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