Independent repair of the refrigerator

More often than other things the refrigerator does not freeze. The situation is rarely the opposite, mainly due to the failure of the thermostat, which does not give the compressor command to stop the operation. Possible indirect scheme, when the processor collects sensor readings, and one is faulty. For example, a simple thermistor is placed in Liebherr. If it fails, the ice builds up on the back wall of the refrigerating chamber with a layer of several centimeters. More often independent repair of the refrigerator looms on the horizon when freon is leaking. It is important to know a number of rules applicable in such cases.

Refrigerator repair: dehumidification of the freon path

A list of methods is proposed to remove moisture from the freon circuit when repairing the refrigerator. The liquid freezes at the exit from the capillary tube, forming an ice plug, the compressor roars tensely, but the temperature does not reach the set point. Symptoms - no frost, plus an additional two signs.

  1. By the way, the engine has already been told about the stretching roar, by the way, the compressor works in a similar way in a vacuum. Manufacturers do not recommend to include products in the repair of refrigerators, if the air from the freon circuit is pumped out. This is necessary to get rid of moisture, the liquid is actively dissolved in the compressor oil. Inside the housing, the lubricant constantly circulates in a circle, lubricating parts and squirting into the casing. This is noticeable in the video available in Youtube, where the compressor is adapted for pumping wheels. The fountain blows from the outlet, and the creator of the roller puts a special filter so that the oil does not get into the chamber or pneumatic tool. In the latter case, special channeling devices are often installed to lubricate the aggregates. In our case, with the active work of the compressor, the old freon and moisture will begin to stand out and go outside.
  2. When moisture enters the freon circuit, an ice block is formed. It melts if the device is turned off. The process is accelerated when the capillary tube is heated from the side of the evaporator. Or need to put in the freezer and refrigerator compartment pots with hot water. Please note that during the repair period, the temperature inside is higher than 40 ºС.Upon reaching 65 ºC, the release of harmful substances from polymers is possible, at 80 plastic is already able to float. As a result, the refrigerator will become unusable. After the measures taken, the unit will start to freeze again, but not for long. Soon the ice block will increase again, cooling will rise.

Independent repair of a refrigerator often requires draining of the freon circuit. Step-by-step instruction:

  1. A common method is vacuuming. In such conditions, the ice is subjected to sublimation, and the moisture is actively out through the valve Schroeder. For the final removal will have to sweat. The pump must work up to 15 minutes. From the condenser, freon comes out through that capillary tube. On the opposite side of the stroke is closed by the compressor. The internal diameter of the capillary tube is less than 1 mm, the gas volume is large.
  2. Nitrogen purge is often used when working with isobutane. Gas helps to remove moisture vapor. Either brings them to the filter drier, where the gases are safely absorbed. Due to its hygroscopicity, unwillingness to absorb moisture, nitrogen fits perfectly.
  3. In some cases, it is recommended to put in place of the old filter drier a special one with a weight of silica gel( you can see any balls in the shoes) under 1 kg. This is an expensive way, the cost of products is great. The ability to fill your own balls is not provided. Helps multiple filter changes. The method is reliable, but not cheap.
  4. In selected cases, refueling with freon under pressure at a pressure slightly below atmospheric after a prolonged shutdown of the system helps. At the subsequent filling with freon vapors of water will not appear. This is a benign method, but takes a lot of time.

How to fill the freon correctly when repairing the refrigerator

Before starting the evacuation, it is recommended to fill in the air to search for leaks. Runs when system pressure drops.pointing to a leak. However, a similar sign is observed when a traffic jam is formed. The service port is at the compressor inlet. Freon is pumped to the exit, it turns out a vacuum. Before repairing the refrigerator, it is recommended to wait until the circuit warms up, and the cork is knocked out to the side of the evaporator, a characteristic cotton is heard( in the switched off refrigerator).

The air coming out of cracks, mixed with freon residues, will help to localize leaks. Repair of the refrigerator begins with vacuuming. We have already described in detail how a filling station is used with a manifold equipped with a pressure gauge; now we are only presenting a sequence of operations for getting rid of moisture. We let the air through the needle grip mounted on the filter-drier. Replace it. Filter drier is supposed to put a new one. We begin to pump out the remnants of air.

Even a powerful vacuum pump runs for a quarter of an hour for optimum effect.

At the final stage of vacuuming, we start the compressor of the refrigerator for several minutes, no more. Practice shows that in a short time, negative consequences do not occur.

While the motor is operating in a vacuum, old freon and moisture are actively removed from the oil. The trickle is sprayed on the body, the contact area increases. This contributes to the cleansing process. Then it is necessary to fill the system with freon up to half of the atmospheric pressure( pressure gauge control).We start the compressor again. Now, the remnants of moisture will be carried away by the stream and be absorbed in the new filter-drier. For fidelity, put hot water pans in the freezer and refrigerator compartments. Do not forget to maintain the temperature, as written in the beginning of the review. Due to this mode, the evaporator will not be able to cool, and the condenser will warm up slightly. Moisture will actively evaporate and be absorbed by the filter-drier. There will be no ice block, even if there is water in the system.

Then vacuuming is again carried out to remove wet freon, refueling begins. Full volume is not supplied immediately. At first, the technological dose of freon is pumped, for example, half of the desired mass. The camera mode is set to maximum, the pots with water are removed. When the refrigerator starts to freeze, it is closely monitored, whether the effect of an ice block will reappear. Only in the absence of deviations the mass of freon is brought to full. During what is happening, the filling station is in the connected state. Only after a test run in combat mode, reaching the specified temperature, it is permissible to pinch the service branch pipe, solder the Schröder valve and patch the burner inlet.

Independent repair of an

refrigerator. The described approach takes a lot of time. If it is carried out using the conveyor method, the result is excellent. Of course, this is possible only in the conditions of a large workshop, which is not possible for any repairman. It is easy to make simple calculation that the repair of refrigerators Atlas will take up to 2 hours. Not counting the delivery and shipment to the client. Not always cost effective. If we are talking about the repair of high cost Electrolux refrigerators, the price justifies the time costs. But the quality of the work carried out will provide good fame to the company-performer. Independent repair of the refrigerator in the case of filling freon is unprofitable. To do this, you need to spend thousands of rubles on equipment, which exceeds the price of workshops.

It is no secret that individual masters do the work badly, they have to redo it: they are too lazy to change the filter-driers, they do not evacuate well enough. Do not spend extra freon on the run with low pressure. The result is the same - the ice plug returns. Monthly repair of refrigerators Westfrost will cost a pretty penny. As a result, a new device is bought, and the popularity of ordering the services of a master falls. Profit falls. If you work on products in parallel, create a work flow chart, debug test methods, business goes well.

For the repair of refrigerators Ariston is now taking from 1000 rubles. Repair of refrigerators Stinol is simplified by the presence of error codes. If the temperature sensor is faulty, this will become known. Therefore, the time to find the error is reduced. This requires a thorough study of the problem.

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