China made glowing ribbon

After a hard working week, I want to spend time in nature with my family, where there is no noise of the metropolis and clean air. People who have a suburban area are often chosen overnight out of town to rest. But at night, especially in poor lighting, some flower beds or beds often spoil. In order to avoid such troubles, to highlight areas with plantings, or mark the area where you should be careful, you can use a tape glowing in the dark. Also, this tape is often used inside the house to mark door handles, table corners, switches, sockets and similar items that can be hit or difficult to find in the dark. On the website of Chinese goods "Aliexpress" such a tape has a cost of 226 rubles and 12 kopecks without delivery. Delivery in Russia will cost you 39 rubles and 84 kopecks, the total cost will be 265 rubles and 96 kopecks. During the 35% discount, the total cost of the goods will be 186 rubles and 88 kopecks.

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The tape has a plain greenish color, at night it will be lit with bright green color, which will be clearly visible with the naked eye. The luminescent material is absolutely safe to use( has no radiation), easily charged from the sun's rays, has a long-term energy saving, corrosion protection, and is also waterproof, as the seller claims.

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  • color - green;
  • material - plastic;
  • width - 10mm;
  • length - 10m;
  • expiration date - up to 5 years.

The SHOPTESLA website provides a similar fluorescent tape, worth 350 rubles for a hank.

Looks better, prettier in appearance. The principle of operation is the same, we charge it with solar or artificial light and at night the tape will begin to glow.

The TIU website provides an absolutely identical ribbon, as on the website of Chinese goods “Aliexpress”.

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Cost 50 rubles per 1 meter, tape width 10 mm, but the price is 2 times higher than on Aliexpress, even without considering the discount

Glowing in the dark tape canbe very useful in operation. In addition to marking the necessary items, and things about which you can hit at night, she can simply decorate the interior of the room, or things. The price on the website of Chinese goods "Aliexpress" is quite acceptable, but the delivery will be within 15-45 days. It’s worth waiting so much time, or it’s easier to buy in a store in your city - decide for yourself

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