How and when celebrate the Day of Family, Love and Allegiance in Russia

Since 2008, Russia has celebrated the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty. Initially, on July 8, the Orthodox Church commemorated Peter and Fevronia of Murom. In 2006, residents of the Vladimir region, where the relics of the holy couple are buried, proposed to make the date secular and nationwide. The idea was supported by State Duma deputies.

Today, Family Day has crossed the confessional boundaries, loved and respected by many Russians. After all, any religion is close to the values ​​of love and marriage. It is symbolic that the holiday was established in the year of the family.

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The story of Peter and Fevronia

The life story of Peter and Fevronia became the personification of the love of two people appointed to each other from above. According to the chronicles, at the beginning of the 13th century Peter, the son of the Prince of Murom, fell ill with leprosy. The illness was serious, not a single doctor could help him. Once in a dream, a young man saw a young girl who managed to heal him. Impressed, Peter went on a journey trying to find her. In one of the villages of the Ryazan region, he finally found a young healer Fevronia, the daughter of a beekeeper. She understood medicinal herbs and managed to overcome his illness.

The grateful Peter was so impressed and fascinated that, despite his princely rank, he decided to marry her. For this he was threatened with exile, because Fevronia was an ordinary serf. It did not frighten the young man: he renounced the throne in the name of love. This aroused the indignation of the people, and Peter returned to Murom, but with the newlywed. All their lives they were faithful to each other, and in their old years they went to the monastery - each in his own. But, even being separate, they were devoted to each other and to God. Spouses died on the same day - July 8th. Since then, their story has become an example of true loyalty.

According to legend, the prince and princess wanted to be buried in the same coffin. But the monitors of the monasteries considered that this was not appropriate for the monks, and violated the last wish of the departed. The next morning, a miracle happened: the bodies of Peter and Fevronia were near. After that, no one dared to contradict the last will of the deceased couple.

The Day of Family and Fidelity in Modern Russia

The holiday is relatively new, but it already has its traditions. Every year on this day, a medal ceremony is held for Russian couples who have been married for a quarter of a century or more. On the obverse of the memorial sign, a daisy is minted, on the back - Peter and Fevronia. The medal with the image of the holy couple symbolizes the ideal of marriage: mutual love and devotion, compassion, care for compatriots.

Another holiday symbol is chamomile. A simple, cute flower is most common in the expanses of our homeland. In the context of the holiday, daisy means tenderness, purity and conjugal fidelity.

Holiday popularity is growing every year. The main celebrations are traditionally held in Murom. July 8 on the banks of the Oka mass festivities, fairs, fireworks are organized. Other cities are not far behind. Public organizations hold exhibitions, charity events, concerts.

Many believe that the marriage union concluded on this day will be strong and happy. It should be noted that weddings are not held on this day, since the holiday falls on Petrov post, but you can consolidate your union in the Wedding Palace. The tradition has already gained popularity: in recent years there have been many who want to get married on July 8.On this occasion, many registry offices extend the operation time and do not register divorces. It is especially popular to marry in Murom, where newlyweds come not only from all over Russia, but also from other countries.

In many cities, educational events are held aimed at increasing the birth rate and the formation of family values. Mass celebrations and celebrations are covered in the media.

Russia is not the only country where this holiday is celebrated. Celebrations are also held in Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Germany and France.

Congratulations on the day of family, love and loyalty

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This day is good to spend with the children, to devote time to the family, to take care of loved ones. Stepping out of the pages of the Orthodox calendar, the Day of Love and Loyalty brings joy, regardless of religious beliefs. Give your family a bouquet of daisies or cards that have become an attribute of the holiday. The so-called fevronki - messages in the form of daisies - contain wishes of love, loyalty, happiness, well-being.

Celebrating a holiday at a table with a family is not the only alternative. Believers attend church in the morning to ask for personal happiness. It is believed that sincere prayer on this day helps those whose family is in danger of falling apart. Many believe that the holy spouses, who have become the personification of devotion and selfless love, help preserve marriage.

Many monarchs honored the righteous couple in Russia. They came to the Holy Trinity convent in Murom, where the relics of the holy couple, Peter the Great, Catherine the Second, Nicholas I, Alexander the Second, are kept. Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich who had no children and his royal wife Irina Godunova also prayed to Saints Peter and Fevronia. Soon the royal couple had an heir. But guessing on the constricted is not worth it. It is believed that any divination and rituals on this day do not have the power.

In the afternoon and evening, go with your family to one of the many thematic events: a concert or exhibition. Together with your family, take part in a competition of children's drawings. The most interesting competitions are traditionally held in amusement parks. You can take part in them with the whole family. Organizers annually award winners with prizes and gifts. Go to one of the free film festivals that are held in many cities. Enjoy films about bright feelings, about strong family relationships.

Do not forget to congratulate your family and friends on this family holiday. Give them bright moments of joy and happiness.

How and when celebrate the Day of Family, Love and Allegiance in Russia

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