How to stretch suede, leather or rubber boots

Everyone was faced with a situation when the pair of boots they liked the last in the store. And the desire to purchase it is much stronger than doubts about the not quite suitable size. Like, spread. However, upon arrival home, we are increasingly beginning to be disturbed by the idea of ​​how to stretch our boots so as not to suffer in the first days, and maybe even weeks of wearing them. There are several ways available to accomplish the task. So, we give some of the most well-known and proven over the years ways to stretch the boots at home.


This method involves freezing shoes. However, it is first necessary to carry out some preparatory activities. You need to take a resealable plastic bag and fill it with water. At the same time it is necessary to fill no more than half, and one third is possible.

All possible air should be squeezed out of the bag. To do this, close most of the package. This leaves only a modest gap in the corner part. The part without water should be squeezed until the plastic sides completely come together. After connecting both sides, you can close the rest of the package.

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For the procedure, it is better to choose special packages intended for freezing. Otherwise they may be damaged in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator.

Package need to choose the optimal volume. If you want to stretch only the toe or heel, then enough liter product. If it is necessary to stretch and the tops, it is better to choose a large 4-liter package.

Instead of water bags, you can choose freezing bags with gel, if available.

It should be remembered that ice or water should not be left on the skin. Skin can become very brittle.

After filling the bag should be put in the boot in the right place. If you only need to stretch the tops, you can fill the lower part of the boot with newspapers so that the bag does not slide down. It is necessary to follow the uniform distribution of water throughout the stretching area.

Next, boots( whether leather or suede) should be placed in the freezer for 8 hours. Freezing, the water is known to expand. In the end, it will help stretch shoes at home.

After pulling out of the freezer, the water should be thawed out. Otherwise, the product may be damaged. If, after fitting, it is found that the shoes are still tight, then the procedure must be repeated.

Warming up

Before stretching the boots, you need to wear thick home socks or 3-4 pairs of regular ones. Next you should wear shoes on socks. This can provide certain difficulties. If you still can not push the leg, you can remove one of the pair of socks.

With the help of a regular hair dryer, you need to warm up the part of the shoe that presses the most. At the same time the hair dryer is set to the maximum heating power. After a good warm up, it is necessary to stretch and fix the legs inside.

Each part of the boot that presses must receive the heat of the hair dryer for at least 30 seconds. In boots should remain until they cool completely. Otherwise, they simply return to their previous form.

After complete cooling, you can remove shoes and socks, and then try on one sock. If the spin-up still remains, then you need to repeat the process, adding the number of socks. This method can stretch the boot tops or other parts of them.

Note that to restore the skin lost when heated moisture, they should be wiped with skin cream or glycerin.

Treatment with alcohol

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Use better 70% alcohol, which is less harmful to the skin. And suede products are also sensitive to greater concentration.

Alcohol should be generously sprayed with a spray bottle onto problem areas of the shoe.

Places that do not need to stretch, should not be processed.

Spraying should be carried out as evenly as possible. Before proceeding with the operation, you must give alcohol 30 seconds to be absorbed into the material. After you need to quickly wear shoes and stay in it until the alcohol is completely dry.

In order for the result to be maximum, you need to be in the shoes for a long time. It is desirable and after its drying.

Leather boots are sure to stretch after dressing. If this is not observed, then you can still spray the problem areas.

After taking off your shoes, you need to let it stand for a couple of hours. After you can measure boots. If they are not stretched enough( crushes the toe, heel or bootleg), then you can repeat the process.

Special products

There is a special spray for stretching, allowing you to stretch any part of the shoe( including the bootleg) at home. Before use, in any case, you should be familiar with the recommendations of the manufacturer. After all, some of these tools are not suitable for certain types of material.

For example, often such means can not stretch suede boots. The rest of the manufacturers instructions are much alike.

You should also pay attention to the composition of the funds. After all, some companies use other bases instead of alcohol.

Before use, it is better to check the spray. To do this, it should be applied to the shank or another area, but in a place that is not too noticeable. After all, the spray can provoke the appearance of stains, especially on light-colored shoes.

If everything is normal, then you need to spray all problem areas and areas around them. The distance for spraying is 10-15 cm. Spray is not sprayed on those points that will not stretch. Immediately after the absorption means, you must wear boots and do not remove them for a long time. If necessary, you can repeat the procedure.

Professional accessories

There are special devices that allow stretching shoes. Moreover, in order to stretch the tops, you should select a separate stretch, and to stretch the sole - another stretch. The second option will have a long handle that allows you to insert the device into the shoes and operate it, even if the boot is high.

Such devices are peculiar wedges. And their turning handle gives the opportunity to open a wedge to maximize the effect. In the open position, the wedge must remain for a few minutes for the effect to be good.

It should be noted that similar devices are used by shoemakers. But with their help, you can cope with the stretching of boots and at home. Moreover, they are capable of rubber and leather and suede products.

If you don’t know how to stretch your boots on your own, or if you don’t, it’s best to contact a qualified shoemaker with this problem.

As you can see, it is quite possible to stretch the tops or the plantar part of the boots, whether it be leather, suede or rubber products. You can use one of the above recommendations. Moreover, if one of the methods has low efficiency in your particular case, you can try to use the other. In any case, with certain efforts, the final result will necessarily be achieved. And then the new boots will delight their comfort when wearing.

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