How and what to clean boots from natural suede

Suede is not a special way to wear skating shoes in the winter-season, you should wear a dryers and you should not need to clean your clothes.and other unpleasant moments;but it is distinguished by its elegance and beautiful appearance: such boots fit perfectly into any image, giving it an element of style and luxury. So, how to clean light suede boots quality, cheap at home?

Using ammonia and regular peroxide

The most economical method for returning the boots to their original appearance and getting rid of dirt and salt is the following scheme:

  • in a glass of soft water( boiled, warm) dilute the mixture of peroxide and ordinary ammonia( 1 hour)l);
  • in the resulting composition moisten a sponge( soft brush) and intensively process the contaminated surface;
  • suede boots should be left in a well-ventilated area until they are completely dry( at home, batteries cannot be used for drying shoes);
  • process boots with a protective spray for this type of footwear;it prevents the build-up of salt and other chemicals and prolongs the life of the product.

You can use special brushes for suede: they will allow you to gently, but deeply clean the pile of dirt.

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Soap solution for cleaning suede surfaces

This is the most convenient and effective way to clean suede from salt, stains and dirt. The technology looks like this:

  • prepares a classic soap, not a thick solution, ammonia is introduced into it;for greater efficiency, you can add a suitable detergent to the mixture;
  • in the prepared solution a brush( sponge) is moistened and suede boots are processed by it;
  • pour a liter of purified water into a container and add vinegar essence;soak a textile cloth with this compound and re-clean the boots.

To clean the shoes in this way is when the dirt has dried on them. If you are using a detergent, choose colorless or white versions, since colored counterparts can stain suede boots. When using a soap solution for light pollution, you can no longer handle shoes re-composition with acetic essence: in this case, you need to walk on the surface of an already dry sponge, which will absorb excess moisture.

Vinegar should be thoroughly stirred in water, as it can make the suede pile hard and it will be difficult to comb it even with the help of special combs or brushes.

Milk-based cleaning composition

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In this way you can clean suede from dust, salt stains, which are sprinkled with roads in winter. In a glass of regular milk, add a little baking soda and literally some ammonia. In this solution it is necessary to immerse the suede brush for a few seconds and then work on the boots.

Considering how to clean suede boots, consider their color. For white, cream or light pink boots, the milky solution is the safest in terms of color and texture preservation.

For these purposes, it is better to use skimmed milk, as otherwise traces may appear on particularly light surfaces, and shoes will be spoiled.

To remove fat areas, you can clean your shoes at home with ordinary dental powder, directly after treatment with a milky solution.

How to clean suede light boots with gasoline and talcum

Heavy pollution, as well as large stains from salt can be effectively removed with gasoline. To do this, the shoes are treated with a soft sponge dipped in gasoline. Once all areas of the shoes you wash, they should be generously sprinkled with talcum powder and in this position leave the boots for an hour.

Then you just have to clean the shoes with an ordinary suede brush. Although this method cannot be called quick in time, it is quite effective and efficient, and shoes can be cleaned in this way regularly.

Gasoline in this recipe serves as a kind of solvent. Choose is purified and high-quality gasoline without impurities. Talc is the most common, its task is to absorb the remnants of dirt. You can also replace it with potato starch, which is identical in texture to talcum powder.

Keep in mind that after such a cleaning method, suede boots can become saturated with the characteristic smell of gasoline and need to be ventilated.

To minimize this effect, you can use flavored talc, which is used in cosmetology.

Clean suede shoes regularly and thoroughly. Grease stains or divorces from salt, which did not receive attention in time, are practically impossible to clean qualitatively.

At home you can completely do without professional care products, replacing them with improvised components. Suede boots should be cleaned carefully so as not to damage the nap. For these purposes, it is worth using special brushes or soft sponges with which you can clean delicate shoes.

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