17 best mixers according to customer reviews

  • Which is better to choose?
  • The best hand mixers
  • The best stationary mixers
  • The best planetary mixers

Women often buy various desserts in shops: cakes, pastries, marshmallows, sweets. Constantly doing it is quite expensive, so many of them, mostly mothers, are trying to prepare sweets at home. To do this, they need at home such a kitchen appliance as a mixer.

Such devices are presented on the market in a large assortment from different manufacturers, which can be purchased at a different price, depending on the type of mixer. This type of technology is manual, stationary and planetary. In this review, a ranking of the best kitchen mixers that can become the best assistants in the kitchen.

Which is better to choose?

When purchasing a mixer, you must consider the purpose of its use. For example, the manual ones are suitable only for use at home, for a family with children, where it is better to choose a stationary device that does not mix all the ingredients on their own.

Planetary mixers will do an excellent job with whipping dough and cooking various sweets, they can also perform some functions of a food processor.

Best Hand Mixers

Panasonic MK-GH1

The mixer is equipped with 2 nozzles and works at 5 speeds. Included with the device are the main nozzle, dough hooks and a whisk.

  1. The tips have large blades;
  2. Power;
  3. Noiseless;
  4. Affordable cost.


  • The speeds are switched pretty hard;
  • No small speeds.

Polaris PHM 3016

A low cost manual mixer that boasts 5 speeds and a turbo mode. The power of this model is 300 W, it is equipped with a whisk and hooks for the test. Easy and small unit, it is convenient to hold it in hand.

  1. Compactness;
  2. Ease of use;
  3. Noiseless;
  4. Affordable price.


  • The body is plastic, it smells.
  • Short Cord.

Polaris PHM 3013

The PHM 3013 was in third place in the top of the best hand mixers. This device is popular among buyers due to its low cost and power of 300 watts. It is easy to operate, compact and well in hand. If we talk about modes, there are 5 of them, including the turbo mode.


  1. Lightness;
  2. Robust case;
  3. Comfortable handle;
  4. Included are several nozzles for the test.


  • Short power cord.

Philips HR1560

Among the main characteristics of this device can be distinguished the presence of three speeds and turbo mode, the package includes a whisk and hooks for the test.

  1. Power - 350 W;
  2. Lightness - 1.5 kg;
  3. Affordable price with fairly good quality.


  • Mixers of this model are difficult to knead tight dough.

Bosch MFQ 4020

This unit is convenient and reliable with 5 speeds and optional turbo mode. This model is in demand due to its ergness.

  1. Compactness;
  2. When whipping, the hand does not slip due to the rubberized handle;
  3. Nozzles are disconnected by pressing a special button;
  4. Two nozzles are included in the package;
  5. Work is almost without noise;
  6. Works without vibration;
  7. Not heated;
  8. Power - 450 W;
  9. Velocities switch easily;
  10. Interesting design;
  11. Affordable price.


  • Weight - 1.1 kg;
  • The case is quite brandy.

Bosch MFQ 4070

This device combines a mixer and an immersion blender: it can be used to grind, pore and mix. The power of this model reaches 500 W, there are 5 speeds and turbo mode.
Among the advantages can be identified:

  1. Nozzle blender;
  2. Rubberized handle;
  3. silent operation;
  4. Lightness.


  • High cost;
  • Nozzle-blender no different strength.

Braun HM 3135 WH

This mixer can be an excellent replacement for the blender thanks to the special nozzle that comes with the device. The device operates at a power of 500 watts.

  1. Lightness - 850 g;
  2. Turbo mode;
  3. 4 nozzles.


  • There is no protective cover on the bowl;
  • Nozzle for a plastic blender from bright products painted.

Scarlett SC-045

The power of operation is 200 W, but it copes with its functions perfectly and can serve even more similar units.
Among the advantages can be identified:

  1. Low power consumption;
  2. 7 speeds;
  3. Equipped with a whisk and hooks for dough;
  4. Does not heat up;
  5. Reliability;
  6. Durability;
  7. Reasonable price.


  • The smell of plastic that disappears over time;
  • Weight - 2 kg.

The Best Stationary Mixers

Bosch MFQ 36460

This device boasts 2 standard nozzles, 5 speeds and a turbo mode. Mixer is assembled in Slovenia. A powerful unit can easily beat both proteins and stiff dough. If we talk about the bowl, it can make rotational movements, which contributes to a more thorough mixing of products. Bosch MFQ 36460 can also be used as a hand mixer.

  1. Rubberized grip;
  2. Silent operation;
  3. High build quality;
  4. Affordable;
  5. Capacity - 3 liters.


  • At fifth speed, it operates at low power;
  • Bearings are worn at low speeds.


This unit can be used as a hand mixer after disconnecting from the stand. This model works at 5 different speeds, there is a turbo mode.

  1. Reliability;
  2. Affordable;
  3. Attractive design;
  4. Capacity rotating bowl
  5. There is a nozzle blender.

As for the minuses, judging by the reviews, they are not.

Bosch MFQ 3555

The power of the device is 350 W, it is possible to work at 5 different speeds. In addition to the usual nozzles, there are also hooks for the dough and a whisk. The bowl rotates while the mixer is running. If the need arises, this device can be transformed into a hand mixer.

  1. Compactness;
  2. Rubberized grip;
  3. Lightness;
  4. Noiseless;
  5. Extended cord;
  6. Value for money.

Among the drawbacks are:

  • There is no lid in the bowl included;
  • Bowl has an uncomfortable shape;
  • The folding mechanism cannot boast of durability.

Moulinex HM 615130 Powermix

This unit works with a power of 500 watts. Included with this mixer is a rotating bowl with a volume of 3.3 liters.

  1. Works fairly quickly;
  2. Good knead dough;
  3. 2 different tips;
  4. Does not heat up.


  • Speeds switch with difficulty;
  • Noise.

Zelmer 381.61SL Mix Robi

The mixer of this model in the kitchen can be a universal machine and at the same time its cost is low.

  1. There are various nozzles;
  2. Reliability;
  3. Compact;
  4. By the cup has a protective cover;
  5. Affordable price.


  • When operating, plastic smell is heard, but this is only for the first applications;
  • Plastic containers are easily scratched;
  • It is inconvenient to remove the ready dough from the bowl.

Philips HR1565

This model works with a maximum speed of 350 W at three speeds and turbo mode. The bowl, with a capacity of 3 liters, during operation of the device rotates.

  1. Reliability;
  2. The mixer is equipped with a spatula and several nozzles;
  3. Spacious bowl that rotates.


  • Some nozzles have an awkward design;
  • Can not buy components and accessories.

Best Planetary Mixers

Rohaus RM910S

This model operates at a maximum power of 1000 W and 12 speeds.

  1. The LCD screen is located on the case;
  2. There is a timer;
  3. High power;
  4. Reliability;
  5. Silent operation;
  6. Comes with 4 nozzles and a paddle;
  7. Spacious bowl made of steel, equipped with a lid;
  8. Acceptable cost.


  • Time about time the whisk screw is unwound.

KitchenAid 5KSM150PSE

This mixer works at a power of 300 W and 10 speeds. A large bowl rotates while the machine is running.

  1. Cost Effective;
  2. Reliability;
  3. Noiseless;
  4. The ability to purchase additional attachments;
  5. Bowl with a capacity of 4.83 liters;
  6. Uniform mixing;
  7. Bowl equipped with a lid;
  8. Performs some functions of a food processor.


  • Great weight - more than 11 kilograms;
  • High cost;
  • Speed ​​selector may fail.


This model boasts a stylish design, four nozzles and 12 speeds. Power device is 1000 watts. The material of the bowl is stainless steel.

  1. Noiseless;
  2. Reliability;
  3. The term of warranty service is 5 years;
  4. Automatic shifting;
  5. Screen availability;
  6. High quality;
  7. Presence of the timer.


  • High cost;
  • Components to purchase problematic;
  • The first time work is accompanied by an unpleasant smell.

In this article, we talked about the types of mixer and their characteristics. A rating of these devices was also compiled depending on their purpose. We hope that this information will be useful for you, and you will be able to get yourself a loyal assistant in the kitchen.

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