8 best Hansa dishwashers

  • he knows how hard it is to wash the dishes with his hands, especially after a large influx of guests. But fortunately for them, a large assortment of such type of household appliances as a dishwasher is on the market. There are various models of these units, which differ in brand, functionality, size and cost. One of the manufacturers of dishwashers is Hansa. Despite the fact that this brand is not very popular in the domestic market, it still supplies high-quality and reliable devices to the market. To help buyers navigate among the range of this type of household appliances of this brand, we have prepared a rating of the best Hansa dishwashers, which is based on user feedback, as well as expert opinion.

    History of the Hansa brandNow this brand produces affordable and at the same time high-quality, reliable units.

    Dishwashers of this manufacturer can offer customers a wide range of models that attract interesting design solutions, so they can fit into any kitchen. Owners of home appliances Hansa claim that this brand is the best among Russian manufacturers, but despite this, it is still not very common. In this review, we have compiled the top-best Hansa dishwashers, according to users.

    Hansa ZIM 428 EH

    The leader of our rating was this model that many users liked. This unit can boast of 8 modes of washing, among which you can mention the program for fragile dishes and heavily soiled. Only 9 liters of water are consumed for one washing cycle, capacity - 10 sets of dishes.

    1. Works silently.
    2. Presence of the timer.
    3. Able to choose the program.
    4. There is an economical program.


    • The quality of components leaves much to be desired.

    Hansa ZIM 436 EH

    According to Tatyana, this model of the dishwasher is very convenient, despite the fact that it is narrow. This unit is quite roomy and easy to use: you can select a program and click on the start with just a few taps on the control panel. If you need to wash heavily dirty dishes, then you need to select the appropriate mode. If we talk about detergents, then it is better not to save.

    1. Capacity.
    2. There is a mode for washing crystal and similar utensils.
    3. Leakproof.
    4. Wash delay for 12 hours.


    • No screen.
    • No time indicator - it is impossible to understand how long the washing process will be completed;
    • Condensation Drying.
    • Work is accompanied by noise.

    Hansa ZIM 4757 EV

    Ekaterina said that she was very dissatisfied with her choice. Here we are not talking about the quality of washing dishes, this function has no complaints, but about the durability of the dishwasher. For 12 months of warranty service, the girl turned to the masters about 3 times, and according to her, the breakdowns were significant and the repair of the device took a long time.

    1. copes well with pollution.
    2. Relatively easy to use.


    • Shortness.
    • Noisy.

    Hansa ZIM 606 H

    But Natalya is very surprised that Hans dishwashers receive a lot of negative reviews, because her mother’s unit of this brand has been operating for 4 years. She chose the Hansa ZIM 606 H model for herself and was pleased with her purchase. This appliance is a standard dishwasher, which has a capacity of 12 sets of dishes. The quality of the washing is quite satisfactory.

    1. Half load - you can save water and electricity.
    2. High-quality wash.
    3. Presence of the timer.
    4. You can use 3in1 tablets.


    • There is no signal about the end of work.
    • Incorrect operation of the salt sensor.
    • The “drying” mode does not cope well with its functions.

    Hansa ZIM 446 EH

    Lydia said that this model dishwasher is affordable, but copes with its functions well, roomy. Convenient control panel and screen where all the necessary information is displayed. There is a wash delay mode. You can use any kind of detergent. Profitability - 13 liters of water are consumed for the washing cycle, but there are small claims for drying, but this is not so much significant.

    1. Compactness.
    2. High-quality wash.
    3. Easy to use.
    4. Durability.


    • The standard program takes 2.5 hours;
    • Noise.

    Hansa ZWM 476 WEH

    According to David, the kitchen in their home is small, so they preferred this particular model, which can stand alone. It is compact - only 45 centimeters, but at the same time quite roomy. There are no complaints about the quality of washing, for one wash cycle 9 liters of water are consumed. It may take more than 2.5 hours on a standard program for a long time, but according to the man, this is quite normal.

    1. Great functionality.
    2. Pre-soak.
    3. Works silently.


    • You can not wash large-sized dishes in the machine.
    • Failure - the first failure occurred six months after the acquisition.

    Hansa ZWM 406 WH

    Naina shared that this model is the simplest dishwasher, without any additional functionality, which is often not needed, but the cost because of this increases. This unit is suitable for those who are not "friends" with sophisticated technology. The washing process is pretty good, but the remaining leftovers can hardly be washed. The instruction is written poorly, it is rather difficult to understand it.

    1. Simplicity.
    2. No unnecessary features.
    3. The end of the work is accompanied by a characteristic sound.


    • 3in1 tools for this model are not suitable.
    • Drying does not fulfill its intended purpose.

    Hansa ZWM 416 WH

    This model belongs to the budget devices, but it has impressive characteristics. With its small size, this dishwasher intervenes 9 sets of dishes, and the power is 1930 watts. Water consumption per wash cycle is 9 liters of water. It has 6 modes of washing dishes.

    1. Cost Effective.
    2. Presence of a regime for washing fragile and heavily soiled dishes.
    3. An interesting look.
    4. Roomy.
    5. Leakproof.
    6. Pre-Soak Option.
    7. Affordable.


    • Noise during operation.
    • Lack of sensor clean water.

    If you still doubt whether or not to buy a dishwasher from Russian manufacturer Hansa, then we hope that our rating based on customer feedback will help you make the right choice.

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