What can wipe the LCD screen

Even the most tidy and cleanliness of home appliance owners very carefully, there are unwanted dirt on the TV screen. Accumulated dust, accidental fingerprints and other contaminants must be removed sooner or later. If you do not follow certain rules for the care of the LCD monitor, the service life of digital equipment will be significantly reduced. To avoid loss of color saturation, excellent visual image, you need to follow some simple rules of care for the LCD screen. Consider the most popular ways to effectively clean the surface of the TV, as well as options for means that it is strictly forbidden to wipe plasma and LCD TVs.

  • Effective methods of screen care
  • Unsuitable substances for cleaning the screen of the TV
  • Useful tips

Because of poor-quality screen care, scratches, hazy spots, unwanted glare, spoiling the comfortable viewing of bright contrast frames appear. To stop cleaning the monitor is to spoil the screen's excellent visibility in advance. After all, due to the accumulation of dust from static electricity, significantly degrades the image quality.

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You already have a plasma or LCD TV in your home, or just planning a corresponding purchase, it is advisable to get acquainted with how to clean it properly, without causing any harm to the thin coating of the screen.

Effective methods of screen care

In order for LCD and plasma TVs consisting of several layers sensitive to aggressive cleaning not to lose color contrast, one should listen to the opinion of the manufacturers of modern technology. Professionals are advised to clean only with specially intended for this purpose means.

Consider the most popular ways:

  1. Wipes moistened with a special composition. They can wipe plasma panels and LED surfaces. Wet wipes effectively clean the surface, do not contain abrasives, alcohol additives that can damage the screen, and also remove static electricity.
  2. Set of dry and wet wipes. They have an antistatic effect, perfectly cope with any contamination, and dry wipes absorb moisture and prevent the appearance of drips and streaks on plasma and LCD screens.
  3. Dry, soft, lint-free wipes - used to remove dust from the LCD screen. In order to remove other types of contamination, it is necessary to apply cleaning agents( aerosols, gels).
  4. Microfiber wipes do a good job with greasy stains, fingerprints, and settled dust. If necessary, moisten with a cleaning agent or plain water. Microfiber fabric perfectly absorbs excess moisture without leaving scratches.
  5. Aerosols, gels, foams. The composition of cleaning products does not include alcohol and substances with allergens. Through the use of spray or foam with antistatic, the entire surface of the screen is covered with a layer that reduces static charge. The cleaner is pre-applied on a microfiber cloth or soft cloth, followed by wiping the LCD screen.
  6. The best option for high-quality care for appliances is considered to be a kit that includes a cleaning agent in a bottle, a microfiber cloth, an antistatic brush. The kit always includes instructions for use, sometimes there are additional accessories for more thorough use.

In this way, you can wipe not only the TV, but also any type of monitor, for example, a tablet, computer or laptop. Choose a tool is based on their own preferences and budget.

Unsuitable substances for cleaning the TV screen

The use of substances suitable for cleaning and cleaning in everyday life is completely unsuitable for cleaning LCD panels. All sorts of solvents, cleaning agents with abrasive particles, ammonia, acetone, containing solutions, gasoline and ethyl alcohol adversely affect the screen. Wipe the panel with the following substances - it is hopeless to spoil the technique:

  1. Ordinary wet wipes for hygienic needs have harmful substances that leave stains.
  2. In disposable wipes, towels are dense particles that scratch the surface.
  3. Alcohol solutions easily contribute to the dissolution of the antiglare coating. As a result, small cracks will appear.
  4. Food or caustic soda, washing powder spoil a thin layer of coating.
  5. Acetone or liquid ammonia used in the kitchen, or in the bathroom, to wash dishes, windows or tiles, contains a lot of unpleasant effect on liquid crystal panels.

Useful tips

  1. For your own safety, unplug the device. Extinguished, dark monitor will give all traces of contamination, they will be better visible, which will contribute to their rapid purification.
  2. A soft, lint-free fabric that works fine with dust.
  3. To crush, scrape, scratch in every possible way with nails, various objects is prohibited due to the fragility of the anti-reflective coating.
  4. You can not spray the spray directly on the contaminated surface, and not on a napkin or microfiber cloth. Keep it moist, but not too wet.
  5. In a room with good lighting, cleaning is much more convenient.
  6. Turn on the power grid only after the surface of the TV is completely dry.

It is not enough to wipe the panel of the TV, it is necessary to carry out careful care of the whole body, do not allow dust to accumulate over the entire surface.

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