The microwave works but does not heat the food: what to do?

  • ;, and the plate rotates and the light is on? The fan is buzzing and the food is cold. What to do and where to go? When the equipment, which is now worth a lot of money and is very necessary in the kitchen, you can not throw it out, but just fix it, all knowledge of electrical appliance repair is used. To achieve a positive result requires only basic knowledge of the device itself and the microwave electronics, well, in extreme cases, the simplest skills of searching data on the Internet.

    Simple malfunctions of the

    microwave oven There are several reasons why the microwave stopped heating and it was not a matter of breaking the parts, for example:

    1. The mains voltage decreased. The operation of the microwave oven, as well as its heating, can be affected by slight reductions in 20V.As a result, the plate will be heated, and the food in the middle of the pot is not. The question of the interruption of electricity is solved in one day: you just need to go to the store and buy a power supply.
    2. Network Overloaded. If two powerful devices are working from one outlet at the same time, an overload happens. This issue can be solved by installing another outlet.
    3. Out of order door. As a result of the latch breakage, the door does not close tightly and the microwave does not heat or heats the food slightly. Here you can try to repair or completely replace the latches.
    4. Incorrect mode selection. Very often after the defrost mode, they forget to switch back to the microwaves. Defrosting does not heat the food to the required temperature, and you have already gathered to disassemble the device.


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    Complicated microwave faults: looking for the true cause

    Often the microwave works, but does not heat the food because the magnetron has failed. Next on the list will be a capacitor, a fuse, and the transformer also often breaks. The reason for a poorly heated meal can be the following:

    • the timer or the control unit itself has broken;
    • due to breakage of the transformer and other parts;
    • may have a faulty inverter( this applies only to inverter microwaves).

    The microwave oven does not heat and hums very much

    If you find that the microwave oven turns on but does not heat and produces an unusual sound( for example, buzzes), there are 3 explanations for this: the

    • has become unusable diode. This part does not allow current to flow in the opposite direction, the current moves only in one direction. If this part fails, the device starts to buzz and does not heat the food;
    • time to change the capacitor. The failure of a capacitor leads to the generation of waves and the device is buzzing;
    • magnetron breakdown. A defect in this part can also cause buzzing or humming.


    If you decide to find the cause and repair the microwave with your own hands, please note that this is a dangerous device. Even if the microwave is disconnected from the mains, there is a high probability of high voltage shock, up to 5,000 V. If you have doubts and you are not sure about your own knowledge, then it is better to show the device to the master, even for one diagnostic only. No need to risk your life, because the device is not worth it.

    If, nevertheless, you decide to repair your microwave oven with your own hands, then before you watch anything, turn off the device from the network. Be sure to find the instructions where there are the names of all the parts that are there.

    Microwave does not heat: check the fuse

    First of all, after removing the cover, you need to make sure that all the fuses are working. If you see that they are blackened or a thread has burnt there, then you just need to replace them. Often there are two parts of the fuse inside.

    When buying a new part, be sure to take the old( burnt).In order to temporarily solve the situation, it is not recommended to make wire bugs. There is a great risk of fire, and the price of a good fuse is not more than 50 rubles.


    Read also: How to repair your own thermo-sweat with your own handsCheck its health is easy: you need to take an ohmmeter and connect to the details. If everything is in order, then the ohmmeter needle moves. And if it stands, then the capacitor has failed, and because of this, the stove makes a noise.


    Before replacing or testing a capacitor, it must be completely discharged!

    If during the operation of the microwave you feel the smell of burning or something inside is cracking, after watching this video you will understand what the matter is. It shows how you can repair a microwave oven if it sparkles.

    High Voltage Diode

    Often this instrument is not tested because of the complexity of this procedure. The easiest way is to buy a new part, but first make sure it is broken. You can test using a condenser that should not be heated. Also a sign of a malfunction of the diode may be a rumble when turned on and a blown fuse.


    If you didn’t find a breakdown while checking the device, then it is quite likely that this is the case of the magnetron. The sign on which determine the failure of the magnetron is a strong noise( hum) during operation of the device. If the microwave is buzzing and not warm, then you need to look at the magnetron, whether there are cracks or soot. If the damage is not visible visually, then check with an ohmmeter. If the magnetron burned out, then you need to buy the same one. It should have the same parameters and size.


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    Prevent damage

    We shared with you information on how to act if the microwave works, but does not heat the food. It is very important to determine the cause and the problem of why the microwave has stopped heating food. Most often, the answer does not have to look for a long time: most likely, you used the device incorrectly.
    In order to serve the equipment for a long time, do not do this:

    • heat food in metal containers( the spoon also belongs here);
    • include an empty device( without food);
    • to warm the eggs;
    • put containers with lids.

    Over time, any equipment may fail due to wear parts. Machinery manufactured in China can quickly break down due to the careless assembly, they are used to making high-quality products only for themselves. If the price of the technique is quite ridiculous, then remember the expression that the miser pays twice. In conclusion, we want to give you advice: if your microwave oven is under warranty, then under no circumstances open it, and do not begin to look for damage yourself. Rely on qualified employees who will perform diagnostics and carry out work at the expense of the company.

    Even if you feel that you can repair the device yourself, be aware that there is a great danger in any wrong action. The device has the ability to accumulate electricity and can hit with high voltage current. Trust the professionals who can identify the problem even after looking at the device. Your life is much more valuable! Think twice before opening the lid.

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