Which fridge to buy

In the price range of up to 10,000 rubles on the market but there are a number of two-door refrigerator models. Saving a couple of thousand, maybe buy a single-door refrigerator Biryusa normal freezer. Everything is done in the good old Soviet models. Freezer is on top in the compartment with the cooling chamber and is covered with a relatively light door. The advantage is saving of material for insulation. Consider what refrigerator to buy, depending on the financial condition of the applicant's new appliances.

Refrigerators and 8,000 rubles

Already it said that with two doors for the quoted price can not take. Maybe only in shares. And in search of help to the good old electronic catalog Yandex Market. We ask the price up to 8000 rubles.

Choosing a refrigerator for home

Choosing a refrigerator for home

Refrigerator in the form of a cube with sides of 50 cm will fit in almost any section of the furniture. For example, under the sink. And the thing that is the only instrument freezer.

Plus kids in low noise levels. If you remove the appliance in a furniture cover, then quietly standing there appliances. In small-sized refrigerators poor energy performance. Imagine two people in the cold. Thin and thick. Who warmer? The answer is obvious. For example, if you take two people of the same mass, but different heights, then a little more comfortable. The volume increases as the cube, square - the square of the linear distance. Twice the heat loss refrigerator has slightly less than 2 times greater than the original. Due to this small model is always the loser. Possible to notice that the length of the door gap is reduced, the figures show the result is obvious.

Conclusion at a low price category with a small fridge:

  1. Do not try to find two compressors or two doors.
  2. Number of sections 1-2, all in one compartment.
  3. Low noise performance distinguish this price category.
    small refrigerators

    small refrigerators

  4. Energy consumption is not always please, but given the modest dimensions, the loss will really miserable.

Take the humble fridge or size, to put (in violation of the instructions) inside the furniture or too choose models with a freezer. We got in this category normal refrigerator Mystery 85 cm high (approximately as Hob) with a class A + energy. About the noise level does not say, but given the fact that the device was able to get a discount on the price below 8,000 rubles, we would recommend it. Volume 82 liters is enough for a family of two.

One disadvantage - the climate is subtropical (ST). This means that the technique must be used at temperatures from +18 to +38 degrees Celsius. If the strap drops below, the only significant effect becomes excessive wear of the compressor. The lubrication system is designed for specific operating conditions, therefore, does not like the entry conditions outside the set.

By SNP indoor temperature is maintained in the range from +18 to +22 degrees Celsius. The device fits in the Russian legislation. It has been said that on the instructions freestanding refrigerator compartment inside the furniture do not put due to the heat of the compressor and condenser modes.

If the kitchen much colder than 18 (for example, 10 - 12 degrees), boldly put the device in the rack. There is formed a warm nest for the refrigerator and the temperature conditions monitored periodically advise thermometer. But in the compartment temperature is assumed to be above 38 degrees Celsius.

Refrigerators to 10,000 rubles

In this category is already available Nord refrigerator with two doors.

Complete models are in the range of the above figures. Bottom Freezer Location looks much more attractive and more convenient.

And there is a choice! With bottom location of the freezer or take Indesit Atlanta full size. Atlanta easier to repair. Literally everything possible to make your own, including refueling. We'll have a little think about how to find out information about the pressure to find a vacuum pump and nitrogen bottle, but the problem is solved, and the mechanism of damage difficult.

Refrigerator Indesit

Refrigerator Indesit

As for Indesit, its easy to understand the complexity of the recording in the card about the control type of goods:

  1. Mechanical means that within just as easy as in Atlanta. Buy thermostat for cooler lighter and even easier to check.
  2. Electronic alludes to the presence of thermocouples, temperature analysis circuits and so forth.

Important parameters, which can not be ignored. See, for example, on shelves material. Shelves Atlanta withstand loads of up to 30 kg and about Indesit check with the manufacturer's technical support. The level of European brand of noise below 41 dB and even Atlanta is clearly not the thunder sound in a quiet room. Power consumption Atlanta abided in class A. This probably explains the low price of Indesit - in foreign countries to save the parameters given significant attention.

In the category of up to 10,000 rubles already available purchase quality refrigerator. Recommended evaluate 2 additional parameters:

  1. The minimum temperature in the freezer. If the temperature is minus 18 degrees Celsius or higher, the shelf life of products sharply reduced.
    Fridge freezer

    Fridge freezer

  2. Mark Freon. Indesit for Western fashion works for R134a, and Atlanta - in Russian on R600a. This is important in the repair and maintenance of the device. Both types of CFCs are incompatible. In the compressor with isobutane (R600a) is mineral oil, and with R134a - synthetic. Last destroys components of equipment designed for old R12. Because R600a looks preferable.

The decisive role played in the CIS cheap isobutane. Incidentally, such a compressor for the refrigerant cylinder has a large area, from which it Turnover lowered (e.g., to 800 rev / min at 1200 against R134a). Finally, given the certificate of history create Freon, opted for R600a. A 134th freon leave for richer people. Given the important characteristics of the refrigerators Atlanta looks preferable.

In any manufacturer to take the refrigerator

In the price category up to 15,000 rubles will be the first NoFrost model. We recommend taking this option to the cooling chamber. In the segment of up to 20,000 rubles available to take the model with inverter control. These refrigerators are characterized in that the engine is able to work longer hours (warranty is 10 years). Try to take such a device, to buy spare parts did not become complicated. The leaders Indesit and Ariston, as well as LG and Samsung. Popular manufacturers are looking at the top of the column parameters on Yandex Market.

Popular manufacturers of refrigerators often take money for the advertised brand.

Top models performed as Side by Side and provide useful functions such as "Ice generator", etc..

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