22 ideas of handicrafts from pallets( pallet) for giving and home with their own hands + photo


  1. Parameters and features of wooden pallets
  2. №1.Coffee table of pallets
  3. №2.Benches, chairs and sofas from pallets
  4. №3.Suspended beds from pallet
  5. №4.Multi-story bed for summer cinema
  6. №5.Bed from wooden pallets
  7. №6.Bar counter of pallets
  8. №7.The flooring of pallets
  9. №8.Floor in the outbuildings
  10. №9.Hanger from the pallet
  11. №10.Chaise lounge from pallets
  12. №11.Shelf for shoes
  13. №12.Fence from pallets
  14. №13.Pavilion and outbuildings from pallets
  15. And 9 more ideas from handicrafts( pallets)

Country crafts made from scrap materials are not only a great opportunity to save money on the purchase of necessary pieces of furniture and decor, but also the chance to create truly unique things that fully meet your needs.requirements for functionality and design. As a rule, plastic bottles and tires are used, but today wooden pallets or pallets are catching up on their popularity. This is a natural and durable material, the scope of which goes far beyond the direct destination. Handicrafts from the pallets for the dacha are easy to do with your own hands - we have collected some of the most interesting ideas. We study, inspire and experiment.

Parameters and features of wooden pallets

The first and quite logical question that any summer resident can have is . Where do you get those wooden pallets? Firstly, they can already be aimlessly stored in a shed since some cargo was delivered to the site, because the main purpose of the pallet is to transport various kinds of building materials. Secondly, they may be inherited from the previous owners of the dacha plot. In the end, if you are inspired by some ideas and you certainly want to build something for your dacha or at home, it is not difficult to get wooden pallets - any more or less large construction store gives them away for a penny. If we consider that you can make full-fledged furniture from them or even build a gazebo, then the investment is more than worth the investment. Entrepreneurial gardeners can try to contact construction companies directly and pick up unwanted pallets for free from them - they will be happy to give them away so as not to dispose of them on their own.

Pallets have been created for the convenient movement of goods using forklifts, pallet trucks and other lifting devices. There is no single standard for pallets, but the most common are so-called. Euro pallets with dimensions of 120 * 80 cm and a side height of 14.5 cm. The flooring is made of boards 22 mm thick, the distance between them should not exceed 5 cm. The load capacity of the euro pallets is 1500 kg. Also used pallets with parameters 120 * 100 cm and a height of 14.4 cm( domestic standard ).Seven boards of different widths( 14.5 and 10 cm) are used for the flooring, the distance between them is no more than 4.5 cm, and the load capacity is up to 2500 kg.

The wood species, which are usually inexpensive, do not have a pronounced pattern, but are quite strong: pine , less often spruce, aspen and birch .Elements are fastened with pierced or screw nails, pallets on nine legs are standing. The pallets are characterized by excellent geometry, high quality, durability and, most importantly, environmental friendliness. This is an affordable and cheap material that is easy to process, much less create structures from ready-made modules.

It is quite easy to reanimate the pallets, prolong their lives and protect themselves and their families from splinters. All irregularities can be smoothed with a planer, the surface should be sanded, the cracks should be filled, the surfaces should be treated with primer and wood preservatives. After that, the pan can be painted in the desired color and fix the result with varnish. There are a lot of possible variants of what can be made from wooden pallets - they are limited only to imagination, because literally everything is created from them: from shelves and coffee tables to gazebos, flooring and sheds.

№1.Coffee table of pallets

Most often, wooden pallets acquire the second life in the form of garden furniture. Even the most inconsiderate could have noticed that decent cafes often organize summer grounds using furniture from pallets: this is stylish, eco-friendly, convenient , cheap and fast. A table of pallets to make the easiest. To do this, you need two pallets, which are mounted on each other and fastened with nails, while you have improvised shelves for storing magazines and other trifles. You can do with one pallet - it all depends on the requirements for the height of the future table.

It remains to paint a new garden interior item and equip the with an worktop, which can serve as glass or a sheet of moisture-resistant plywood. For ease of movement, you can provide a table with wheels. Production will take a minimum of time, and staining in pleasant shades will allow you to get a stylish table, a real decoration of the site, worthy of a cozy coastal cafe. By the way, the finished product can be safely used even in the living room as a coffee table.

№2.Benches, chairs and sofas from pallets

In addition to the table from wooden pallets you can make comfortable sofas, chairs and benches. A bench is constructed in the following way:

  • divide one standard and previously prepared tray into two parts, so that one of them is with 4 boards( future seat), and the second - with 3( back);
  • to combine the obtained parts at a right angle and fasten with screws or screws, you can apply a double mount;
  • for a more reliable connection of the backrest and the seat use wooden bars, which can be taken from a disassembled second pallet or you can use the boards available on the farm. They will also play the role of armrests. Better to fix two bars on each side, connecting the back and seat, the length of the bars depends on the angle of inclination;
  • from the remaining boards can be cut four legs. It is better to have the maximum width, but a small height, which will increase the stability of the bench. The legs are attached to the bottom of the pallet, you can further strengthen the mounting angle;In the final,
  • can be used to cut decorative elements on the back, then cover the bench with varnish or paint of the required shade and decorate with pillows. The latter can be bought, made to order or sew yourself.

Similarly, you can equip the corner bench or a separate small chair .From the benches, chairs and garden table made it is easy to equip a cozy seating area.

It is easy to create sofas from pallets and absolutely any size and configuration( straight, corner, U-shaped).To do this, you need to successively fasten together a number of pallets in order to obtain a blank of the required length and shape. A second row of pallets is mounted on top to achieve a comfortable seat height. The back is attached to the finished structure. Screws and screws are used as fasteners. The blank is painted and decorated with pillows.

№3.Suspended beds from

pallet If there is a suitable place in the garden or on the terrace, then you can fix a cozy hanging bed there. Its base is made of two standard pallets, which are carefully fastened together. For reliable fixation of the mattress, you can build a special box and use for this the remaining unused third pallet. The height of the board will match the thickness of the mattress. If desired, the remaining boards and bars can be used for the construction of the headboard. To support the canopy of such a bed, along with having a rest on it, you will need strong chains or ropes, and reliable support.

№4.Multi-story bed for summer cinema

Those who keep up with the times and use the cottage not only for growing vegetable and fruit crops know that they can organize their holidays in the countryside with the help of a projector, several good films and a company of friends. You can arrange a cozy place to watch movies using pallets. To create a three-tier bed, you will need 12 pallets: the base is strayed and 6 pallets, and the height of the first tier will be equal to the height of one pallet. To equip the second floor, to the central part of the base is fixed on the pallet. The third floor will require the subsequent consolidation of two more layers of pallets. It remains to paint the design and decorate with pillows. By the way, such an solution is also useful for organizing a home theater in the conditions of the room.

No. 5.A bed made of wooden pallets

A bed made of pallets is quite a bold, at first glance, solution that, nevertheless, has already begun to be used in country houses, summer cottages and even in ordinary city apartments. You can have pallets as you please, depending on the requirements for the bed. The height is regulated by the number of pallets installed on each other, the presence or absence of legs, castors, etc. The width and length of the bed is also easy to adjust. If desired, the headboard can be made from the same pallet.

If the wooden base turned out to be much larger than a mattress, it can be used as an improvised podium or foot store. Holes, which are formed when mounting one tier of pallets to another, are used for storing sleeping accessories, books, magazines or for organizing the built-in lighting. Pallets - durable material, so worry about the reliability of the bed is not necessary - is better to pay attention to the choice of comfortable ergonomic mattress .

№6.Bar counter of pallets

This idea is useful to those who are used to actively spend time at the cottage, arranging noisy parties. To create your own bar counter right on the site, you will need several pallets( the amount depends on the required dimensions) and a little patience. The base is assembled from 2-3 pallets, which are placed vertically and held together. The side walls are also equipped with fastening pallets, but the tabletop is better to make from thicker and wider boards. The design is decorated and buried in the ground for fixing, complemented by chairs if necessary. It is worth remembering that the length of a standard pallet is 1.2 m, therefore the height of the bar counter is limited.


pallets flooring From wooden pallets you get a great terrace or flooring for those parts of the summer cottage where the soil is loose or impassable. Such a solution would cost much less than a traditional plank floor, and with proper protection and care it will serve a lot. Installation should not cause difficulties, however, it is necessary to prepare the required number of pallets, and they will need a lot.

First you need to put pallets in the area that they need to cover. Then you must carefully level the surface using the building level. Bricks, planks, wedges or construction waste can be placed under pallets. Often the basis for pallets is filled with loose materials. To the platform was solid, separate pallets are interconnected with the help of plates, which are inserted into the gap between the individual pallets and attached with screws. Now it's up to the small: process wood with protective substances, paint or varnish. If desired, the top can be covered with flooring boards, using pallets as a prefabricated frame.

№8.Floor in


Wood pallets can also be used as flooring in cellars, basements, barns, storerooms, vaults and chicken coops .They provide insulation from the cold concrete floor, airing and dry floor. Arranging the floor is exactly the same as flooring on the terrace, only in some cases you may need additional flooring. For example, in a winter house it will not be superfluous to lay a fine steel mesh on top so that animals do not fall into the cells. In the barns and cellars, you can lay the board.

# 9.Hanger from a pallet

Another interesting craft from a pallet is a hanger, which can become an ornament to a country house or even a regular apartment. To create it, you will need a base pallet( flooring), so the boards must be carefully removed. Do not rush to throw away the remnants - they may still be needed. The base is thoroughly sanded, treated with protective agents and painted in the desired shade. It remains to attach several hooks to it: their number and location relative to each other depends on your needs. The finished hanger is fixed on the wall near the entrance door.

No. 10.Chaise lounge of pallets

The recreation area at the cottage is equipped with many lounge chairs: the finished ones are sold in an assortment store, but if you have unwanted pallets, you can do everything with your own hands. For arrangement of one chaise lounge 3 pallets are required: two identical and one slightly wider. The first two lay on each other and proceed to the analysis of the third pallet, which will serve as a back. All bottom boards are paid out of it, as well as bars at the back and front of the pallet, and half of the boards from the top row, all work is carried out carefully, because the waste from this stage will still be useful.

The back is attached to the base, legs made from the boards remaining in the previous stage are attached to it. Now you can fasten the rest of the elements among themselves, paint the chaise longue and add pillows to it.

# 11.Shelf for shoes

From pallets you can get a simple shoemaker for the garden. It is enough to cut one pallet into two parts, set them on top of each other and fasten securely: in the area that the shelf occupies, it will be possible to place three times more shoes than before, and if you take the time to decorate such shoes, they will decorate the country househouse.

No. 12.Fence of

pallets. Wooden fences have been and remain classics, therefore, they are always popular when protecting the suburban area. The pallet is the same tree, only it will be even easier to build a fence, because several boards are actually knocked down with each other. The construction of such a fence reminds the designer.

Pallets will be placed vertically, if necessary in two rows, if a higher fence is needed. The supports will serve as metal pipes, which are installed in the recesses and filled with concrete. The pallets are fixed to the supports, the top edge can be cut out in a figure, and the whole structure can be painted and, if desired, decorated with pots of flowers. If you have the skills to install hinges, then the gate from the pallet is not a problem to do. If necessary, you can duplicate such fencing with a net-rabbit or polycarbonate sheets.

# 13.Arbor and outbuildings from pallets

The exact geometry of wooden pallets allows you to use them in the construction of simple structures. It is easy to get a square or rectangular construction of any size from pallets. According to the same principle, are used for gazebos, barns, chicken coops, small summer houses and even pet booths - the décor and design features depend on personal preferences and imagination.

The foundation for more or less large structures will be needed anyway, but which one depends on the type of soil. For sites located on clay soils, it is better to use the foundation on piles, for stony soils - a strip foundation. The floor of the building can be made of decking or the pallet itself. Wooden bars or metal pipes can be used as a frame, and one or two layers of pallets will be attached to them.

You can cover all the walls of the gazebo with pallets, but you can only make them up to a certain height - in any case, the space inside will be filled with light and sufficiently ventilated. The roof of the gazebo is best made from polycarbonate , among the alternative options - shingles, ondulin and metal tiles.

If you sew up the walls inside, for example, with plywood, you will get a full-fledged summer house , which from the outside can be decorated with plants and flowers, because the pots will be conveniently placed in the formed pockets. If, however, such a building is sheathed outside with siding, then no one will ever guess about the peculiarities of its origin, and you will be able to use the building for rest, for storing country equipment or for other purposes. Similarly, you can build a barn, a woodshed, a chicken coop, a dog house or a small children's house , which will become the center of the playground in the country.

And 9 more ideas of handicrafts made from pallets( pallets)

Wooden pallets store the unlimited potential of creating various useful things for a summer house and a city apartment. Here are another several interesting options for what can be made of wooden pallets:

  1. vertical landscaping of the site. The pallet can be the basis for hanging pots and containers with flowers;
  2. shelf for flowers and garden tools;
  3. interesting lamp;
  4. cabinet or chest of drawers - you only need to properly arrange the pallets, and the options to do this weight;
  5. sandbox fence;
  6. bedside table or TV stand;
  7. bicycle parking;
  8. is a cozy pet spot;
  9. can even equip a staircase in an apartment if the pallets are stacked on top of each other and fastened well.

And this list does not end there: after a little thought and turning on the imagination, other stylish and comfortable crafts can be made from pallets.

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