Samsung Washing Machine Fault Codes

  • Errors associated with the water level sensor
  • Problems associated with the tachogenerator of the electric motor
  • Errors related to the problem of water abstraction
  • Errors caused by insufficient or excessive voltage in the mains
  • Problem with the button on / off of the washing machine
  • Malfunction of the hatch lock device
  • Errors of the heating element (TEN)
  • Error due to temperature sensor failure
  • Errors that may occur during device operation

In order to inform the user about any problems, the error codes of washing machines Samsung were integrated into the information interface. Some errors can be corrected by users, but for this the owner of the unit must know exactly what the hitch is. It is not necessary at the same time to call specialists in the field of repair work of washing machines or take it to the repair center. In this publication, we will tell you about the most common failures that may occur in the device, and how to diagnose them. In order to make it easier for you, special error codes have been developed.

Washing machines Samsung have their own error codes, which were laid in them initially, to understand the malfunction that arose in the process of functioning. In the lists below you can get an idea of ​​the malfunctions and their encodings. For the convenience of reading and understanding, we subdivided them into target groups so that you can more easily navigate them.

Errors associated with the water level sensor

Error 1E on the Samsung washing machine is caused by an incorrect operation or complete failure of the water level switch, the so-called pressostat.

Causes of occurrence:

  • destruction of the control module;
  • clogging or clamping of the level switch tube;
  • disconnection of the tube;
  • the destruction of the integrity of the wiring or connections;
  • Incorrect or complete inoperability of the level switch;
  • mechanical damage or cleavage of the tube going to the relay.

Problems associated with the tachogenerator of the electric motor

Consider error codes that arise directly when the tachogenerator is not working properly.

Error 3E

Variants of occurrence:

  • violation of the integrity of the motor winding;
  • violation of motor circuit;
  • damage to tachogenerator contact elements;
  • hit foreign bodies in the working area of ​​the engine.


Variants of appearance:

  • The engine can not start operation due to exceeding the maximum possible weight of the laundry;
  • violation of the integrity of motor contacts;
  • failure of tachogenerator.


Indicates a bad tachometer signal, most often appears for the following reasons:

  • violation of the integrity of contacts between elements;
  • failure of tachogenerator;
  • other factors.


  • the displacement of the motor elements is possible only if the mechanism is equipped with a direct drive;
  • a malfunction in the signals of the sensor;
  • incomplete or missing contact with the module.


  • malfunction of the electric motor;
  • failure of tachogenerator;
  • violation of the integrity of the contact pair.

Errors related to the problem of water abstraction


  • incorrect connection of hoses to the washing machine, replacement of hot and cold water pipes;
  • the absence of a tight, sealed contact between the hose and the dispenser;
  • kink or damage to the hose;
  • foreign objects entering the filling valve.


  • the problem with the drying regime, namely the excess of the water temperature threshold (over seventy degrees)
  • inattention at installation of water-conducting details, that is it is replaced by places of hot and cold water.


  • During the operation of the delicate washing program, excessively hot water is supplied (more than fifty degrees).

Errors caused by insufficient or excessive voltage in the mains


The display of this abbreviation signals the exceeding of the limiting or shortage of the required voltage level of the network. The maximum voltage threshold is considered to be 268V, the minimum is 177V. After the voltage returns to the interval between 177 and 268 volts, the executable program will continue in automatic mode.

Errors 9E1 and 9E2

These errors have the same symptoms as the above Uc. In order to find out what voltage in the network, you can look at the stabilizer, if you have one. If not, you can measure it using a multimeter. Data must be removed only when the device is turned on.

Problem with the button on / off of the washing machine

Error codebE1

It can be caused by pressing the control key in one position, due to the deformation of the key or the control panel, or the key has been squeezed by the user for a period of more than 12 seconds. It is not uncommon for the problem to arise when the fastening screws at the installation site of the control panel "retract".


Informs you about the deformation of the control panel made of plastic, or about clamping the control element, which is responsible for turning the unit on and off for a period of more than half a minute. As in the case of an error above, it may occur if the screws are excessively tightened, at the fastening point of the control panel.


Occurs when the relay is incorrectly connected or if the integrity of the contacts is broken. In addition to everything else, there is a high probability of short-circuiting the relay itself.

Malfunction of the hatch lock device

door dE

  • Occurs when the door has been broken;
  • Mowing of the fixing hook, which is responsible for keeping the door in the closed position;
  • With a noticeable difference in pressure in the machine and the atmosphere, due to excessive temperature rise.


Occurs when the integrity of the wires, improper installation or incorrectly selected replacement product.

Error dE2

Occurs among users is rare, its cause is the overheating of the switch due to excessive fluctuations.

Errors of the heating element (TEN)

Errors NOT HE1 (H1)

  • short circuit of the electric heating element, or breakage of the contact wires;
  • inoperability of the heating sensor or the heater itself;
  • in the washing units there is a protection against overheating of water (over 100 degrees), as well as protection against empty heating of the heater.


In the case of overheating drying over 145 degrees, a HE2 error will be displayed. Most likely, a temperature sensor has broken out and needs to be replaced.


It is connected with the improper functioning of the steam drying of the washing machine. This error can not occur in users with a drum.

Error due to temperature sensor failure


  • Probably there was a malfunction in the heating element of the unit, or in violation of the integrity of the wires;
  • incorrect connection of the device or rupture of the connecting wires;
  • in the cavity there is no liquid necessary for correct operation of the device or excess of temperature over 100 degrees;

Error tE2

Appears in the absence of a tight sensor contact or as a result of the occurrence of a shorting of the sensor contacts.


  • short circuit of the sensor;
  • The adapter in the sensor is missing or damaged;
  • entering the condensate sensor.

Errors that may occur during device operation


It is caused by a problem with the discharge of water.

  • the ingress of foreign bodies into the drain pump compartment, as a result of which the impeller was destroyed;
  • blockage of the discharge pipe;
  • blockage of the discharge pipe;
  • missing or missing drain pump contact;
  • failure of some components of the node.


Most often occurs in the case of problems in the operation of the electric motor.

  • The tacho sensor, because of which the drum of the device rotates incorrectly, has failed;
  • violation of the contact fields of the electric motor;
  • damage to electrical circuits.

AE - problem with the control device

  • The information panel and the commander do not exchange data with each other, as a consequence of which this error occurs;
  • check the correct connection of the connectors and the operability of the controls, if a fault is detected, replace the non-functioning elements.


Indicates that the temperature in the unit is too high.

  • excess of temperature over 55 degrees, which leads to a malfunction in the process of draining the water;
  • Incorrect operation of the temperature sensor or damage to its conductors.


Indicates violations in the ventilation process of the unit.

  • the disturbance of current-carrying circuits leading to the fan;
  • loss of the capacitor from the connector due to the closure of the upper part of the hull;
  • destruction of the starting capacitor;
  • the drying of the lubricant in the bearings of the cooler, otherwise, there is a possibility that foreign objects hit the blades.


The error code is displayed in the situation when the unit has exceeded the required water level for the selected program.

  • The pressostat tube (water level switch) was clogged;
  • The intake of water can not be carried out, as a result of foreign objects entering the cavity of the filling valve;
  • out of order pressostat.


Excessively high temperature (only for units equipped with drying)

  • Electric circuits of the heating element were worn out;
  • The thermal sensor that provides temperature measurement in units equipped with a drying function has failed;
  • the sensor connectors are oxidized.

UE - imbalance

Linen incorrectly distributed in the machine and it must be spread around the perimeter of the entire drum;

Sud error (SUdS)

Displays if there is an excessive amount of foam in the washing machine Samsung.

In this article we have considered all the most common error codes of washing machines Samsung, they indicated the reasons for their occurrence.

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