Whiten jeans at home

If your favorite jeans have lost their original appearance from prolonged wear, do not rush to part with them. You can add a bit of modernity to old jeans with minimal expenditure of funds and effort. There are different ways to whiten jeans, transform or return them perfect white color at home.

Jeans in our life

Comfortable and practical denim pants - the most popular clothing for all ages. Different fabrics, models, styles and colors allow these clothes to be appropriate at any event.

Old worn jeans are also in demand. After simple manipulations at home, they are in no way inferior to fashionable denim products with light spots, scuffs and patches. They continue to wear even with great pleasure.

. Bleaching means and methods.

Different methods are used to return worn denim trousers to life. Depending on the goal and the quality of the material, soda, ammonia, bleach, citric acid, washing powder, turpentine are used at home.

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In some cases, they are just soaked in a special solution, in others they boil, rub, sprinkle, etc.

How to return the jeans to white

With time, spots appear on white jeans, they turn yellowish or gray. To restore perfect whiteness, use:

  1. Hydrogen peroxide. When washing with a powder, you can add two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide to the washing machine.
  2. Oxygen bleach. Regular use will help clarify.
  3. Baking soda. The jeans that have lost color in the wash will be helped by the addition to baking soda powder at the rate of 10-20 grams per 1 l of water. This will soften the water and enhance the effect of the powder.
  4. Citric acid or lemon. Often used for soaking jeans for whitening. Lemon juice is squeezed out into the heated water, or a pack of acid is poured, and the pants are washed in this solution for 2 hours.

How to remove stains

It is much easier to put stains on white jeans than to remove them later. But there are effective means to cope with this problem.

Fresh stains can be removed by washing in a machine with good powder in hot water at 60 °.If stains are old, white denim products are washed by hand with the addition of 4-6 tablespoons of ammonia, especially carefully places with spots.

Salaver - a powerful bleaching agent that will help to cope with yellow jeans.

Complex stains and dirt on white jeans are removed by boiling in water with 50 ml of ammonia and 30 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Fully covered with jeans jeans boil for at least 30 minutes, then washed.

The use of bleach containing chlorine can cope with the most stubborn stains on white jeans. Traces left by the bleach cannot be removed. Therefore, they must be washed separately from other things.

If the fabric of the white trousers contains cotton or flax fibers, the stains will help bring out the folk method using turpentine.

Approximately 4-5 tablespoons of turpentine are dissolved in a bucket of water, mixed, loaded with jeans and kept in a solution for 12 hours. After that, wash.

Whitening whiteness and soda

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The method of bleaching with whiteness at home allows you to drastically change the color of jeans. Bleaching of the fabric occurs under the influence of chlorine contained in the bleach. In a bucket is poured into 2/3 volume of water, heated it to about 80 degrees, diluted with whiteness( 200 ml).Constantly stirring, bring the solution to a boil, after which the jeans are completely immersed and boiled for about 20-30 minutes.

The digestion time depends on the desired degree of clarification - the longer, the brighter. But even here everything should be done in moderation. If you overdo it, the structure of the material will be broken in places, which will adversely affect the thing as a whole.

Original ideas whitening jeans

If you limit the effect of bleach on the material, make knots, pins or twists, you can get the original pattern in the form of unbleached stars and multidirectional stripes.

Partial whitening with whiteness can be done without boiling:

  1. You will get a beautiful effect if you spray bleach on the fabric and wash it after 5 minutes.
  2. Jeans can be partially brightened in some places by treating them with a sponge dipped in white. After that, after 5 minutes, be sure to wash.
It should be remembered that whiteness erodes tissue if exposure time exceeds 5 minutes. Therefore, it must be thoroughly washed off.

For the effect of “aging”, the bleaching sites are additionally treated with coarse material or emery cloth.

When it is better to brighten with soda

If jeans are sewn from thin material, whitening with whiteness will simply destroy them, they will spread apart in your hands. In this case, baking soda will help out, it is mixed with detergent and diluted with water.

For every liter 1 tsp.sodaIn this solution, jeans are soaked for an hour, and then washed by hand. To obtain the desired effect, clarification is carried out several times.

With minimal cost and time, you can upgrade your jeans by adding an exclusive item to your wardrobe.

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