How to clean the coffee machine from the scale at home

There are quite a few lovers of strong, aromatic coffee, but not all of them know that the devices that prepare this drink become soiled very quickly. Therefore, today we will talk about how to clean the coffee machine from scale with decalcining machines and folk remedies.

  • device cleaning products Basic rules for caring for an
  • coffee machine Functionality of an
  • coffee machine How to clean with citric acid

device cleaning equipment Before you clean the coffee machine from scale yourself, you should carefully read the device. The fact is that many models have the “automatic cleaning” function, which means there is no need to do something yourself. In this case, you only need to follow the rules prescribed in the instruction manual.

If the above function in the device is not provided, then it can be cleaned with improvised or special means. On sale you can buy decalcizers - these are substances for cleaning coffee machines, often they are sold together with the device itself.

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In addition, a coffee machine or coffee maker needs cleaning from coffee oils. To clean the equipment and to remove scum, special tablets for cleaning the coffee machine will help, you can also buy them. This tablet must be laid in the device along with the coffee, during cooking it dissolves and protects all internal surfaces from the destructive properties of oils.

Basic rules for caring for an

coffee machine After selecting the appropriate decalcining machine, the problem “how to clean the coffee machine” is no longer so difficult.

If you want to clean the appliance without any problems, follow the following sequence:

  • Carefully check the coffee machine for residual coffee, discard used capsules and cake from the waste container.
  • Pour about a liter of warm( not hot!) Water into the tank.
  • Add the right amount of decalcifier to the water. The instructions for the substance always indicate how much it should be taken to clean the scale.
  • Then you can turn on the car.
  • Next, we place a deep container where the bowl is usually located, open the tap, and pour out about half a glass of the resulting solution.
  • Disconnect the coffee machine from the network, leave for a short time and then turn it back on, turn off the tap until it is necessary.

Do this procedure( on and off) will have several times, according to this scheme, you can clean the hydraulic system.

If you want to clean the part of the device in which the drink is prepared, then you need to prepare 2-3 cups on the basis of the solution with a decalcifier, like regular coffee.

If you are the owner of a coffee machine, or an appliance in which you can brew ground coffee, then the ground beans can not fall asleep. In all other cases, this must be done. After the cleaning process is finished, rinse the device with clean running water and turn on the cappuccinator to clean it. After the final rinsing, the machine is ready for operation again!


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The functionality of coffee machines

All models of coffee machines have their own characteristics. And in order not to make mistakes and not click "where not to", carefully read the instructions!

Consider the most important points:

  • Many popular models are equipped with sensors that report when it is time to descale and dirt. To understand that the time has come to clean the device, you can by the flashing red signal. Sensors are usually switched on after preparing 200-300 cups of the drink. It is also worth noting that the buttons are lit in red and when the process of making coffee is completed, or you need to pour more water. Blinking is often accompanied by a beep.
  • If the machine has a removable unit, it can be cleaned daily. To do this, the brewing unit is removed, washed under running water and dried.
  • In some models, filters are installed, they will also need to be periodically changed.
  • After cleaning the horn coffee maker, pay attention to the horn and sieve. They can be cleaned with citric acid, or a hard sponge and soda. Do not use chemical detergents, because freshly made coffee will give off an unpleasant smell.

Sometimes, in order to save, special tools are replaced with citric acid and vinegar, but it is not recommended to abuse them. Citric acid and vinegar can damage internal surfaces, especially for expensive cars. If you want to please yourself for a long time with the excellent taste of freshly prepared coffee, do not save on high-quality descaling agents.


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How to clean with citric acid

The process of descaling in a coffee machine consists of three cycles and lasts about 30 minutes:

  • Descaling;
  • Two rinsing cycles;

Descaling the coffee machine with citric acid.

  1. Turn on the coffee maker.
  2. Remove and rinse the water tank, then pour water into it and add 3-4 tablespoons of citric acid.
  3. Wait for the citric acid to dissolve in the water.
  4. Place the container in place in the coffee machine.

Further actions will depend on the model. If the coffee machine is equipped with automatic self-cleaning, set up the program and wait until it is completed. If there is no such program, we act in the following way:

  1. We are waiting for 15 minutes to begin to act citric acid
  2. Turn on the mode of coffee preparation, and do it for now, do not use up all the water from the container.
  3. Turn off the coffee machine, remove the water container and rinse it.

The first rinse cycle of the

  1. . Pour into the clean water container to the “Max” mark and put it back into the coffee machine.
  2. Start the coffee brewing cycle - it takes about 3-5 minutes.

Second rinse cycle

  1. Rinse the tank again, pour clean water and put it back into the coffee machine.
  2. Start the coffee brewing mode again, do it until the tank is empty.

The descaling process of the coffee machine has been completed.

Now you know how to clean your coffee machine from limescale, tablets and decalcines.

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