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Fresh baking on the table is always tasty, satisfying and pleasant. And if it is also homemade cakes, then it is doubly delicious. Now, kneading dough, baking bread or other baking at home is easy and simple; it’s enough to buy such a useful kitchen device in the store as breadmaker. But how to make a choice? Which manufacturer is better at manufacturing quality instruments? What will be the main selection criterion, except for the price?we will tell you which bread maker is better for home. Important nuances, specifications, the best models of 2018 - first things first.

How is the bread machine?

Breadmaker is a household, compact, electromechanical device that makes tin bread, passing all the technological processes: from kneading dough to baking ready-made bread and other pastries. You just need to put all the ingredients in a container or dispenser and run the bread maker. The mass of the finished baking - from 450 to 2 thousand grams, depending on the model. The preparation of the finished loaf can take from 1 to 6 hours of operation of the device.

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But how to make the right choice - so that the purchased bread maker does not stand on the shelf or in the cupboard, but pleases with golden bread crust and fragrant crumb? And what is the best bread maker? Before we consider the rating of the best manufacturers and the most popular models, let's find out by what characteristics one should make a choice in favor of one or another bread machine.

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Criteria for choosing the best breadmaker

Of course, the taste of bread or buns depends on the chosen recipe and the products from which you bake. However, how much the instrument itself is enough depends on the technical specifications. Whether such a bread machine will be practical and effective for you depends on the functionality. What to look for when choosing a bread machine for home use?

  1. Weight of baked products. The more people in the family and the more you love baking - the greater the weight of bread, your electronic assistant should bake. Do a simple test - observe how much bread you have in a day and continue to observe for about a week. So you will learn how often and how much bread your household electric oven will have to bake. It’s good if you can make loaves of different weights. If you bake a cupcake or other muffin that is less than a kilogram of bread, then it is better to turn on the corresponding mode, otherwise even with a smaller tab of flour, sugar and other components, the breadmaker may not adjust the time of work.
  2. Capacity for the test. As a rule, they are made from aluminum or stainless steel. The second ones are considered more reliable, although aluminum containers are light. The top of the bucket is covered with a non-stick coating, so try not to scratch the bucket or use a metal scraper when washing.
  3. Power. The higher this figure, the faster the cooking process will be. But the light bill will also increase by an order of magnitude. Although, if you cook for a long time, then with low energy consumption, the meter will have time to wind up enough. In addition, low-power appliances will not be able to knead the stiff or stiff dough, as for homemade noodles, dumplings or dumplings.
  4. The number of blades. The best bread makers of 2018 are equipped with two blades, and one. With sufficient power, one blade is more than enough for high-quality dough kneading. True, the two blades of time for the batch will take less. But perhaps more attention should be paid to the size of the blade - it should be wide enough and long enough to qualitatively knead the dough.
  5. Functional. Absolutely all models of bread makers have 4 standard programs of work: basic or standard, accelerated, kneading, baking. The more expensive the device, the more advanced set of options provided by the manufacturer. The best bread maker, according to a large number of users, will not only be able to bake ordinary bread, but will prepare French baguettes for you, and rye breads, muffins, charlotte, loaves with additives or from a different type of flour. In the arsenal of an expensive bread maker - cooking jam, jam, and even yogurt.
  6. Additional Features. Consider whether you need a dispenser( compartment for additives that are poured into the dough during mixing, for example, walnuts, dried apricots, raisins, etc.), a timer, protection against accidental opening, a viewing window, remembering settings when it is suddenly turned off. The presence of the viewing window - the necessary thing that will allow you to control the degree of readiness of the product. But too large a hole will not allow your bread to redden, because significant heat loss will occur through glass.
  7. Case Material. Plastic or metal - you decide. In our ranking of the best, you can find both plastic and metal models. Just plastic is easier to damage, but the metal is more expensive and weighs more heavily. What really worth paying attention to is the quality of performance. Examine the device carefully, the seams should be smooth, without chips, hooks and tight to each other.

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specialists There are bread maker models that primarily require only dry or liquid products. You may like the model, in which you need to fill up the ingredients while working. And if this is your first bread maker and you don’t plan to indulge yourself with baking often, there’s no point in overpaying for a bunch of functions. And vice versa, if you are a true gourmet and a connoisseur of diversity, then you can hardly get off with a simple and budget model.


The weak point of the bread makers is the rubber sleeve under the paddles for kneading dough. Do you often leave baking ingredients overnight? Or does the breadmaker make a baking while you are at work? Give preference to a model that requires bookmarking dry products first. This will briefly delay the wear of the sleeve and the leakage of the bread machine.

So we figured out the selection criteria.it's time to discuss brands and models.

The best manufacturers of bread makers

Let's consider the most bought and discussed bread makers in the network and consider the rating of the best manufacturers.

The first domestic bread maker was designed at the plants of Panasonic .However, it took a lot of time and experimentation before the ready breadmaker filled the counters of home appliances stores. But the brand Panasonic and still - one of the most reliable and time-tested, models under this brand often occupy a leading position in the top sales.

The company Redmond enjoys the greatest trust among bread makers. This logo on the device - a pledge of reliability, efficiency and high quality.

An excellent ratio of quality and functionality in the middle price segment is distinguished by the Moulinex and Philips bread makers. Elite models for real chefs - Bork and KENWOOD .A good and relatively inexpensive bread maker can be bought from brands such as Gorenje and Rolsen .

Ranking of the best bread makers for home

Rolsen RBM-1160

Our review of the most optimal bread makers of 2018 opens with a good budget model Rolsen RBM-1160 .In the arsenal of the device - 12 programs, you can bake different products by weight, make jam, knead the dough for any flour dishes. The model is compact, economical and roomy.


In the same price category is the REDMOND RBM-1908 bread machine. It is designed for a small family, can bake loaves weighing up to 800 g. Device power - 450 watts, 19 programs( including cooking yogurt, porridge, stewing and cooking mode), as well as a delayed start and remembering settings when the lights are off.

PHILIPS HD9046 / 90

It will cost you a little more to buy breadmaker PHILIPS HD9046 / 90 .But this device will be pleased with the presence of 14 programs, including the “multi-cook” mode, timer, reliable protection against overheating, easy and intuitive control, stylish appearance.

Redmond RBM-M1911

Another model from a popular manufacturer in our ranking of the best is Redmond RBM-M1911. This appliance boasts 19 programs, an inspection hole and the ability to maintain the baking temperature for an hour. The streamlined and durable metal housing, high-quality assembly and efficiency - these are the main distinguishing features of this fairly affordable model.

Moulinex OW 3101

The next breadmaker, which won the sympathies of a huge number of users - Moulinex OW 3101. It is worth noting the power of 650 watts - it is both productive and economical at the same time, the presence of 15 programs to implement all of their culinary fantasies, as wellthree degrees of baking products.

Panasonic SD-2501WTS

Continues our rating of 2018 bread makers Panasonic SD-2501WTS. The weight of the baked loaf is up to 1250 g, plus practicality. The model is equipped with 12 modes, a dispenser, a timer, a bright display and stable rubberized legs. Breadmaker - reliable, quiet and multifunctional.


We turn to premium models that will fully satisfy even the most demanding culinary. Bread Maker BORK X800 - powerful( 800 watts), spacious( 1250 g) and functional( 14 programs, as well as the use of copyright settings).A durable metal body, a folding kneading machine, and a compartment for additives distinguish the design of the model from similar devices. There is also child protection and the ability to resume settings when turned off for 60 minutes.

Kenwood BM 450

Well, Kenwood BM 450 becomes the most expensive breadmaker model in the 2018 popularity rating. The device combines a concise and discreet design, a durable metal body, a thorough study and compliance with the demanding tastes of a wide number of baking enthusiasts.15 programs, power - 780 watts, the maximum weight of a loaf - 1 kg. Memory settings, timer, temperature maintenance, dispenser and a huge number of recipes on the disc included.

All models from our top list received the maximum number of positive and enthusiastic user reviews. Perhaps one of these devices will show off in your kitchen and will be able to please you and your family with soft bread, sweet muffins and crispy buns for a long time.

Now you know which bread maker is better for home. Be careful, make the right choice and please yourself only the best technique!

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