Review of the irrigator Revyline RL400

  • Features of the Revyline RL400 irrigator
  • Benefits of the Revyline RL400

irrigator Oral care is one of the most important components of not only healthy teeth and gums, but also of the body as a whole. Doctors do not get tired to remind that proper hygiene and periodic visits to dentists are the main components of good health.

However, a toothbrush alone is not enough to maintain oral cleanliness at the proper level. Here comes to help such a device as an irrigator. During use, it washes away food debris from interdental spaces, performs a gentle massage of the gums and refreshes breath, removing plaque from the tongue. Model Revyline RL400 is the most popular among buyers.

Features of the Revyline RL400

Compact and portable irrigator The Revyline RL400 has earned its popularity among users that it can be used both at home and on business trips or travels. This means that wherever you are, your mouth will always be clean and well-groomed.

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Despite its rather modest size, the RL400 model has all the advantages of stationary options, but you can easily take it with you.

A feature of this device is a long period of operation from a single battery charge, high power and various nozzles. The battery lasts for two weeks for maintenance, provided that it is used twice a day for 2 minutes a day.

As in the stationary version, the Revyline RL400 is equipped with a tank into which you can pour both regular water and special rinses. The only thing worth remembering is that you need to carefully pour various herbal preparations inside, as small particles of plants can clog the fluid supply channels. Before you pour this infusion into the tank, it must be carefully drained and only then used.

As many as three modes of operation make the Revyline RL400 model completely universal. With their help, you can get rid of or prevent the formation of plaque on the teeth, perform massage of the gums, which will allow you to forget about their bleeding, as well as there is a special delicate regimen that will suit the owners of sensitive teeth and children.

The kit also includes 4 attachments, among them:

  • 2 standard attachments
  • 1 periodontal attachment( suitable for cleaning braces, dentures, etc.)
  • 1 nozzle for cleaning the tongue.

Such a variety of tips allows you to use the Revyline RL400 irrigator to the whole family, depending on the needs of each.

An interesting feature of standard nozzles is the fact that they are marked with plastic rings of different colors, so that users do not confuse where whose.

Users also note the fact that the battery of the Revyline RL400 model is removable, that is, if desired, it can be replaced over time, rather than buying the entire device.

The Benefits of the RevisionYou didn’t buy an irrigator because you cannot decide on a model; Revyline RL400 will be the most optimal solution. He will turn your oral care into pleasure by giving clean and healthy teeth and gums.

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