Water heater with your hands

The creators say the heat pump: the soil does not change the temperature underground is always 4 degrees Celsius. Heat pumps (efficiency reaches 400%) dear. You can collect a special boiler with his hands.

Using the air conditioner for the benefit of water heaters

In the summer air conditioning is trying to give through the condenser heat outdoor air, red-hot sun. People are angry, swear, when the room temperature is above 22 degrees Celsius human performance drops sharply. Note to those who not only clean cold water: excess heat can be given in a tank of cold water, which can then be used for other purposes, saving money, because hot water is released four times as much (minimum).

Water heating system through conditioner

The heater will operate up to forty degrees exactly. Manufacturers of air conditioners say: the first problems begin at this point outdoor temperature sufficient to wash. The processing time depends on the refrigerated space. The longer working air conditioner, the more condenser give off heat in a makeshift heater. In summer, large areas of multi-storey houses that is enough to provide residents with warm water.

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Simultaneously solve two problems:

  1. Maintaining a climate.
  2. water heating.

We do not dispose of the energy outside, and use for their own needs. Implemented idea of ​​heat pump, only slightly changed the direction of pumping. Do not need solar collectors or area can be reduced. This gives an excellent chance in the summer to get at the disposal of stable working air conditioner and water heater in parallel to get hold of. The rate of energy exchange with the environment of the condenser depends on the temperature difference. The process becomes effective when replacing the hot air with cool water.

Exchange of hot and cold water

This heater gives smart energy saving opportunities for people engaged in physical activity during the summer. Heat through the walls comes from the street, every person becomes the generator of 100 watts. Opening perspectives are huge, a large gathering of people. Allowed to ventilate the room, taking heat from the incoming air. The creation of such a water heater saves on maintenance costs of climate, since the condenser easier to release heat with cool water in the tank. This is not the only plus.

Moscow City Hall has introduced a series of prohibitions, struggling against the walls festooned with absurd constructions. The principle of operation is similar to a heat pump water heater. The idea is not new: in Europe out of the ground for a long time take the heat.

heater heating system

The design of the water heater

European country save billions of euros for the technology in the field of household and climate technology. Special commissions concerned with energy conservation. In our case, we are talking about the boiler: a condenser coil, immersed in water, where the unit gives off heat, at the same time it simplifies the conditioning process due to the fact that the heated surface is easier cool. This will allow fearlessly lead the summer preventive work in the capital.

The idea is to build a water heater that stores hot water in the insulated tank. Energy generated from the condenser is stored. The heat capacity of water is significant, therefore, a danger that is not cold enough, is minimal. The difference is small:

  • water specific heat - 4200 J / kg k.
  • specific heat of air - 1000 J / kg K.

The difference of 4 to 1 seems to be significant, but the fact that the water 1 cube of air 900. 100 liters of water according to the heat capacity equivalent to 900 x 100 liters of air (90 cubic meters).

water heater

Storage water heater 100 liter is in any apartment. The average living space is 50 meters (with kitchen). Count to a height of 2.5 meters, subtract the corridor, where the coolness is optional. 100 liters water temperature of 8 degrees Celsius will be picked up at the flat 30 degrees by the operation of the air conditioner freon loop.

It remains to calculate the heat flow from the outer walls. energy leakage through the barrier evince a linear function of the temperature difference on both sides. leakage power is determined approximately. Occlude the windows and doors in the room, carried out experiments with inverter split system. Feature is the adjustment of power consumption by external conditions. In the steady-split system mode, running at the correct speed.

Measure conditioner power consumption, the power consumption find usually 2.5-3 times lower cooling capacity. Find out exactly from the manufacturer. This cooling capacity - the desired parameter by which we estimate how many watts to give water. Given a typical value of 2 kW, will typical water heater storage type which heats for 8 hours with 200 liters of the initial state to 80 degrees Celsius.

The rate of exchange with the water heater coil depends on the water temperature which increases with time

Increase the volume of the boiler as possible. Insulate the water heater tank is not for the salvation of the reverse thrust summer. The bathroom and toilet room temperature rises, the air will rush up reverse thrust effect disappears, down the root cause. Through ventilation from natural impulse outdoor air goes inside, creating a heat flow. power conditioner is growing in the bathroom and the toilet gets warmer.

Considered a homemade water heater has a right to exist. Simple calculations show that in warm countries one device replaces a host of climatic equipment, giving a tremendous energy saving for China and India. Water heater with your hands results in the creation of a new generation of climate systems and global scale, working on the principle of the known heat pumps, but the cheapest available. Realizable water heaters and other species that are appropriate in the apartments.

In this way it is impossible to make water-heater, because the bottom line is the storing of heat and water consumption gradually. An interesting method is for cooling waste energy weaning. In Russia, the innovation has not yet survives. But the time is coming multifunctional devices. reduction in the intensity of the Gulf Stream, natural disasters will push humanity to new discoveries in the field of HVAC equipment.

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