Ariston water heater repair their own hands

Academy Ariston is called the principal errors of connection of the electric storage water heater, due to which the tank is in danger. Replacing the original reflux valve statistical average, complete elimination of the binding of said member. To do Ariston water heater repair their hands on a regular basis, as well as the purchase of water heater Ariston his head, over and over again, you know a few simple rules about which we shall speak between times lower. Features Ariston water heaters limited by the lack of flow models. Everywhere magnesium anode tank is made of steel. It is useful to remember when afoot Ariston water heater repair their own hands.

Common mistakes connect water heater

Today we consider the repair water heater Ariston. Electric, but most of the provisions are suitable gas. A half-dozen bugs water heater connection exists, thanks to which the master says: tank began to cry. When cleaning the heating element can be seen: enamel coating peeled off, rotten pot, stainless steel sutures gave a leak!

Water heater Ariston

  1. Sometimes found water heater connection without precautions to piped water. One eyeliner is part of the tank, the other goes. No shut-off valves. What's happening. The riser pressure is far from a constant value. Constant fluctuations, surges. The water on or off, run the pump - rose. As a result, the tank water heater is constantly behaves like a balloon. Deflate-inflates. In balloon resource more elasticity exceeds the similar parameter of steel in an immeasurable amount of time. This results in metal fatigue stress crack enamel, stitches gradually diverge. The process will be noticeable over time, as will take action later. Tank flowed - it is better to throw out. Water in combination with high temperature, polymer insulator give lethal combination, harmful to human health.
  2. Happens, replace the valve factory opposite. Wrong! The check valve is combined with a bypass. When the water begins to heat, it expands faster than steel. In a normal situation, the excess pressure is vented relief valve. Otherwise tank expands as a heating pad. Capacity at first increase pair liters by adding 30 seconds under the shower washing superfluous, then burst reservoir will begin to poison the water through the slits. Even unibody aluminum tank is disadvantageous mode. Water heater for home
  3. Happens, shut-off valve is placed between the tank and the bypass valve. The consequences are the same. If you close the valve, then cools or heats the water, any deformation. On the other hand simply understand the time, to avoid stupid things, the trouble will pass round. If the house children under the age of 10 years, is difficult to explain to the kids that are allowed to touch, it is impossible. There was a case - to put the radiator bypass valve (which is contrary to the rules), the child took it and closed the valve out of curiosity. Clearly, the supply of heat was broken homes, landlord put demands to remove the item. I would like to put a shut-off valve - is necessary to cut the valve between it and the housing.

Properly clean the water heater from scale

When cleaning the water heater should be addressed Tan and walls of the tank. The matter is compounded by the fact that there is no normal opening repairman conduct service operations, simplified in that the heater is easy or difficult it is taken out outward anode salts resemble more mucus than tile carbonate calcium. As a result, carefully remove the heater, run the risk of getting dirty slush, polyuscheysya from the hole. 100% release reservoir difficult.

heater heater

Most storage-type water heaters vertical structure. Bottom access panel. Stands design, repairmen pleasing simplicity:

  1. From one to six bolts (nuts) securing the heater.
  2. Half a dozen wires next destination:
  • Earth.
  • Phase.
  • A zero phase (neutral).

The first, third formal one. Subtle difference only interested in Electrical Engineering, in the absence of human grounding in the house can be temporarily shorted. PETN inside the water heater thermostat probe is inserted. I have to pull out, removing the heater to the outside. Often inside the thermostat should switch that is activated when a certain measured medium temperature. For example, conventional bimetallic plate.

Limescale PETN cleans citric acid. The reagent used in the composition of complex anti-scale, even for industrial boilers and municipal services. Concentration of 4.5% is taken, the temperature is above 45 ° C. At night, two-liter bottle filled with a solution, placed TEN.

In the morning, you can remove the rest is relatively easy to scale. videos are often shown as large pieces cut with a knife. This makes sense, active solution to the volume of the remaining sludge will have more. TANS purified acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid. May be used for commerce means to combat limescale (descaler) in household appliances. Whichever reagent is used, remove the rubber gasket. Item will age rapidly in the solution quickly becomes unusable.

Whether heater water heater usable life

The insulation resistance between the ground (usually the average output), and any terminal is 24 megohms. Resistance to water heater helix is ​​determined based on the power. Take the device passport, the specifications desired option is selected, Ohm's law will allow to calculate the required value. Power is related to voltage, resistance by the following expression:

P = U2 / R, expression will serve the purpose of calculating the resistance R.

Repair of the water heater

Per kilowatt account for 13.5 ohms. Power of 2 kW heater, spiral resistance is 27 ohms. The outer copper tube ringing off the ground. Another factor: if the heater appears to be OK, check if the shell is broken. Easier to make, taking salt water, immersed heater, the contacts do not soak, to measure the resistance between the solution, any spiral end. Released 24 megohms (see "infinity" on the screen of cheap tester).

The fact is, a short circuit in the housing storage water heater, a riser not occur after switching on. Water conducts current, so there is little chance of joining the potential on the bathroom faucet, will wait for the victim. Devices bathrooms, toilet room protected by the differential protection device. At the slightest leakage current cut down circuit. The principle is simple: measure the difference between input and output currents. It is worth to put the fuse from the combustion safeguard spiral. Done if a differential protection device devoid respective slots. In the event of a short circuit of the spiral leakage protector can burn!

Often independent repair water heaters Ariston faced with the need to clean the tank. Some do it even grinder... It's unbelievable. No hard objects inside! Only cloth, hand soap. At night the water heater set upside down, pour hot water through the pipe citric acid solution (5 liters). Stop input (not exit through which filling with the solution), place the heater otkisat. Note that the rubber seal is not put for the reason indicated above. Place the water heater where leakage of a small amount of fluid will bring irreparable damage.

Note: warranty repair water heaters Ariston does not cover damage to the hydraulic tank, mechanical shock and vibration. The thickness of the steel is low, does not defeat the simplest installation regulations. Reverse & bypass valve housing water hammer absorber primarily. Magnesium anode, it is imperative to change.

The fact that the copper heater storage water heater with steel creates a galvanic couple, and it will lead to damage of the tank. The situation will get worse if there is a small scratch. In this case, the donor area is much smaller than the acceptor, so corrosion will develop shock quickly. But to repair the tank will have to cut off the top, or removing insulation, cook outside. Believe me, in both cases, the owner will be happy to buy a new water heater Ariston, unless the product is worth more than 10,000 rubles.

Water heater an indispensable addition for lovers of comfortable bathing procedures. 2 kW per night easily 100-200 liters of water heated to 70-80 degrees Celsius. Morning couple fill the bath 2 by mixing hot and cold jets.

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