How to choose a good female epilator

  • What types of epilators exist
  • What types of epilators are rare
  • What materials epilator better
  • Which epilator more painlessly removes
  • hair What epilators are equipped with multiple speeds
  • Meals epilators
  • presence of a removable head in
  • instrument more about additional features andDo you need them?
  • Outcome: what to look for when buying an
  • epilator Best manufacturers of epilators

If you are standing in front of a store in a shopwith epilator and greedy, thinking to buy or not buy, then stop! Epilator - a thing necessary in the arsenal of every woman. Imagine how many frivolous acts you can not commit, if you do not get it? So, fork out and we'll tell you how to choose the right epilator for now.

What types of epilators are there

Models, of course, many. But the principle of operation and the device is almost the same for all. They work on the principle of tucking and pulling a hair from the root. Or using mini tweezers or using disks.

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The first one works on the principle of tweezers that compress at the time, which capture the hairs, and the other clamps them between constantly rotating discs, which then come together, forming tweezers, and then move apart. Which one is better is unambiguously difficult to answer. Disk for some reason cheaper, and more expensive tweezers.

But as the practice of many women shows, there is not much difference between them. The only, tweezers hair removal is considered very slightly less painful. But the difference is so insignificant that you should not rely on the fact that you will be completely ill, if you overpay. It will hurt anyway. Unpleasant sensations reduce very different functions, which you can read below in the corresponding subheading.

In addition to the difference in design, tweezers epilators differ in the number of tweezers themselves. There are models with 20 pieces, and there are with 30 and 40. As you understand, the speed of epilation depends on their number. The more tweezers, the more hairs will fall into them and this means that the torment will end quickly. But the price of those where this amount is more is quite substantial.

So, if you are not particularly in a hurry and are ready to suffer an extra three to five minutes, then take a disk drive. And if you want to hurry, then with 40 tweezers. The difference in speed between the twenty-pincer and disk there is no.

But, we have described two of the most common and affordable devices. The market also offers other options that you will read about in the next block. Choosing a female epilator should not be in a hurry, because you get it for many years.

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Which types of epilators are rarely found

Laser is a super thing! It does not pull out hairs, but simply destroys the hair follicle. Previously, such a procedure could be carried out only in the salons, and this pleasure was quite expensive. At one time, of course, the hair is not completely destroyed and grow back again with time, so I had to go for such procedures all my life. But having your own laser device, you can get rid of unwanted hair on your own much more economically, without visiting the salon, and this also saves time.

Spring - you rarely find it, since this is an antediluvian version and now it is practically not produced. Epilation occurs due to springs, which revolve, seize the hair. It hurts and the hair is very broken, leaving after the procedure, "hemp", which then safely grow into the skin.

Wax is not just a standard epilator, but just a special cartridge, to which wax is added. It heats up from electricity and is applied to the hair, then a special paper strip is superimposed on this place and after drying it is drastically removed. It hurts, but this epilation is much better quality than machine. But do not forget that you will have to buy new cartridges all the time, which are not cheap at all.

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What materials is the epilator better than

In addition to all the above, all epilators are made of two types of materials:

  • Steel
  • Ceramics

Which one is better? And it depends on what purpose you take it! If with the purpose of shaving the legs - it is certainly ceramic, but if. .. pinching the chickens, then the most inexpensive metal will fit. But, this is of course a joke. In fact, both are good in their own way. But this joke appeared for a reason.

One woman told how one smart salesman in a store, trying to buy her a more expensive appliance, told a story that only villagers take steel to remove fluff from chickens, but for urban and advanced ladies this is not an option. Laugh here or cry - it is not clear.

Steel is more inexpensive, but their plucking functions are no different from the second type. Ceramic is more expensive because it is considered hypoallergenic. For people whose skin reacts to metal with irritation, ceramics will be a real salvation. And more ceramic tweezers almost do not break the hair, which means that unwanted "stumps" will not remain. But keep in mind that ceramic appliances are more fragile and should be handled with the utmost care.

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Which epilator removes hair more painlessly

We are sure that each of you, choosing this device, thinks only about one thing: which one is less painful to perform the procedure. Epilators that pluck hair completely painlessly are not in nature. But, many of them are equipped with various functions designed to reduce discomfort.

In principle, after several times of use, your body will change itself and the pain threshold will decrease, so are we humans. Get used to everything and the body mimics under the circumstances. But, why so long to endure, saving on special additions, if you can immediately reduce the pain a little?

So, what are the functions that manufacturers supply appliances to ease the agony of epilation?

The cooling function of the is that it is performed using special gel gloves or bags that come with the device. They are pre-cooled in the refrigerator, then applied alternately to the skin areas on which the procedure will now be performed. A skin that has been properly frozen - loses a little sensitivity.

That is, this addition is not built into the device itself and it is quite possible to replace it with improvised means, for example, with a cold towel.

The cold blowing function of the is already a built-in add-on. Cold air is fed from a special drain to the treated skin area. But, you know, it can’t be too cold, and its effect on the skin is second. In general, this feature will not help much, but you will overpay on purchase.

The vibro massage function - but this addition really distracts from the pain. With the help of a special nozzle, the skin vibrates and pain sensations dissipate significantly. This is where a distracting maneuver works. Remember the shots with cotton? Slammed and immediately pricked, but you do not have time to notice the moment when the needle entered.

The function of stretching the skin is also a fairly worthy function that really relieves pain. With the help of a special device, the skin area is fixed and slightly stretched, which makes it easier to pull out the hairs, while not experiencing severe pain.

The exfoliating function - such epilators are equipped with brushes that exfoliate the top layer of the skin and lift the hairs. This reduces pain and prevents further ingrowth of hair after the procedure. In our opinion, a completely useless addition. It will hardly save the pain, but the scrub can be done independently, one day before the procedure. On the same day it is not recommended, as it will be more painful to pull out.

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What epilators are equipped with several speeds

Some models run at the same speed, and some have up to three. At minimum speed, the process will take longer, but somewhat less painlessly. For the armpit zone, the lowest speed is recommended. But for the legs, you can use the second and third speeds, depending on your personal sensitivity.

If you have a choice, take the device with one speed or two or three, then it is better to take a multi-speed.

Epilator Power Types

They are of three types:

  • Power supply from
  • power supply Rechargeable battery charge
  • Two in one, cord and battery

Of course, the first option is the cheapest. The second is not very convenient, because sometimes you need to quickly do the hair removal, and the device is discharged. The best choice is the third type of charging. This can be used at home and take on the road. Although, hand on heart, the charge he holds is not so long and without recharge it can not be used anyway. The only such device can be used in the shower, because the procedure performed directly in the water is much more painless. And again, for this epilator must be waterproof.

The presence of a removable head in the device

After the procedure, the head is clogged with hairs. And to clean them with a special brush is not so easy. If you have a choice, take the epilator with a removable head or non-folding, then feel free to choose the first option, even if you have to overpay a little. Wash these devices is very convenient, right under the tap. A good cleaning is a pledge of durability of the device, since the clogged head is not only enough that reduces the efficiency and speed of the process, it also puts strain on the epilator itself, which will lead to its rapid burnout.

More about additional functions and whether they are necessary

Besides all that we have listed above, manufacturers, in order to overtake one one in the market race, supply their devices with a mass of various additional functions. We will list some of them, and you yourself decide whether they need you and whether you should pay for them.

The nozzle in the form of a concave head is quite a necessary thing, it is convenient for it to carry out the procedure in hard-to-reach places. It fits to the skin well, which means it seals better and you do not have to handle one place twice or three times.

The epilator's floating head, , is also designed to reach hard-to-reach places with ease. But, if the first option needs to be set separately, then the epilator with a floating head immediately adjusts to the proposed reliefs. They cost, of course, more expensive, but on the other hand, for the nozzle with a concave head you will also need to overpay, and then also change it. Whether these extra gestures are needed is up to you.

Novice Attachment is a special case that fits over the epilator's head to close half of the tweezers. If there were 40 of them, then only 20 will remain. According to the manufacturer’s idea, this should slowly prepare the customer for the pain, due to the fact that you start epilating with the capture of a smaller number of hairs. But in reality, the function is completely stupid. Well, you make hair removal with a nozzle and what? Your legs will remain partially hairy and you will have to walk through them again, only after you have already walked once, the second time it will be more painful, because your skin is already irritated.

Nozzle in the form of a trimmer - these nozzles help make hair in the bikini area. That is, pull out in such a way that the side remains a smooth edge. If you do not plan to carry out hair removal in this place, then do not overpay for this addition. By the way, there are very few women in the world who can endure the procedure in this place. It is very painful, and then the irritation remains, as the skin is tender.

The backlight function of the - to be honest, the function is extremely ridiculous. This is where and in what conditions it is necessary to carry out an urgent hair removal without the presence of light? Unless secretly, in a dark room that parents did not learn. Or a husband, who always believed that you were born without any hair at all and you never do hair removal. But, secretly still will not work, the noise will give out.

Noise-reducing covers - if this sound annoys you, then the nozzle is quite suitable. But, it will cost more than old and good holdings.

The nozzle in the form of a convenient handle is also not a fountain, but there are splashes. By and large, it is better to immediately take an epilator of this design that fits comfortably in your hand and does not slide.

Nozzle in the form of a razor - as the practice of many women who have fallen for this multifunctionality shows, the nozzle has always been out of work. It is easier to take a separate razor, than to fiddle with the rearrangement of the heads.

Nozzle for point hair removal - designed to cope with difficult hairs that the machine did not capture during the procedure. But they remain so small that it is cheaper to use tweezers. And save electricity and purchase do not overpay.

Outcome: what to look for when buying an

  • epilator For the comfort of the case, it should be comfortable in the hand
  • The appearance of the model: tweezers, disk, laser. If tweezers - only with 40 pieces, no less.
  • For the availability of the nozzles you need exactly

These are the most important aspects that you should not forget.

The best manufacturers of epilators

The following companies are leaders in the production of this type of equipment:

  • Philips
  • Braun
  • Rowenta

These three are the best of the best and if you can afford it, it is better to choose them. But besides them, there are many fairly good companies that have not caused complaints from the consumer. We list to you those brands that in our opinion are also worthy of attention:

  • Panasonic
  • Remington
  • Beurer
  • Babyliss

This is all the brands we can vouch for. For the rest, such as the Saturn brand, do not bite or even look at them, even though the price is extremely attractive. The quality of the procedure they are not up to par and they fail extremely quickly. By purchasing one, it will come out as in the proverb about the stingy, who pays twice.

This is how our review came out and we are sure that now you know exactly how to choose the right epilator. Good luck with your purchase!

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