Advantages and disadvantages of the air ionizer

Ionizers internationally diverse. Many people want to know about Air Ionizer - benefit, harm, advantages, disadvantages, limitations, contraindications. Technology will allow to make the indoor air treatment, carried aeroionotherapy. By treatment is meant the process of charge ionizer of the gas molecules is negative, - the extra electrons have a beneficial effect, promoting health.

Before buying air ionizer, find favor harm provided you start technology in the home, apartment. The advantages of the air ionizer is called:

  • Development of negative ions, the air "diluent" does a similar natural, fresh. Aeroionifikatsiya happens - an artificial saturation of space required anions.
  • Health promotion, health: reduced fatigue sensation, improved performance (helps children get ready for school), removing the burden from the eye, caused by computers, televisions, will fight the bacteria, mold.
  • Feeling better, improving room air quality.
  • Elimination of unpleasant odors, especially the kitchen.

Air Ionizer on wheelsThere is no need to change the filter ionizer, buy low-cost, efficient, cost-effective option, which emits minimum noise during operation, maintenance-free. However, you can not miss the obvious flaws, we refer here:

  • Cleaning the ionizer. You do not have to change the filters, take the trouble to clean needles, the machine regularly. Have to be cleaned more often than did the dust settles quickly becomes noticeable.
  • Tracking the concentration of ozone gas. At high concentrations of the title will cause ill health, common cold, it is necessary to regularly monitor the concentration of ozone generated by the ionizer.
  • The formation of the electromagnetic field. How to change the health of the microclimate created. Try to sit away. Working electric device has a detrimental effect (power frequency 50 Hz).

Due to the air ionizer, the room filled with an atmosphere of fresh air, freshness brings purity and freedom. On the nature of negative ions is greater than in the premises, a person feels health and vigor. Instruments produce the necessary health anions come into the fight for human health, breathe positively charged ions. Lungs, the body will avoid getting allergens, viruses, dust, positive impact on adults, children, pets.

High air ionizer

Do I need air ionizer

Ionizer - apparatus designed to purify the air, the air cleaner! Technique is obliged to take every house, periodically saturating the room with freshness and health. It is worth noting: the general release, local aeroionotherapy.

Total aeroionotherapy suitable for people suffering from:

  • asthma;
  • bronchitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • tuberculosis;
  • sleep disorders;
  • neurasthenia;
  • nervous, cardio-vascular diseases.

Poosteregsya conduct aeroionotherapy, recent myocardial infarction, experiencing depression, complicated condition of the nervous system, brain circulation, pneumonia, bronchial asthma, rheumatoid arthritis. Delete the ionization of the air is worth to people who have an increased sensitivity to anions. Use common aeroionotherapy can be the first month of life, harmless newborn babies.

Stationary air ionizer

Local aeroionotherapy severely restricted by age - after only three years of life. Several supplemented above recommendation. The use of air ionizers is viewed by physicians:

  • Bedsores.
  • Trophic ulcers.
  • Lung problems,
  • Neuralgia, paresthesia, peripheral nervous system problems.
  • Wounds, injuries, damage to the (open).

It is worth to take the air ionizer in the house, it is useful for children, the elderly. Useful air purifier with chronic diseases, experiencing heart pain, often catch cold, rarely moving, sitting. Now think for yourself: can avoid many problems in return will collect dust apartment often. Not necessarily to keep the air ionizer is switched on permanently. Connect a couple of times a week, constantly airing the room frequently walk.

Using air ionizer

Before buying an air purifier, learn how to use an air ionizer. In order not turned an unpleasant surprise, to use the device falls for older people. What are the main options when using the air: room size, distance human-ionizer time.

  1. size of the room - an important aspect of the use of air purifier designed for small room ionizer not master large bedroom cabinet, a powerful negative ionizer increases the concentration of molecules ozone.
  2. The distance to the person selected, trying to reach the absorption of mineral ions. Away from the electromagnetic field of the ionizer. Manual air cleaners indicate the minimum distance. Do not expose the unit closer than allowed, it is worth otsest further rearrange the ionizer.
  3. Working time - avoid keeping the ionizer turned round the clock. It is better to use the device for some time, removing the time specified by the instruction - be afraid to overdo it, clearing the air of the room.

It should be guided by the presentation of the requirement of a particular air ionizer, read these instructions carefully before using vozduhoionizatora. Ionization space will give the desired effect, there will be hardly a health problem. It may cause harm to the air ionizer, defined by the user:

  • operate correctly;
  • Observe the necessary rules ionizer placement;
  • track ozone concentration.

Following the acquisition of the ionizer pick the right corner of the room, and avoid installing the unit in front of a desk, bed. When deciding where to stand ionizer, select the room, visited by people. Living room with capacity for TV, you can sit and look through the notebook. From the TV, computer monitor Ionizer set aside, leaving a 50 cm (can be mounted on the wall above the top of the screen). ionizer work begins closing windows, air vents, turn the unit on, walk a quarter of an hour, then try not to be around half an hour ionizer. Do not worry if after the ionization of air sensed weakness, migraine, will need less and less time use an ionizer, as well as try not to be in the room after aeroionotherapy little more time. Just do not forget to ventilate the room, and when necessary remove the dust as with the ionizer, and with the surroundings.

How to choose the air ionizer

For many, it becomes a problem - choice of equipment for the home, when it affects the health and welfare of the family as a whole. Ready to tell, how to choose the air ionizer for your home. For each person will be chosen by the ideal model of the ionizer, but for that it is necessary to pay, and even pay a premium:

  • Timer, whereby you can, without thinking of the regular ionization space, set on time, work and turn off the machine. Conveniently, you can make fresh to come home for working people, when the air.
  • Information display, which would be reflected in the display of the ionizer information about the purity or air pollution, the need to clean the needle apparatus of the ion concentration.
  • The remote control the air ionizer at a distance.
  • The fan, which would direct the ionized air in the center of the room, or in any direction that you want.

The main parameters of the choice of the ionizer are many characteristics, but which ones are most important? First of all, the level of concentration of ions in the air, which generates apparatus. Suitable models produce 400-50.000 ions per 1 cubic centimeter, if the figure is higher - an increased risk of deterioration of the general state of health after the ionization space. This concentration of ions contained in 1-2 meters from the ionizer.

Ionizer with remote control

When choosing an ionizer, specify, on what area of ​​the room are calculated. We have already said that a high-performance machine will oversaturate small room air charged ions and is in it will be hard. This also is attributed and the minimum distance at which a person must be of the ionizer. It is advisable to dismiss the machine 60-80 cm away, but try not to move the unit, and to provide him perfectly suitable place in the room.

When choosing a home ionizer, pay attention to additional features, such as the modes that are automatically or manually selected. You can also choose an ionizer with useful additions, timer, information display and so forth. We suggested to choose a model generation of free ions that is pulsed or purchase combined ionizer (with the possibility of purification or humidification). You can also consider ionizers made of plastic, or choose a model from wood. The forces of Homo Sapiens to keep health!

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