6 tips on organizing the interior of a country house + photo


  1. №1.Basic rules and recommendations from designers
  2. №2.Materials for interior decoration of the villa
  3. №3.Furniture in the interior of the country house
  4. №4.Styles of the interior of country houses
  5. №5.The interior of a small country house
  6. №6.Accessories in the interior of the country house

In our society, it is the opinion that investing in the interior design of the country house does not make sense, because it freezes most of the year outside the city surrounded by snow and uncleared roads. Recently, in this regard, there has been a positive trend. Bowers are increasingly beginning to be perceived not only as a field of struggle for the harvest, but also as a full-fledged resting place. Relax away from the bustle of the city, in the fresh air surrounded by greenery and in the company of loved ones - an indescribable pleasure. That's just the cottage often littered or not equipped, so a comfortable high-grade rest is complicated. At this point, the idea arises to change everything and to arrange the interior of the house with taste, but many dismiss it, believing that it is too expensive. We hurry to please you. It is possible to organize the interior of a country house with a small budget, and our ideas and photos will inspire you to give your own summer cottage a new life and make it cozy, even if the area is quite small.

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№1.Basic rules and recommendations from the designers of

It is clear that before embarking on the arrangement of the dacha interior, it is necessary to imagine more or less clearly what it should be in the end .It is important to determine in advance the style, the main functional areas, the color scheme, to understand which furniture you can use, which will have to be restored, and which you will need to buy. It all depends on your own preferences and purposes of using the holiday home. If it is necessary for periodic visits in the warm season, then the problems at least. If you plan to come to the cottage in the winter, you will have to take care of heating: for rare visits, electric heating is suitable, and if you often stay in the winter with an overnight stay, you should consider more serious heating options.

Much depends on area of ​​the house. If the house is already built, then you will have to come to terms with its size, however, there are a lot of tricks for arranging the space of a small country house, and we will also come to this. If the house is just being built, then it is better to choose natural vapor-permeable materials, and the frame option will do. As for the area, then 12 m2 is enough for one room and a veranda, two living rooms and a bathroom can fit on 16-25 m2, and if there is an attic, the possibilities are expanded.

The rules for organizing the interior of a country house do not exist as such - everyone has the right to be guided by his own tastes, without adjusting to the opinions of others. However, before the project of the future interior will be ready, it does not interfere with studying the experience and design tips:

  • the mass of old rubbish is the main enemy of the harmonious interior of .For decades, there has been a tradition( and it still exists) to bring everything that it is a pity to throw out to the country. Old sofas, refrigerators, wardrobes, armchairs, souvenirs, paintings and other things live out in the summer cottage, while their owners continue to hope that some of these things will come in handy sometime. We do not argue, sometimes even necessary and decent things sometimes get to the dacha, but often they hide behind a mountain of what only takes space and turns a house into a barn. What is not used for more than 3 years, you definitely will not need. Getting rid of trash is the first, most important and sometimes the most difficult stage, but it is impossible to do without it. If the house is just erected, then this problem disappears;
  • in the interior of a country house is better than not to repeat the principles that were used to organize a city apartment , because these are unnecessary associations that will remind you of constant worries and bustle;
  • regardless of what the area of ​​the cottage, you should try to clearly identify the area for rest and cooking;
  • preference is better to give natural calm shades and dilute them with bright spots;
  • it is desirable to use natural materials in decoration and furnishing, but plastic, chromed metal, glass and lacquered surfaces should not be very much. These are the main attributes of modern interior styles that are not particularly relevant in the country;
  • lighting traditionally plays a crucial role in the perception of space. Trying to make the cottage more comfortable, it is better to create soft lighting, to use matt and light diffusing ceiling;
  • pays special attention to textiles , which makes the space warmer and more homely. Soft rugs, nice tablecloths and pillows and cute curtains will decorate the interior. Give preference to natural fabrics and typical country colors: polka dots, stripes, cell, flower;
  • live plants as well as possible fit into the dacha situation;
  • vintage and antiques will look nice in the interior, but the main thing is not to litter the space with accessories;
  • if the cottage will be used in the winter, you can install an artificial fireplace.

№2.Materials for interior decoration of the villa

Experts and gardeners agree that the interior of a summer house should be as concise and simple as , but at the same time as natural as possible. Perform the simplest finishing easy and inexpensive. Walls of can be simply painted or plastered, wallpapers with a distinctive pattern are perfect. If you want to experiment, you can select one of the walls with a different color of paint or another canvas of wallpaper. Wooden lining is great for giving, but this is already a more expensive option. As a decor, you can use artificial stone, and places exposed to moisture and dirt, it is better to lay ceramic tiles.

A laminate or even more budget option - linoleum will be suitable for covering the floor .It is better to use natural wood if it is possible to maintain more or less the same temperature and humidity in the house throughout the year. The ceiling of the in country houses is usually simply painted, less often finished with wallpaper or whitened. If the ceiling or walls are highly uneven, then it makes sense to use sheets of drywall to level them.

All this is only a recommendation, and each specific interior style involves the use of certain materials, not to mention the diverse preferences of the owners of country houses. The main thing is to think about how appropriate in terms of their operational properties and price will be one or another material at your dacha.

№3.Furniture in the interior of the country house

Laconic decoration becomes the backdrop for furniture and accessories, so the furniture and decor must be approached very carefully. For years, all the old furniture has been brought to the country, but it often happens that even with its abundance the house cannot be called functional. The ideal option is to equip the cottage with brand-new furniture that is suitable in size and style, but not always and not everyone has the desire and finances for it. There is nothing to use in the country old furniture - it is just necessary to approach this competently. Specialists give some tips:

  • use minimum items of furniture .As a rule, a table with folding chairs, a wardrobe, and a pair of folding chairs is enough. If there is a need and opportunity, you can use both sofas and full beds;
  • old furniture is still quite strong. In the city apartment she was tired, but for giving the most that. A small restoration of in the form of repair, painting, upholstery with a new cloth will allow you to completely change the look of old chairs, cabinets and sofas. Most restoration work can be done by hand;
  • is better, of course, to use furniture based on wood, possibly with forging elements, and let the shiny metal and plastic remain in the city apartment or as parts. Perfect for giving furniture suitable from a rod, a natural and artificial rattan;
  • textiles in the form of bedspreads, tablecloths, upholstery, pillows and rugs complement the decor;
  • pay attention to the dishes. Old Soviet and earthenware will work well, and the samovar will complement the dacha interior - this is a functional and beautiful piece.

Some home furnishings are easy to build from scrap materials yourself. For example, a table, a clothes hanger and even a bed can be assembled from wooden pallets.

№4.Styles of the interior of country houses

To make the interior of the villa harmonious, it is better to adhere to at least the basic foundations of a certain direction. For a country house can fit almost all the styles of interior design, which are used in an ordinary apartment, but there are exceptions. Since this is a house in nature, modern and in many ways urban styles will look alien. We are talking about minimalism, hi-tech, kitsch and the like, but this is just a recommendation - you decide, of course.

Among the most appropriate interior styles for a country house, calls the following designers:

  • Country , aka rustic style, ideal for giving. Repeats the key features that were characteristic of housing in villages in different regions. Country can be American, French, Russian, Italian, and in any way - it is important to convey the atmosphere of a typical village house of a particular locality. In the course will go old things or things antique. Despite the fact that the rural life of different countries is very different, the country style is characterized by some common details: simple and slightly rough wooden furniture, light shades, cellular and floral ornaments;
  • Provence is actually French country music, but its unusual charm made the style so popular that we separate it into a separate category. The direction is characterized by simple wooden furniture, but not very rough, light colors, incl.shades of blue, green, sand, lavender. A lot of textiles with cute colors( polka dots, flower) are used, accessories play an important role. Suitable metal dishes, bird cages, photos in the old framework. Furniture can be with the effect of aging. Provence is the perfect way to organize a summer house space;
  • Shabby-chic is somewhat reminiscent of Provence style, it is just as romantic and cute, but it uses more expensive pieces of furniture and decor, the effect of antiquity is obligatory, because the style literally means "worn shine".We focus on light shades, intricate details, textiles and give preference to all the old;
  • Scandinavian style is an abundance of wood and white color, a minimum of details and ornaments, no knickknacks( as in Provence).The emphasis is on natural materials, simplicity and functionality of furniture, free layouts and an abundance of light. Textiles( floor mats and bedspreads) play both a functional and a decorative role;
  • “retro” style is actually what is present at the majority of summer cottages, only in a refined version. Grandmother's things, objects from the past era, old photos will create a special atmosphere. In addition, you will not have to throw anything out, and you will need to purchase a minimum of things. Geometric patterns, antique watches and tableware, a samovar, wicker furniture are attributes that will help to recreate the retro atmosphere;
  • style chalet - is an attempt to embody the comfort and atmosphere of a typical Alpine houses. The direction is great for large country houses, but in the country you can use some of its elements. The decoration is made of wood and stone, the furniture is also wooden and has simple shapes, a distinctive feature of the style is the presence and accentuation of the wooden ceiling beams. The interior is decorated with animal skins, the color scheme is light and warm hues, there is an abundance of light;
  • loft is not a frequent guest in country houses, but in some cases it can be not only a way to decorate the space, but also save the situation. If the house has just been built, and there is no money for interior decoration, then this is your option. The basis of the style is bare surfaces and open communications. It is enough to cover bare concrete or brick walls with a special varnish so that they do not dust, put retro furniture, use a couple of interesting accessories, for example, lamps, and the interior is ready;
  • boho is an ideal style in the sense that it is intended to combine the incompatible, which means that there is a place for completely different and necessary things. This is a creative mess, an abundance of colors, variegation, furniture from different eras, bright lampshades, decorative pillows, an abundance of textiles. Someone calls the style of bad taste, but here it is important to start only from personal perception.

№5.The interior of a small country house

Most of the dacha plots are houses built decades ago, and they, as a rule, do not have a large area, because they were designed for short-term finding and storing garden tools. To equip coziness and comfort in such conditions, although more difficult, but quite real. A few rules that will help to arrange a small country house:

  • in priority of transforming furniture .Folding chairs, a table, and a sofa that turns into a bed will help save space without losing a bit of functionality;
  • proper organization of storage sites .The dacha is full of small objects that do not have their place, so window sills and other surfaces are slowly cluttering up. Several spacious cabinets, shelving system, sorters and hooks will help to accurately arrange a lot of things in a small space. The main enemy of miniature cottages, rooms and apartments is a mess;
  • if at the cottage there is an attic room , then there you can arrange a recreation room for guests. To lead to the attic can ladder, stationary or folding stairs. If large companies gather at the same time at the dacha, think about bunk beds;
  • is another trick - to make a large shed over the porch of a country house. The covered area can be used for lunches and dinners in the open air and as a recreation area, having equipped it with necessary garden furniture.

№6.Accessories in the interior of the country house

Although at the dacha we spend not too much time, we still can not do without decor, because of the details there is an impression that influences the quality of rest. You can use anything for decoration - it all depends on the style, preferences and hobbies. The main thing in this issue - do not overdo it. The following items are suitable for decoration:

  • fireplace, real or electric. If the latter is entered into the portal, decorate the shelf above it with a photo and candles, and next to put a rocking chair with a rug, then you will not want to leave such a dacha;
  • photos, paintings, vases, heirlooms, flowers, mirrors — all are simple but spectacular decorations;
  • cute step-ladder can be unusual and very suitable for giving the subject of decor. You can use it as a stand for flowers or as a coat hanger;
  • furniture and textiles can be at the same time and decoration with character. Around the dining table you can put different chairs, but the combined shades, decorate the table with a pretty tablecloth, and the windows - with curtains to match her;
  • kitchen area will decorate all kinds of jars and baskets, which can be supplemented by making small plates with slate paint. They will decorate and help organize storage;
  • fresh flowers - the best decoration for giving, and this decor fits into any style.

Designing the interior of the country house, do not forget about the veranda, which welcomes guests. Here you can put a table with chairs or sofas, turning it into a cozy resting place or even a full-fledged gazebo.

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