10 tips for choosing a good prefabricated carcass pool for summer residence


  1. №1. Advantages and disadvantages
  2. №2. Frame type
  3. No. 3. Seasonal and cold-resistant frame pools
  4. №4. Method of mounting a frame pool
  5. №5. Size and shape of the frame
  6. №6. Where to put the frame pool
  7. №7. Complete the frame pool
  8. №8. Installation of the frame pool: the main stages
  9. №9. Caring for the skeleton pool: cleaning and "wintering"
  10. №10. The best producers of frame pools

Own reservoir at the dacha ceases to be a luxury and becomes a reality, accessible to almost everyone, especially with the advent of frame pools. These structures are something average between cheap and not very durable inflatable pools and strong, almost eternal, but expensive stationary. They are easy to assemble on their own, they will withstand serious mechanical damage and at the same time can reach a length of 10 m, and in depth - 2-3 m, making it comfortable to swim and play. The assortment of such structures is very wide, so choosing a good prefab pool is not so easy as it might seem at first glance.

What must be taken into account when buying, installing and operating?We collected all the most necessary information.

№1. Advantages and disadvantages

The frame pool, as the name suggests,consists of a frame and a polyvinyl chloride cup.The frame can be core or sheet, its individual elements are firmly fixed with each other, after which a cup is attached to them. The latter, as a rule, is made of two layers of vinyl and one layer of polyester, is characterized by high strength and can easily withstand up to 50 tons of water, so the frame pools can be of decent size and not yield to the level of comfort stationary Analogues.

The main advantages of the frame pool:

  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • resistance to changes in temperature, frost and sunlight;
  • A decent service life, especially in comparison with inflatable pools. With proper care, the wireframe model will last about 10 years;
  • a wide variety of shapes and sizes;
  • not the highest price;
  • relative ease of transportation and installation. Depending on the skill and size of the pool installation will take from 1 hour to 2 days;
  • Most models can be moved from one place to another.

Amongshortcomingsnote only the complexity of installing additional equipment. If you still can not decide which pool is better, wireframe or inflatable, answer yourself to the question, for what purposes, basically, the design will be used. For children under 7 years old, an inflatable pool will be ideal, and for a full family vacation it is better to choose a skeleton, if, of course, you have certain means.


№2. Frame type

Prefabricated frame pools, depending on the design features can be divided into these types:

  • rod. The frame is made of vertical and horizontal stiffeners. Vertical racks are passed through special sleeves on a vinyl cover, horizontal crossbars are attached to them. The structure is simple and fast assembled, but it is used mainly for pools of not very deep depth;
  • sectional or sheet. The frame is assembled from metal or plastic modules, which are locked together by a lock connection or bolts, a PVC sleeve is pulled inside, which is secured by a special accessories. Such pools are stronger and durable, they are easier to clean.

As a general information, a couple of words aboutframe stationary pools. These are monolithic constructions, which are made of plastic or composite materials. They are designed for a permanent installation site, serve for about 15 years, subject to adequate care.

No. 3. Seasonal and cold-resistant frame pools

Depending on the possibility of using frame pools in the winter, they are divided intoseasonal and frost-resistant (all-season), sometimes stationary structures are allocated to a separate group.

Seasonal frame poolsThey are intended for exploitation only in the summer period and in the autumn are subject to disassembly. This is a good option for those who do not want to organize preparation of the pool for "wintering". Such pools are differentlow price and lightweight frame.In most cases, the PVC film will have to be changed every season, since in such constructions it is usually not used very often thick material consisting of two layers of polyvinyl chloride, and he is under the influence of jumps, swings and other active games is damaged. A set of seasonal pools rarely includes everything you need.


Frost-resistant frame poolshave a stronger reinforced frame and a thick film, due to which the structure can safely tolerate prolonged exposure to negative temperatures. There is an opinion that multiseasonal structures are better to penetrate into the ground, but manufacturers in one voice declare that such pools will survive not one winter, being located and above the surface of the earth. The equipment includes almost all the necessary equipment for the maintenance of the pool. Among the mainadvantageshigh strength, no need to disassemble the structure before each winter, and also a decent durability (up to 15 years). On the other hand, you will have to carefully select the location for the installation of the pool, because you will not be able to move it later. Such designs will cost significantly more than the seasonal ones and will require special preparation for the winter. As a bonus - the opportunity in the cold period to use such a pool as a skating rink, at least, it is promised by the manufacturers.

Not very widely, but still on the marketstationary prefabricated pools.They are collected from the source elements only once, it will not be possible to disassemble the pool, so they are fit to the site of installation with all responsibility. The frame is usually made of sheets of galvanized steel with a plastic coating, and the PVC cup differs in impressive thickness. Such constructions are suitable for arrangement of very large pools, durability - about 15 years.

№4. Method of mounting a frame pool

By the way of installation, the frame pools for a dacha are:

  • located on the surface of the earth, previously well tamped or filled with concrete. So most often mount seasonal folding structures of small size;
  • located in a specially excavated pit. This option is suitable only for frost-resistant pools, mainly sheet construction. Arrangement will require a little more effort and effort, but in the end will result in a full-fledged pool, the depth of which can, if desired, reach 2-3 m. Another advantage - possibility to enter the pool in any style of landscape design, because the sides and the surrounding territory with garden paths can be decorated as you like, decorate with flowers and complement the garden furniture. It turns out an excellent recreation area.

The choice in favor of this or that method of installation is made depending on the seasonality of the use of the structure, and also taking into account the area allocated for the pool and the means for the arrangement.

№5. Size and shape of the frame

The size of the frame pool is selected based on the area of ​​the site and the number of people who will bathe. From the fact that today is on sale, it is not difficult to find the suitable option:length varies from 3 to 10 mand more,width - from 1 to 5 m, depth - from, to 2-3 m.The mostpopular bowl shape - round, also on sale there are oval and rectangular designs, it is possible to find and asymmetric pools. The more complex the form and the larger the size, the higher the price.

For a small plot of 6-12 acres, compact frame pools with a depth of up to, m will be perfect. Large swimming pools will look good in spacious country cottages. If the pond is equipped only for children, then a small option will suffice, since the excess depth will be neither for what, and for family rest it is better to choose a more spacious pool, but, naturally, within the existing area. Let's repeat, for children under 6-7 it is better to take an inflatable pool.

On sale today are even hydromassage pools, which are distinguished by the presence of nozzles, they supply water and air bubbles. As a rule, such designs are designed for a maximum of two.

№6. Where to put the frame pool

It is not enough just to find a good frame pool - you also need to choose a suitable location on the site to install it. This is a guarantee of a long service life. It is better to arrange a pond near the source of water supply (water pipe or well) and not under the tree crowns, which are the source of shade and debris. It is desirable that the pool is located in close proximity to the drain and power source. Do not forget that around the design there should be at least a bit of free space to provide access to the pool. Preference is given to flat areas, the angle of the slope is maximum 5 degrees.

№7. Complete the frame pool

Always pay attention to what is included in the pool. As a rule, the manufacturer supplies a lot of accessories along with the frame and PVC cups, otherwise you will have to buy everything you need, so do not rush at a too low price. The complete set, as a rule, includes a ladder, a substrate, a canopy, a pump and devices for cleaning and water filtration. Often the manufacturer also makes installation and maintenance instructions for the pool, and sometimes produces it in video format.

№8. Installation of the frame pool: the main stages

Cope with the installation of the frame pool and you can independently - this is a key advantage over full-fledged stationary structures. To install large pools, you may need the help of a partner. The process of installing a frame poolconsists of the following stages:

  • preparation of the foundation.From the intended installation site, remove all stones, branches, sharp and hard objects, preferably also completely get rid of the grass and roots that can damage the pool in the process of its operation. It remains only to spread the litter, which comes in the kit or is bought separately. The pool, which will be used all-season, can be buried in the ground to the full height of the structure or partially. To do this, it is necessary to dig a pit, fill it with a layer of sand and gravel 15-20 cm thick and make a concrete pillow of the same thickness. The walls of the pit should be strengthened, for this purpose a brick is suitable;
  • carcass assembly. The leaf frame for round and oval basins is simple enough to unfold, set on the selected surface, and then place a bowl in it. The sheet frame for square and rectangular basins is assembled from separate parts, which are fixed with screws, the joints are treated with a sealant. When assembling the core pool, you must first place vertical guides in the pockets of the vinyl cover, then set them horizontally, and then connect them together. If the bottom is not concreted, and the soil on the site is loose, then it is better to place a wooden block or paving slab under each support;
  • connection of the filter pumpis carried out according to the instruction, all hoses and other necessary elements should be included. It is not allowed to switch on the filter without water. To equip the frame pool, use cartridge and sand filters. Paper cartridges have to be changed 2-3 times a week, and special quartz sand - every 3-5 years;
  • installation of stairs and filling the pool with water.

№9. Caring for the skeleton pool: cleaning and "wintering"

The main maintenance of the pool is to maintain it in its pure form. Without special filtration equipment, crystal clear water will turn into a foul-smelling liquid, which is dangerous for bathing, after a week of use.

To filter the water in the frame pool it is necessary to use:

  • filter pump, which eliminates mechanical impurities, as a rule, comes complete;
  • skimmer, cleansing the surface of water from mechanical impurities;
  • nets and brushesfor catching large debris and cleaning the walls;
  • chemical means, without which bacteriological purity of water can not be maintained. In some models, filter pumps are equippedchlorine generator, working on ordinary table salt. In this case, the additional treatment is minimal and reduces only to the use of disinfectants. In all other cases, you can not do without the use of special chemistry. The necessary substances are sold in kits, and their use reduces to controlling the level of acidity and the addition of chlorine-containing components. To dissolve solids use a special float, which is often combined with a thermometer.

Another important issue ispreparation of the pool for the winter:

  • seasonal constructionsall elements are thoroughly washed (pay special attention to the water line), carefully dried and stored in a room in winter with a positive temperature. The instructions should indicate how to properly fold all the elements for long-term storage;
  • all-season designscan also be disassembled, but more often they are left for winter on the site - the final decision is made depending on the climatic features of the region. If in the cold season the temperature drops below -250С, experts recommend disassembling even all-season pools. In other cases,conservation(without it, the owners of stationary frame pools can not do). Preparatory work begins at temperatures of 13-150 ° C. It is necessary to drain some water, leaving a little in the bowl, so that the ground does not damage the structure. Then follows the cleaning of the walls, the chemical treatment of water, the washing of equipment and the even distribution of plastic bottles or jerricans in water. Now it remains only to cover the pool with a frost-resistant canopy and wait for the next swimming season.
    . . . .

№10. The best producers of frame pools

The name of the manufacturer is a kind of quality guarantee. By the way, large companies offer a very real guarantee for their products, so it's better to give preference to choosing their products. Minor savings in the purchase of dubious products in the end can turn sideways, and the saved amount you can not buy a new pool. Trust is betterproven producers of frame pools, among which:

  • Intex- the world leader in the production of inflatable and frame pools. The company was founded in 1964 in Los Angeles, today the factories are located all over the world, and the products are sold in a hundred countries. The assortment of frame pools is huge, you can find models of different sizes, but they all have the highest quality and affordable price;
  • Bestway- a Chinese company, the assortment of frame pools is also considerable. All of them are made of triple reinforced film, and the frame is reliably protected from corrosion. The prices are average;
  • Uni Pool- a German company with a 40-year history. Produces high-quality frame pools, specializes in sheet models. German quality has always been in price, so the pools of Uni Pool will cost more than Intex or Bestway;
  • Azuro- a good Czech manufacturer, which pays attention to every detail, so the skeleton pools are qualitative and durable;
  • Atlantic Pool- pools of Canadian production, which are now in demand in 90 countries. All models are equipped with a sand filter (it is better than usual on paper cartridges) and a skimmer, almost all structures are frost-resistant;
  • SunnyPool- German company, whose pools are not very common in the domestic market, but still in demand among those who are willing to pay for the highest quality;
  • Krulland- another German manufacturer, in the range of pools of different sizes and shapes, maximum depth - 2 m.

Given all these recommendations, everyone can find the perfect frame pool for their dacha.

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