Do not close the door of the washing machine - what to do?

  • Causes of the lock of the washing machine lock
  • The door in the washing machine does not lock - what to do?
  • The door of the washing machine does not close or is not blocked

Any household appliances that are actively used are subject to breakdowns. We sometimes do not think about how much the usual locks the washing machine .It is under high pressure, and with frequent use you have to constantly click. It is not surprising that at a certain moment the door of the washing machine simply stops closing, and this despite the fact that the unit itself continues to work properly.

Causes of

washing machine lock failures Most often, you have to deal with the fact that when you try to close the door, it simply does not lock into place. Usually we hear a characteristic click, which simply cannot be overlooked. If this does not happen, the UBL will not work and the washing machine will not start.

There are several reasons that can lead to a malfunction of the door of the washing machine:

  • skewed door with time;
  • mixing locking tongue in the locking mechanism;
  • wear plastic component or rubber seal.

As a rule, there is no particular difficulty in diagnosing. If in the normal state without linen the door does not close, then, most likely, the latching mechanism itself( UBL) was damaged or misaligned.

Sometimes washing machines are installed not quite exactly, so the glass hatch under the influence of attraction and shaking can warp. Similarly, the lock of the washing machine may be damaged.

In the washing machine, the door is not blocked - what to do?

In this case, it is sufficient to conduct a visual inspection of the washing machine and the locking mechanism on the door. It is necessary to pay attention to several aspects:

  • are there any things that prevent closure( sometimes things or parts of them fall under the hatch);
  • in what condition is the locking hook and whether it falls into the corresponding hole;
  • Is the fixing tongue normal?
  • is there any detachment of rubber seals or plastic.

Most often you have to deal with the fact that the hatch warps a little with time, so you need to check it immediately. It is enough to touch him and find out whether he is holding tightly and not dangling. If the guide is heavily worn, the hook simply ceases to be firmly fixed in the groove.

In some cases, a metal rod falls out, holding the locking tab in the desired position, so the door simply does not lock. To find out, simply touch it and test its strength.

The door of the washing machine does not close or is not blocked

If the washing machine’s lock does not close, then more often than not something interferes with it. If blocking does not occur, then this indicates damage to the mechanism. The problem is that the machine will not start washing, because it simply does not understand that it is closed.

To troubleshoot problems with the UBL( manhole locking device), its replacement is required, since this is an electronic device through which an electric current passes. This is the way to check the reliability of the connection and protection against sudden opening.

Other malfunctions can be resolved as follows:

  • adjust the position of the glass hatch using special mounting bolts to get rid of possible distortions;
  • remove and disassemble the door to adjust the metal pin of the locking tongue;
  • Replace the door handle if the hook breaks;
  • clean or replace the UBL if the washing machine does not start the washing program.

Before you engage in serious repairs, you should check the general condition. If there is no visual damage to the lock, the handle or the door itself, then you can move on to another step. As a rule, the reason lies in damage to the control module or UBL, so you should ring the contacts. Only then can you start parsing with the help of special tools.

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