Repair of kitchen combines by own hands

  • The device of a food processor
  • Main causes of problems
  • The combine is defective - what should I do?
  • Tips for extending the life of the combine
  • Conclusion

To date, the food processor Bosch and many other manufacturers have become almost, that indispensable devices in the kitchen. There are various modifications to these aggregates, which allow you to perform various tasks, and you do not do any special efforts. For some housewives, they have become very important, and any breakdown in the system becomes a serious problem. In this article, we will tell you about the device device and how to repair kitchen combines by yourself.

The device of a food processor

The device consists of separate elements of the mechanism, the most basic elements are as follows:

  • Electrical engine;
  • a receiver of processing products;
  • a chamber for processing ingredients;
  • sets of baits and knives;
  • the main control panel of the combine;
  • electric wiring connecting the main elements.

The hull material from combine harvesters is usually made of plastic. However, all other parts, such as nozzles, knives and other elements are made of stainless steel, as it is durable, and it is on the internal parts of the device that the greatest load is.

Main causes of problems

Combines are divided into several types:

  • mini;
  • compact;
  • multifunctional.

The last type of combine is that in which, for example, there is a combination of a meat grinder and a juicer. However, despite their different functional features, they all have the same operating principle.

After loading the products into the working chamber of the combine, they are brought to the desired state according to the specified program. Processes can change, replacing the nozzles on them and giving the device the necessary commands. The nozzles come in motion thanks to an electric motor. To understand that your food processor requires urgent intervention is quite simple:

  • new sound effects that the device has not previously published, for example - squeaks, knocks, screech and others like them;
  • you feel that there is an unpleasant smell of burning wiring from the machine;
  • on the nozzles formed cracks and chips;
  • The unit starts to work at an uneven pace, or it works in the wrong mode for a given program;
  • The device does not want to be activated and start working.

As for the torque transmission part, some combine harvesters use a belt drive to transfer torque to the main working bodies. When the device starts to work badly, it's possible that it's time to replace the worn belt. There is also a key transmission of the twisting forces, in this case the key can be worn, which will also lead to the inoperability of the combine.

There are many variants of harvester's malfunctions, perhaps some of its internal elements may fail, in case of failure of one part, the whole mechanism may break down. There are also no cases when problems arise in the wiring of the unit itself, when a short circuit occurs.

The combine is defective - what should I do?

Any owner will sooner or later have torepair your food processor.Before dismantling the food processor, make sure that there is still a guarantee after the purchase. If there is one, then best take the unit to the service center in order that they provide the necessary maintenance and return the combine its operation.

But as it happens in most cases, breakdowns occur after the end of the warranty period, it is already worth trying to disassemble and producerepair of a food processorBosch, before you go and take it to the repair, where you will be taken a lot of money for repairs.

First of all, we dismantle the food processor, but remember that you were removed and unscrewed, since you will have to reassemble the unit. All actions are as follows:

  • Disconnect the device from the mains and remove all removable parts;
  • remove the combine itself and make sure of the integrity of the belt and drive gears;
  • remove the above items, and remove the engine. Inspect it for integrity and operability;
  • Remove the protective cover from the gearbox and check the drive shaft for signs of defects.

In case you have another model, you can easily find videos and detailed instructions on the Internet.

When you are going to buy a replacement for a certain part, be sure to take the original ones, since outsiders simply will not be able to safely stand in the groove. Such items you can buy in special service centers, or order them online.

Tips for extending the life of the combine

  1. It is best to process finely chopped products, and do not cost to process frozen vegetables, meat and other things. It is also not recommended to crush solid ingredients;
  2. As soon as you feel the unpleasant odor coming from the combine, immediately turn it off to avoid a short circuit and prevent the occurrence of breakage;
  3. After you have finished the work, it is necessary to thoroughly wash those elements of the combine that took part in processing the products. Before re-use, thoroughly dry all parts;
  4. Do not use attachments with defects, this can damage the combine itself;
  5. After the warranty period has expired, it is best to carry out preventive works with the combine regularly (at least once or twice per year). To disassemble it and lubricate the necessary components of the mechanism, and also to replace the worn parts of the device in advance, if they are found during disassembly, in order to avoid malfunctions in the future.


We have told you the basic ways how to makerepair of food processors,and how best to avoid unpleasant situations with the failure of this device. In case of difficulties, it is recommended to contact the masters who will find a malfunction and will make a qualitative and correct repair.

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