What is better for dishwashers - powder or tablets? Comparative review cleaners

In specialty stores, you can find a large number of household chemicals intended for dishwashing machines. These tools are available in different forms, so housewives often have to decide on what is best for dishwashers - powder or tablets?

Consider the characteristics of these products and learn how to navigate in the abundance of the presented products.

The content of the article:

  • Preparations for dishwashers
    • Powdered means for dishwashers
    • Tableted detergents for PMM
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Making the right choice
  • Top 5 tools for dishwashers
    • 1st place: eco-friendly capsule Grab Green
    • 2nd place: the popular Powder Finish
    • 3rd: Capsules Fairy «All in 1"
    • 4th place: budget powder Pilotex
    • Rank 5: Capsules hypoallergenic Ecover
  • Useful videos on the topic

Preparations for dishwashers

Industrial facilities used for the treatment of tableware in household appliances vary in purpose, appearance, mind, composition and consistency. Selected criteria form of release, the following types can be distinguished:

  • gel;
  • powder;
  • tableted.
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Recent most often have a combined composition of the "3 in 1", "5 in 1", "7 1", by the inclusion of several components that provide additional features.

Different types of dishwasher detergent
Means for dishwashers initially only available in the form of powders, tablets but later developed. Relatively recently appeared commercially as capsules washing devices

To date, the most commonly used powders and tablets, about them and will be discussed below.

Powdered means for dishwashers

Such agents are free-flowing mixture or homogeneous with the inclusion of different kinds of granules. It is based on surface-active compounds (surfactants) used for cleavage food residues.

The composition may include:

  • enzymes designed to eliminate contaminants complex;
  • enzyme subtilisin successfully fighting with protein residues;
  • an oxygen bleach;
  • Soda water softener;
  • preservatives, increasing the shelf life of the formulation;
  • perfumes, giving a means of pleasant aroma.

To improve the wash added phosphates or chloro. Among the additional components also include surfactants that facilitate flushing of food residue in hard water; lipase, dissolving grease stains; protease, which serves for the decomposition of organic residues.

Powder composition for dishwashers
Surfactants and other additives are introduced into the active dishwashing mixture in trace amounts. They do not pose harm to healthy people, but the allergies can trigger itching, skin rash and other reactions

It is important to note that the use of a cleaning powder for the treatment of kitchen utensils in the dishwasher is not enough. It necessarily must be supplemented by softening salt and rinse-conditioning, which contribute separately.

First means necessary for the correct operation of the unit with different degrees of water hardness, the second drug is needed for final purification devices.

Granular formulations have long won popularity among buyers. An important advantage of them is considered to be low cost. Even if we consider that the powder can be used only in combination with a salt / rinser, the kit of these drugs will be cheaper than the tablets with the same effect.

When a mixture of many dishwashers model can automatically adjust the consumption of salt and rinse aid, depending on the water hardness.

Determination of water hardness for dishwashers
To determine the characteristics, composition and the water hardness in its sample pass SES laboratory. If you are interested only in the rigidity, better to use the test strips attached manufacturer of dishwashers

Hardness value indicator, the user can learn to water-supply organizations, and install it manually. If you stay in areas with soft water is saving the salt, add it to the minimum level.

Powdered agents dissolve quickly, so they can be used for short instrument processing conditions. In addition, they are compatible with almost all versions of aggregates.

The powder is easy to dose: when you select a partial load there is no trouble to pour into the bay smaller amount of the mixture.

Stains on the glass
If the wrong balance of the detergent, conditioner and salt on the surface of the washed dishes can remain iridescence. In this case, it is desirable to further include rinsing cycle to get rid of the remaining substance

At the same time it should be noted a number of disadvantages of such funds:

  • When loading the powder in the tray it can accidentally spill, which increases consumption.
  • During backfill mixture particles can get into the air, as well as the skin and the respiratory tract, which contributes to the appearance of allergic reactions.
  • Funds, especially poured into cardboard boxes, require careful storage. They can wake up and at elevated humidity compacted and lose some of its properties.
  • When using a powder formulation it is important to pay attention to the recommended dosage. When adding a larger amount of foam is formed in the machine over, which may lead to leakage and breakage.

Trying to overcome these shortcomings, manufacturers have proposed other forms of detergents.

Tableted detergents for PMM

Funds are dry pressed bricks, which often consist of several different colored layers. Peculiar appearance reflects the feature of household chemicals. In the majority of cases, they have a combined formula that combines several functions.

The most common and economical embodiment is a tablet "3 in 1", in which the composition is combined cleaning component softener, salt softener.

Tablet for PMM
In washing machines, there are special compartments provided for salt / powder / conditioner, and a separate container means for integrated tablet

Tablets are a popular option "5 in 1", wherein the following components are present:

  1. Scouring powder.
  2. Means to protect the machine from scale.
  3. Softening salt.
  4. Protective formulation intended for tableware.
  5. Rinse.

There are many other modifications of the tablets, the formula which can contain 6-10, and even more components. These include:

  • Additives brighteners products;
  • agents that remove odor;
  • antimicrobial components;
  • catalysts to redress challenging contamination even at low temperatures.

The composition of the tablets is reflected in the cost.

Such agents have a number of advantages. One capsule contains all the components necessary for dishwashing cycle. They provide easy compliance with dosing. Instead of rattling off the powder on the eye or to measure it, just enough to put in a pill container.

Individual packaging means ensures comfort during storage and transport, besides it prevents the release of active substances into the environment.

Tablets are easy to store: there is no need to pour the powder on the eye or to measure it, just put the pill is enough.

Tablets "All in One"
When selecting "All in 1" we must remember that each additional item is displayed on its price. In order not to overpay, it is necessary to consider whether you need all the proposed functions

In commercially a wide range of drugs of this type, the carton may be designed for a different number of tablets: from 20 to 100 or more pieces. Small packages allow the hosts to test different means of brands. Determine the choice, you can buy a large packing that much cheaper.

But do not forget about the disadvantages of such products:

  • The tablets are usually more expensive than similar powders, although this figure is often influenced by popular brand. The capsules produced by little-known companies, you can often buy a lot cheaper than the powdered agent of famous brands.
  • Components of the complex are normally worse than each component individually. Simultaneous powder entering the rinse liquid and weakens the properties of the latter.
  • To dissolve the pellets some brands require quite a long time, which is why they too are not suitable for fast mode.
  • The amount of salt contained in each tablet, intended for medium water hardness, whereas this rate can vary depending on the area of ​​residence.

Often, the manufacturer insists on the introduction of an additional salt even when using means "all in one", which is especially important in hard water areas. When using such funds can not be automatic dosage of salt and rinse aid: the right amount will have to make their own.

The advantage of the salt for dishwashers
If salt is used alone, it is already soluble in cold water. When heated, softened previously deposited fluid on TENah smaller scale layer which reduces the energy consumption

The briquettes are more likely than in the powders. You can meet phosphates.

Break the tablet - quite a difficult task. This complicates the use of such preparations in the mode requiring a reduced dosage of detergent compositions, for example, in the "Part load".

Some modification units may not have compartments for pills that usually reflected in the operating instructions.

Environmentally friendly

Because when washing dishes, cups, pots of their surface in direct contact with the detergent, it is important that the latter do not cause harm to humans.

Although conventional agents for dishwashers amount of dangerous substances is minimized manufacturers also offer environmentally friendly compositions made based on vegetable extracts. The composition of such mixtures and minerals are often included to ensure that the abrasive effect.

Capsules for dishwashers
A relatively new embodiment are capsule. They are tablets or gel packed in dissolving packaging that allows to protect hands from irritation when in contact with highly concentrated substances

In addition, such formulations that can be produced in the form of powder and tablets, typically completely absent perfume and often preservatives.

When choosing to keep in mind that environmentally friendly products are characterized by:

  • higher cost;
  • low foaming, especially in the initial stage of processing;
  • average quality of washing due to the lack of high-speed enzymes and surfactants;
  • an increased fuel consumption, due to the low concentration of detergents.

However, these tools can be recommended for the treatment of utensils intended for children, persons with allergies, or the chronically ill.

Making the right choice

It is unlikely that there is a definite answer to the question of whether to use the dishwasher powders or tablets to give preference? As a rule, the choice is made on the basis of personal preferences and recommendations of the manufacturer.

Recent studies show marketers that market leader in specialized funds occupy tablet preparations. Despite the increased cost, they have won the hearts of people are comfortable to use and economical.

Comparison of the effects of funds
The right glass was washed pellet "3 in 1", the left - using a set of tools salt / powder cleaning / rinsing. The result is obvious

At the same time, in some situations it is advisable to give preference to powder formulation. They are easy to use at half load machines that require less dosage, or short programs, providing faster processing utensils.

To the quality of washing clearly pleased with their results it is important to follow some simple rules. First of all, prior to purchase drugs should carefully read the instructions in order to get acquainted with the manufacturers' recommendations.

The quality of washing in the dishwasher
The quality of washing in the dishwasher depends on the choice of the means intended for washing dishes. They should have a good wash pollution and be completely safe for users

When using complex means - of powder rinse aid, salt - preferably one manufacturer to take medications that ensures best result.

Must not be used in the dishwasher of funds intended for hand washing. For their high foaming characteristic, which may lead to failure of the machine.

When choosing a program, operating at a temperature of + 40-50 Co, the optimal choice - pills containing enzymes, carefully launderers utensils.

Drugs which contain alkalis and acids, perfectly clean product, but in some cases give and whitening effect. It is a must to consider if you plan to wash the instruments, decorated with paintings.

Means chlorine
Products containing chlorine, are economical price and powerful effect. However, they are environmentally friendly enough, besides are not suitable for the treatment of cookware made of a brittle material - crystal, porcelain, thin-walled glass

For industrial units use special concentrated preparations which are not suitable for household machines.

Top 5 tools for dishwashers

If we analyze user feedback, you can see that in the ranking of the best detergent includes both powders and tablets.

1st place: eco-friendly capsule Grab Green

Non-toxic and environmentally-friendly means, especially recommended for allergy sufferers and children.

In tablets, the phosphates are absent, and other harmful substances. They also have no abrasive components, it can be used Grab Green for all kinds of dishes. In this case, users were unanimous high quality equipment washing.

Comparative table of products
If the wrong balance of the detergent, conditioner and salt on the surface of the washed dishes can remain iridescence. In this case, it is desirable to further include rinsing cycle to get rid of the remaining substance (+)

Among the negative aspects can be called limited access to medication, which can be purchased only in shops, a relatively high the cost, the impossibility to change the separation of the capsule dosages need to use the air conditioner without which remain on the surface divorces.

Environmentally priority detergent for PMM
Grab Green means weighty advantage is the absence in the composition of toxic and environmentally hazardous components

2nd place: the popular Powder Finish

A common brand, produces a wide range of means for dishwashers that have won wide popularity among users.

Finish tablets
The palette tools sold under this trademark are also present Finish Quantum tablets which were highly consumer evaluation

The feedback is referred to the excellent quality of washing with this preparation, especially when using salt and rinse aid of the same manufacturer. It emphasizes the availability of these funds, which are always on sale.

There is also a handy packing powder, thanks to which it is easy to pour the required dosage. This affects both the cost savings and people's health.

3rd: Capsules Fairy «All in 1"

Means "All in One", which includes a salt and conditioner is soluble capsule filled with powder agent and the liquid gel. Tablets are stylish colorful packaging.

Capsules of different types of Fairy
The drug copes with different kinds of contaminants, including grease and stubborn food debris attached to the dishes shine and well-groomed appearance. Use of the capsule can both in hot and in lukewarm water

From the noted disadvantages can impossibility of separating the capsules. Her skin is not recommended to open due to the fact that the concentrated liquid contained inside is of particular pungency. It also contains harmful substances - phosphates. The disadvantages include relatively high cost.

4th place: budget powder Pilotex

The powdered dishwashing detergent enjoys the attention of consumers due to the extremely low price. This formulation - minimum quantity of phosphate. Members also note the convenient packaging mix conducive to a comfortable storage.

Although due to the small content of detergents quality Pilotex washing powder can be described as mediocre, it means it is suitable for rinsing is not too soiled dishes.

Advantages funds in PMM Pilotex
Pilotex powder mainly attracts an affordable price. It does not have high efficiency, but perfectly copes with rinsing

Rank 5: Capsules hypoallergenic Ecover

Hypoallergenic tablet for dishwashers with the formula "4 in 1". The number of components included detergent, salt, rinse aid substance, which protects against scale. It is based on the principle of the abrasive cleaning that allows to remove contamination by means of tiny mineral particles.

Eco-friendly means Ecover
The advantages of such means provides deletion of potentially harmful substances. On packaging for a complete list of components, so users can get a comprehensive view of the composition of

Briquette Ecover easy enough to cut in half, so you can use it in a half-dose of at partial load dishwashing unit

Among the disadvantages, some users have noted the lack of quality of washing, as well as the need for additional application of air conditioning and salt, without which it is expressed on the dishes plaque.

In addition, due to the abrasive effect Ecover not suitable for washing glassware, cooking utensils coated with Teflon, as well as devices decorated drawings.

Useful videos on the topic

In the following video you will hear a detailed analysis of the different types of funds intended for dishwashers.

Information about testing different types of tablets, used in the units for processing of kitchen utensils.

It is hardly possible to give a single answer to the question, what tools are best used in the dishwasher. Much of this depends on the composition of products, kitchen appliances and utensils. To devices differed impeccable purity and machine stably for a long time, it is important to strictly comply with the instructions. It is also desirable to use funds from well-known brands, responsible for the quality of its products.

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