How to replace the circulation and drain pump on the dishwasher

  • Design and Functionality
  • Preparatory Work for Replacing a Pump
  • How to Replace a Drain Pump( Pump)
  • How to Replace a Circular Pump
  • Conclusion

In this article, we will tell you about how a circulation pump for a dishwasher uses a dishwasher circulation pump for a dishwasher, how to write a dishwasher, how to write a dishwasher, how to replace a, and how to replace it. However, in the event of a breakdown, it will not be subject to repair. It is much easier to replace the drain pump( pump) for the dishwasher.

Design and functionality

The task of the pump is the most important in the dishwasher device. He pumps water into the washing-up chamber, releasing it under high pressure, and circulates it in a circle. After use, water is drained through a drain pump( pump).This system is called water recycling.

Inside the circulating pumps from Bosch, Ariston and other manufacturers there is a small heating element, its task is to heat and maintain a certain water temperature until the end of the washing process.

Preparatory work for replacing the pump

The first thing to do before replacing is to do the following preparation:

  • de-energize the dishwasher;
  • turn off the water, and disconnect the filling and drain hoses from the machine;
  • then move the device to a previously prepared place for disassembly.

To perform operations, you need some tools, such as:

  • pliers;
  • flat head screwdriver;
  • awl;
  • multimeter.

How to replace the drain pump( pump)

Change this element in machines from companies Ariston, Bosch and many other manufacturers is quite simple, most of the time it takes to disassemble and assemble the dishwasher. The operation of disassembling the unit and removing the old pump comes down to the following step-by-step actions:

  1. unscrew the door, and remove all the contents from the dishwasher;
  2. take out the flat sprinkler, along with the glass waste filter;
  3. dismantle the filter screen, behind it there will be fasteners that need to be unscrewed;
  4. after a little tilt on the side of the dishwasher;
  5. Disconnect the side panels with plastic holders. Most importantly, when you collect the machine back, do not forget to put these mounts in place;
  6. if the unit has thermal insulation, it is better to temporarily remove it;
  7. after which it is necessary to disconnect the filling nozzle together with the pan from the base of the dishwasher's body;
  8. further carefully memorizing all the wires, disconnect them from all elements, even from the circular pump;
  9. on the side of the pump will be the pump, it is removed from the half-turn counterclockwise.

Everything is now necessary to put a new drain pump for an dishwasher that will be compatible with it. It is better not to guess and put the original part there, so as not to suffer. After installing the pump, reassemble in the reverse order. dishwasher pump is sold in a variety of stores, in extreme cases, it can be ordered.

How to replace the circular pump

After you have found a new circulation pump for the dishwasher, you can safely disassemble the machine. To get to this element, it is necessary to disassemble the machine on the same principle as in the previous case. Next you need to disconnect the drain hose from the pump. Remove from it all fasteners that are on the sides. Then disconnect the inlet hose, but before removing it completely, you must disconnect all the wires from it( better sign them in order to properly connect them all to the new unit).

It remains only to pull out the old pump for the dishwasher, and in its place install a new one, and assemble the whole machine in reverse order.


Replacing the circulating pump and drain pump in dishwashers from Bosch, Ariston and others will not cause you any difficulty.

When choosing a circulation pump for a dishwasher, you need to focus on several important factors:

  • unit cost;
  • originality of details, and its compatibility with the dishwasher;
  • novelty model.
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