Why flowing refrigerator

Popularity finds Freon R600a isobutane. Cheap to manufacture, is provided with a good technical performance, explosive, leakage can cause asphyxia. It has suffocating effect. Progress is, today, the amount of gas required for the proper functioning of the refrigerator, decreased tenfold in contrast to that of the first half of the last century. Reduced the concentration so when R600a instantaneous leakage from the refrigerator explosion excluded (placed 20 cubic meters at least). Reflecting why flows refrigerator, seasoned repairers use the term depressurization. Violated the integrity of the circulation refrigerant path, undermines the functioning of the equipment.

Refrigerators, Freon

The reasons for leakage of refrigerators revolve around two factors: drainage system disorders, problems of the refrigerant circuit. The reason is sometimes limited to a faulty thermostat. Let's look at the principles of the equipment.

refrigerator leak

Today, four refrigerators functioning circuits (kitchen appliances uses one):

  1. Adsorption.
  2. Thermoelectricity.
  3. Paroezhektory.
  4. Compressor.

Produced a classification of the driving forces. Freon as the working substance used by some schemes adsorption. Move along the contour of the refrigerant makes a special heater that consumes energy sea, refrigerators of this type not widely used. However, it is obvious undeniable advantage: silent. It is worth considering when the fan begins to tire NoFrost.

Thermoelectricity discovered two centuries ago, the French Peltier install: the passage of a constant current through a special element formed of two semiconductors, conductors, junction portion cooled. Reverse the polarity of voltage - is heated. We began to apply the principle of thermoelectric coolers type. Equipped with two radiators:

  • heating;
  • cooling.

The internal air of the refrigerator is lowered in temperature in the cooling heat sink, excess heat given to the heating atmosphere. The device uses a forced convection, each containing two fans. Thermoelectric coolers are characterized by low efficiency, small size can be obtained powered devices ordinary battery voltage. The equipment used to equip motor vehicles.

refrigerator repair

compressor refrigerators

Steam Jet household refrigerators were not used, proceed directly to the compressor, has a dominant position. Freon compressors movement is required, trouble-free operation is ensured by mineral oil. The refrigerant passes through four phases:

  1. Evaporation.
  2. Compression.
  3. Condensation.
  4. Expansion.

Each step is carried out on his device, together forming a refrigerator compressor. In the evaporator, which is located behind the rear wall of the chambers, freon turns into gas by absorbing a huge amount of energy. Air cooling the condenser. Flow interested compressor. Compression engaged fan, plunger helix. Compressor motor rotates the shaft at high speed, refrigerant temperature rises.

On the rear wall of the refrigerator next coil pairs renders warm kitchen air, turning into a liquid. The final stage - expansion.

Performed a capillary tube. A metallic article inner diameter of 0.5 mm, a length of 2 - 11 meters. In the capillary inlet is pressurized liquid refrigerant, forcibly injected compressor discharge outlet is formed. Promotes further heat absorption of the evaporator with refrigerant, the cycle repeats.

Ask a question of causality. Refrigerator flows from the bottom, flows inside the fridge - much easier to understand the reason, having a basic knowledge of what is happening inside.

The outflow of excess moisture

Whatever principle of defrost refrigerator water outflow holds a special drainage tube. Under the bottom of container stands, collecting water. In normal mode, a piece of plate is blown with hot air compressor motor, moisture evaporates independently. Pour the water is not necessary. Overflow may not matter. An exception is the case, inside a refrigerator is exposed to water. The device owner usually knows will not bother.

A pallet with a liquid

From the refrigerator water flowing, floor next to wet, first tested the capacity of the collecting. Pushed to the side, he gave a leak. The problem is easily solved placement crockery in place, replacement, repair (plastic welding).

Liquid going refrigerating compartment tray - wait a little upset. The drainage system is clogged. Note NoFrost refrigerators turn off the power enough. The reason is the formation of ice jams, zabivshey drainage canal. Fluid begins to flow inward, passing the motion path of cold air. Unfreeze the device, disconnect from the network, check for dirt in the drainage path. Kindly trace moisture gathering capacity. The appearance of the liquid inside the refrigerator occurs in the last step, ice clogged drainage system mezhdustennoe space. The abundance of water is guaranteed.

Faults refrigerant circulation circuit

Flowing refrigerator, look for the fault in the circuit Freon movement. Divide into two groups:

  1. Violation sealing contour.
  2. Ingestion moisture, mechanical particles.

Since the first case clearly. Disappears freon refrigerator stops freeze inside accumulates moisture overflows the water collecting container. Wet inside the refrigerator. It will help determine the cause of a simple measurement of the chamber temperature. Refrigerator with freon leak stops frost. Refrigerant new master refuel only with special equipment.

Faulty refrigerator

Pre eliminated factors of leakage. It is necessary to open the rear wall unstick frozen foam. Use the special search appliance freon leaks. Through the operation pipe inside the system is pressurized 15-25 atmospheres (tubes defines Material), localized breakdown place. Air is pumped supply station with the creation of the vacuum, the system is freed from water vapor.

Why is the presence of liquid in the refrigerator freon loop is guaranteed to lead to malfunction? Water tends to freeze at a temperature below zero, in the path of movement of Freon has lower values. the capillary tube exit. At the beginning of the course the fine temperature is positive, the liquid begins to flow slowly forward. At the output by lowering the pressure of the thermometer scale falls zero, frost is formed. Soon, a capillary tube becomes clogged, the refrigerator flows ceases to freeze.

To catch mechanical particles, liquid pose a special filter, the shelf life is limited, can not cope with the task. Result - face of the capillary tube. filter is good enough to replace as a gas station of freon.

Dysfunction of the refrigerant circuit caused by mechanical slaughter capillary particles, water. How do you know the reason? Disable refrigerator, wait ice plug at the outlet of the capillary tube will melt, thus the refrigerator starts to operate. Until a new blood clot frozen water.

How do you know whether the Freon leaked or capillary clogged with dirt? Switching off the refrigerator for an extended period of time will not help. Symptoms are similar. If freon leaked noise level lowered, the capillary tube face accompanied strained motor buzz. Throw think why the refrigerator flows, not freezes, call the wizard.

If the floor under the refrigerator is not water ...

In the compressor necessary oil to lubricate the moving parts. Prolongs life and reduces power consumption. When oil flows out of the refrigerator, it means tampering with the compressor casing. Leak can be fixed to embedded sealant (cold welding). Along the effect is accompanied by reduced-pressure refrigerant. Soon expect the appearance of water.

They spoke briefly, what if the refrigerator flows. Remember one simple rule: the drainage system - the hands, the refrigerant circuit - the professionals. Masters once again, do not pull, do not try to fill the refrigerant alone.

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