Carpet wallpaper: selection and sticking( tafting wallpaper)


  1. Advantages of carpet wallpapers
  2. Disadvantages of carpet wallpapers
  3. How to choose carpet wallpaper?
  4. How to glue carpet wallpaper?
  5. In conclusion,

If you are aiming to make your room cozy, quiet and warm, give it a touch of luxury, but do not splurge on repairs, the best option would be to use carpet wallpapers( ).The variety affects them, they have a lot of advantages, and almost everyone will be able to cope with sticking. But in order to achieve the highest quality result, you first need to know how to choose the right wallpaper and how to glue it.

Carpet wallpaper is made on the basis of a fabric where synthetic pile is interwoven with needles. The result is a material that somewhat resembles a thin carpet, and the second name of this type of finish is tufting wallpaper ( from the English. Taft - pile).

Advantages of

Carpet Wallpaper Carpet wallpapers are becoming increasingly popular today, and this is due to a number of their positive qualities:

  • sound insulation .Due to the fleecy structure, such wallpapers can delay other sounds, which is especially necessary for residents of prefabricated houses, those who have noisy neighbors, as well as those who live near busy roads. Carpet wallpaper can absorb almost all the extraneous sounds and provide maximum comfort and coziness in the room;
  • thermal insulation is also at a height due to the unique structure of tafting wallpaper. They are often used in cold corner rooms, and you can do without additional insulation materials, as experts say;
  • waterproof inherent in carpet wallpaper due to the fact that they are made of synthetic material. They almost do not absorb moisture, dry quickly, and at the same time do not peel off, do not change color;
  • fire resistance ;
  • durability .With proper installation and operation, tafting wallpapers will delight you for at least 15 years, and this is at any humidity;
  • carpet wallpaper is not affected by the mold, as it is a fully synthetic material;
  • such wallpapers with time do not change the color , because they are not afraid of the influence of sunlight. Moreover, they are very resistant to mechanical damage, and their care is simple;
  • ease of installation ;
  • attractive appearance ;
  • A huge range of carpet wallpapers will allow everyone to choose the most suitable option that fits into the interior of any room. In addition, many manufacturers of such coatings today also offer individual production of tafting wallpapers to satisfy any customer’s wishes.

Disadvantages of carpet wallpapers

The drawbacks of this coverage are, of course, less than the advantages, but they are still there. So, the main disadvantages:

  • carpet wallpaper - this is synthetic material with all the ensuing consequences;
  • coating accumulates dust , which then can cause allergies, which is why tafting wallpaper is better not to use allergies and asthmatics;
  • the accumulation of static electricity , even though many manufacturers today impregnate their products with special substances;
  • need for constant care : all procedures, though simple, but they will have to perform regularly
  • the ability to accumulate odors , so in the kitchen, even with its waterproofness and fire resistance wallpaper can not be used.

How to choose carpet wallpaper?

The choice of carpet wallpapers can be started with the selection of the pattern and color .In this case, you need to be guided by your personal preferences, the chosen interior design, as well as the features of the room. For small rooms, carpet wallpapers should be selected with great care so as not to visually reduce the already modest space. In this case, suitable light-colored wallpaper, or with the minimum presence of medium-sized drawings. In the interior of large rooms, carpet wallpapers of rich and dark shades with a large ornament will perfectly fit: the room will become much more comfortable.

If the windows face south, then you can pick up the wallpaper cold shades : blue, blue, gray, green. Rooms with windows to the north and with insufficient lighting is better to finish with wallpaper of light and warm colors : peach, sandy, yellow, beige. Be careful, because not every style of interior carpeting will fit well: they are unacceptable for hi-tech and minimalism, but in the classic interior they will look very personal.

When choosing carpet wallpapers, pay attention to the packaging: it must be complete, and each roll must be in polyethylene. Choose material from the same batch so that the design and color are identical. Otherwise, the same at first glance wallpaper in the room will not look very aesthetically pleasing.

It is good if the manufacturer attaches the instructions for wallpapering. In addition, it will not be superfluous to ask about all the necessary certificates for products in order to receive a guarantee of quality and safety. Too low price should also be alerted, so it is better to purchase wallpaper from trusted manufacturers and sellers.

Today, carpet wallpapers are most often used by in premises, but there are also in restaurants, beauty salons, and stores. In the house they are best used in bedrooms or living rooms, especially when it is cold corner rooms. For children's rooms carpet wallpaper is not very suitable, because they will accumulate a lot of dust, which can cause the development of allergies.

How to glue carpet wallpaper?

Practically anyone can handle carpet wallpaper installation: the main thing is to follow all instructions and be extremely attentive and careful. So, will need the following set of tools:

  • capacity for making glue;
  • brush for applying glue;
  • glue;
  • knife or scissors for cutting wallpaper;
  • pencil;
  • laser level;
  • Roulette;
  • roller or brush for smoothing glued wallpaper.

Before sticking, it is necessary to to prepare the surface of the walls. : remove old wallpaper or paint. It is worth noting that carpet wallpapers can hide even significant defects in the form of cracks and dimples, but if the surface condition is very poor and the number of irregularities is huge, then additional processing is necessary. To level the surface, you can use putty or plaster, and after it is dry, sand the surface with sandpaper.

can’t do without at all, since carpet wallpaper is a rather heavy finishing material, and it is necessary to maximally improve their adhesion to walls. To do this, you can use either a special primer, or prepare a solution of wallpaper glue. After applying the primer to wait until it dries completely, and only then you can go directly to the glueing.

Now you can start cutting wallpaper, and it is better to cut them for all the walls of the room. To do this correctly, you must first measure the height of the walls, and it is better to do it at different points in the room, because there are very few geometrically ideal rooms at the moment. Do not forget about the need to make allowances, as well as to combine the picture, if there is one. Typically, the manufacturer indicates on the packaging step pattern, and this parameter should be taken into account when combining the ornament.

glue is best used either special for carpet wallpapers or for vinyl. The main thing is that he endured a decent weight of the finishing material. Prepare it according to the instructions, adding glue powder to a certain amount of water. When the glue is ready and slightly swollen, you can start working.

glue is applied to the wall of the , and not onto the wallpaper itself, unless otherwise stated in the instructions for the selected wallpaper. It is better to glue the strip from top to bottom, gently holding and smoothing from the center to the edges, so as not to form wrinkles and air bubbles. Working with tafting wallpaper will be more convenient together. When the first strip is firmly glued, you can proceed to the installation of the next one, which glue butt-on .The seam between them is then rolled to make it as inconspicuous as possible.

In order to get the most aesthetic result, it is better to to mark the wall with .From the corner lay a distance equal to the width of the wallpaper, and with the help of a level and a pencil draw a strictly vertical line. Such lines can be drawn across the entire wall to make wallpapering as simple as possible.

Now it remains to wait until everything dries out well. But in the future it is important not to forget about caring for carpets. They regularly have to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, and sometimes use special tools for carpets. If the installation of the wallpaper is made correctly, and the care for it is appropriate, then tafting wallpaper will delight you with its attractive appearance for many years.

In conclusion,

Carpet wallpapers, being as simple to install as they are, have unique performance properties and can become reliable heat and sound insulation. To enjoy this beautiful coating for many years, it is only necessary to choose the right one and carefully glue them.

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