The principle of operation and heating installation of the nuances of "Zebra" (Zebra)

Familiar to all convective heating in practice is not the most effective. This problem is familiar to owners of apartments and houses, who want to heat your home efficiently, but economically. To help them with new options designed heating, including heating "Zebra" is one of the leading places.

We'll show you how this a heating system, the effect of which involves the use of infrared radiation. We introduce the advantages and disadvantages of film heaters. For independent house masters provides detailed installation instructions.

The content of the article:

  • Infrared heating: what it is
  • The operating principle of "zebra" system
  • The apparatus and the characteristics of the heater
  • Why choose film heaters
  • IR mount technology heater Zebra
    • Preparatory work and calculations
    • Mounting a reflecting layer
    • Preparation of film heaters
    • Installing radiant heaters
    • Connection and Wiring
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Infrared heating: what it is

School physics described the waves around us. Radiation which our eye sees, we perceive as color spectrum, and know exactly what his boundaries are present ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths. Recent human body perceives as heat. Scientists infrared spectrum divided into three groups: a wave with low, medium and high long.

The higher the temperature at which emits infrared radiation object, the shorter the wavelength. The shortest person is able to see, they are already in the visible spectrum.

For example, the red-hot steel rod emits short wavelength radiation. Another known pattern: short-medium-and even radiation is not useful, and sometimes dangerous for living organisms.

Infrared radiation

All hot objects emit infrared radiation. The most powerful source of infrared spectrum of waves - the sun, which gives our planet life, heating it

long wave infrared spectrum a beneficial effect on humans. However, some are even afraid of the word "radiation" and therefore do not consider the infrared heating as a decent option. This is fundamentally wrong. The universe is arranged so that all heated bodies around us emit infrared waves of different lengths. Emit them and ourselves.

The operating principle of "zebra" system

Infrared heating works similarly. Zebra Film heater is placed on the ceiling of the heated room. Once the equipment into operation, it emits beams whose wavelength coincides with the length of human infrared radiation.

They swoop down and meet on the way large items. Most often it is overall the furniture and floor. The radiation absorbed by them, and accumulates, causing objects begin to warm slowly and to give the resulting heat.

Thus, the room temperature gradually rises and becomes comfortable. And it happens very quickly. Once the room was warm enough, the heaters are switched off automatically and are in working order before the moment when the room has cooled slightly.

The operating principle of IR heating

Zebra Film heaters are used as the main heating system. Devices are mounted on the ceiling, the infrared radiation is directed down and heats the floor of premises

Doctors say that if we compare the convective and infrared heating, The latter is more useful to humans. traditional convection water system often it based on heating coolantWhich, in turn, has to warm up the air in the room. But we know that the air is a poor conductor of heat, so it takes too much energy.

The system always present radiators transmitting heat. It radiators - heating devicesWhich are heated by the coolant, and thus warm air. In order to cope with their work, the battery should be hot. Thus, they desiccate the air in the room, removing the moisture from it.

In addition, the air masses warmed from the hot battery, do not stay in place. They go up to the ceiling, and in their place comes colder.

Thus, the floor will always be uncomfortably cold, and at head level is an unpleasant excessive heat. Such a temperature distribution is unpleasant and not good for man.

Infrared heating function differently. The radiation heats the first floor, which becomes pleasantly warm and heats the room.

Infrared heaters on the wall

Infrared heaters film type can be used even on the wall. In this case, the question of the full heating can not be, but a separate room area will be well heated with

It turns out that the maximum heat zone moves to the lower part of the room, and in its upper part there is pleasantly cool. According to the doctors, the temperature distribution is the most useful for the organism. According to the principle of the action radiant infrared heating radiator similar to the natural sun. Produced by their long wavelengths are useful for living organisms.

The apparatus and the characteristics of the heater

Under the brand name "Zebra" IR heaters manufactured film type. The system was developed by Russian engineers, is produced at the plant in Chelyabinsk.

This multi-layer fabric, which is not between the layers of conductive films is the current radiating element. When an electric current is activated and it starts to emit infrared rays. That they move in the right direction, the screen is used in aluminum. The result is a flexible cloth 1 mm thick.

Zebra is available for sale in the form of a tape divided into segments. Due to this band can easily be cut into pieces of the required length - 60 cm to 6 m.

The width of the material web heating film is 50 cm. One package generally present such segments 50. Cutting the cloth is most often performed immediately before installation and is done with scissors or a knife stationery.

Heater apparatus Zebra

Film heater device is extremely simple. In fact, it's just a transmitter of infrared waves in the laminated film. Efficiency increased reflection member

Each of the segments of the heater is a heating element with a full net power 67Vt. IR heater film has sufficient flexibility that it can be used in various configuration profile. Working side cloth marked brand sticker, laminated under the film.

From the technical characteristics of the device may conclude its suitability for use in environments with high humidity. The heater has an IP44 marking, which allows it to set in saunas, swimming pools, etc. Wave devices range from 8.9 to 9.5 microns. To use a standard power grid 220 B.

Why choose film heaters

Infrared heating has many advantages over other heating systems. Let us consider them in more detail.

Effectiveness and efficiency

Infrared heater relates to devices for direct heating. Heat transfer fluid is not used, so do not need to display his power. The automatic control allows the IR system to operate in the most economic mode.

In addition, it is possible in the absence of people in the house to maintain the minimum temperature. Shortly before the appearance of the owner of the system warms the room and set a comfortable microclimate.

Given that the system is operating in Eco mode, its power consumption is low. On average, per square meter of heated space takes about 12 kW. The figures are valid for buildings that meet the requirements of SNIP "Thermal protection of buildings" 23-02-2003.

At this temperature, which is set on the temperature controller may not exceed + 20 ° C. Failure to comply with these conditions, the power consumption increases accordingly.

Variety film heater

Under this label are produced new species of zebra. Each heating segment of the heater produces 10% more power than the standard film

Infrared heating is very easy to install. Mounting film system It can be conducted independently, giving savings on specialist services. The cost of equipment is high enough.

But if we compare the total cost of design, purchase of equipment and installation of gas heating system, for example, and Zebra systems, the latter would cost about a third cheaper.

In addition, IR heaters during operation does not require any maintenance and any financial costs. Given that the guaranteed service life of 15 years, and service life - more than 50 years, savings will be significant.

IR heating can be easily regulated, which allows to adjust its operation with the use of multi-rate meter. The average term of the IR system period - two years.

Reliability and durability

The heater is a film type, in fact, a group of conductors laminated film. The design has no moving parts or friction.

Due to this, provided the proper operation it can serve an unlimited duration. The manufacturer guarantees 10 years of equipment life, but in fact it may be many times more.

Intelligent management

To control the operation of heaters and temperature control in the room manual control can be used. But this method has long been obsolete. He does not give the system work as efficiently and effectively.

The person is physically unable to respond quickly to any changes occurring in the environment that affect the operation of the system. Therefore, the best choice - automatic heaters.

Driving Zebras connection

One possible connection schemes radiant heating using Zebra controller and modular contactor. To protect the vending machine

For its implementation will require setting the temperature sensors and a controller, which will be processing data coming from the detectors and on the basis of the carry enable / disable the entire system. If you wish to manage such a controller can not only being right next to him, but also remotely, for example, from your phone.

Infrared heating perfectly integrated in Smart Home System. In this case, for the comfort temperature will follow the main processor.

He will be able to set up an individual temperature control for different rooms and keep track of its strict implementation. In addition, all sorts of problems in the system will be detected immediately, and they will be reported to the owner.

Opportunities for decor

Zebra - film type heater, its thickness is only 1 mm. This means that the installation he did not "eats" space. The equipment is mounted on a ceiling, floor or wall.

Securing Zebras on the ceiling

Above the film can be any decorative coating. Exception - ceilings. When the heater is heated to 45 ° C + safe, but sensitive to heat the film to stretch ceiling is to react

However, those who urgently requires a variant with tensile structures, can in order to protect the supply film heater for roughing plasterboard, whereupon the tensioning mount ceiling.

The versatility of the film arrangement

IR film of this type can be set in three ways:

  • on the ceiling;
  • under the floor;
  • on the wall.

Every method is good in its own way. Most often Zebra mounted on the ceiling. It is considered the best option. In this case, well heated floors and furniture on the entire surface beneath the heater.

Additional advantages - the heater can not be damaged accidentally, the film does not fail due to overheating caused by standing over her furnishings. It is possible to move large household appliances and furniture.

The disadvantages of the ceiling arrangement may include thermal effects on electronics and appliances that may adversely affect the work. In addition, if there are over housing apartments, there is a danger of flooding, leading to failure of the entire system.

Floor layout devoid of these shortcomings, but in this case should be especially careful to protect the heaters from a possible accidental damage.

Film heater Zebra

Due to the fact that the radiant heater is a film-type zebra is very thin, space almost "eaten" in the room

Located under the floor very good film heaters warm the floor where they are located, on the ceiling or on the floor, the temperature distribution in the room does not change.

Exception - wall position. Theoretically it is possible, but in practice it is rare. This is due to its low efficiency. Radiation will only move in a straight line, so that will be heated with a strictly limited space station. Such an embodiment is only good as additional heating.

IR mount technology heater Zebra

A big plus infrared heating system that can make its own calculation and installation. Consider the basic steps of the process.

Preparatory work and calculations

Begin to mount the film is necessary, as it may sound strange, with a thorough thermal insulation of their homes. Zebra its creators developed as a device, almost perfectly maintains a given temperature.

If the room will quickly lose the heat, the heater will operate continuously. And it is quite ruinous for the owner. For this reason, you should start by identifying the areas of heat loss and eliminate them.

Another important point - the calculation of the amount needed for film editing. To avoid mistakes, you should determine the size of the premises and draw a plan of the ceiling.

Then, guided by the size of the cloth, it is necessary to try to "place" it on the ceiling optimal way. It should be remembered that the heater is segmented and can be cut only by the boundary line therebetween.

Cutting segments

Each panel heater is divided into segments. Cut it can only be on the marked lines, not forgetting the right to cut off the phase and neutral wire. Various modifications Zebra slightly vary in size segments

Once in the drawing will be possible to identify the location of the film should count the number of segments and, respectively, the number of packaging webs. If you plan to independent installation IR sex or ceiling, it is desirable to further acquire a so-called installation set, which includes heat shrink tubing, eyelets, clips, etc. ZPO

Mounting a reflecting layer

Under the IR film is required to installed insulation system. Despite the aluminum reflector, built-in heater, the radiation will still go to the bottom. To prevent this, on the basis of fixed reflective screen.

For its production should take material made on the basis of the foil. The best option is considered Izolon - foil laminated polyethylene foam. To secure it to the ceiling would be required fasteners. Their type is determined based on the base material.

For example, for concrete floor anchors are used to press the puck to the tree - building steppler or screws to press the puck. To begin, the material is cut, taking into consideration that the insulator strip must be joined with a slight overlap. Its size should be specified in the instructions to the material.

Attaching the reflective screen

Reflective screen easiest mounted on a wooden base or in the bars. In this case, you can get the job done with the help of construction stepplera

Prepared strips overlap at the ceiling. One is unable to cope, so you will need help. Next install the fasteners. The hardest thing will be to work with the concrete base, because you first need to perform the hole and then put the plug into it, and then fasten the panel press washer. Fixing strip for the stripe, collect all the reflective screen.

Preparation of film heaters

Start with cutting the film. It should be done properly. To start metered required number of segments and find the cut line between them. Next, the film is cut with scissors.

It is important to correctly cut the wires, phase and zero. At one end must remain the order of 100-150 mm wire, while the other - no more than 10 mm. The latter is considered dead end and necessarily insulated glue gun or a shrink tube.

When cutting is necessary to remember that the zero and phase wires with a high load is not calculated. For this reason, the length of the cloth does not exceed 6 m, otherwise there may be serious problems in the operation.

To the cut film tapes need to connect the ground wire. For this purpose, specially designed for this hole a bolt is inserted 4 mm at which the wire is fixed.

Installing radiant heaters

Installing the panels prepared heater is made similarly to the insulating strips, but without overlapping. Fasteners are used like. There is one comment.

Putting fasteners very carefully - so that they are as distant from the conductive wires laminated in plastic. Otherwise too great a risk of mechanical damage that will disable the heater segment.

Fixing to the ceiling Zebras

If the radiant heater is mounted directly on the floor slab, it is necessary to fix it with dowels press washers. The connection is performed similar to that used when installing insulation

The film is attached to the ceiling with some tension, to avoid possible unwanted sagging cloth. It is necessary, given that the distance from the heater to the installed subsequently finishing can not exceed 150mm and should not be less than 10 mm. When installing panels zero and phase conductors are derived strictly on one side.

Connection and Wiring

Next, the main cable is laid on the ceiling. It should be located on the side where the wires removed from the heaters. Styling uses a special element - the cable channel. It carried out a small hole located in front aside from the wires of the film.

Through them, and each phase is zero is put into the cable-duct. Here, they have to be wired with master cable. Optimal use of solder.

Installation Zebras on the ceiling

During installation zero and the phase conductors of each heater strip are derived strictly one-way. It is better to use copper wire of suitable section

Other methods are not as reliable. Wires neatly soldered into place, and necessarily isolated. Then ready to use the main cable is laid in place and sealed.

Further installation is dependent on the system control circuit. To manually connect the thermostat options. If you plan to add automatic operation temperature detectors and controller. A very important point is to connect the system to the network is required to have a dedicated line and the RCD.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The material in the videos, will help you better understand how the heating device, how it differs from its analogues, and how it can be quickly installed.

Video # 1. The operating principle of infrared heating:

Video # 2. An overview of the heating system Zebra EVO:

Video # 3. How to install the Zebra system:

Infrared heating, and Zebra refers precisely to this type - a practical alternative to convective systems. Its effectiveness and efficiency proven by numerous studies and years of practical application.

Daring to install infrared heaters, you need to understand that their dignity will reveal the full As only with careful thermal insulation of buildings, or zebra will only disappointment.

Do you want to talk about how to buy and install a heating system of a film at home? Have useful information that will help visitors to your site? Please write comments, ask questions, and share photos on the subject of the article is located in the block below.

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