TOP 16 of the largest manufacturers of electric underfloor heating


  1. Global manufacturers
  • Devi
  • Ensto
  • Energy
  • Rehau
  • Nexans
  • Ceil Hit
  • Eltherm
  • Calorique
  • Raychem
  • Caleo
  • Unimat
  • Domestic manufacturers
    • «Teplolux»
    • «National comfort»
    • LLC "Chuvashteplokabel»
    • Ltd. "Phoenix »

    Walking barefoot on the warm floor, especially in winter, is incredibly pleasant. More and more often today, when arranging warm floors, the choice falls on electrical systems, which is explained by their numerous advantages. They are easy to install, they are characterized by a long service life, uniform heating over the entire area and the possibility of precise temperature control of the up to 0.10 ° C.When choosing electric heated floors, one should take into account a lot of technical nuances, but do not forget that the is a kind of guarantee of quality and the absence of frequent breakdowns is the name of the manufacturer .We will dwell on the largest manufacturers of electric warm floors.

    Global manufacturers


    heated floors by Danish company Devi are considered quality standard, they are covered by a 20-year warranty, they rarely break, but they cost less than similar systems from other imported manufacturers. The company owns several factories in Denmark, constantly cooperating with research institutes that create new solutions for product improvement. The company offers customers not only a warm floor system for residential and office space, but also a system against freezing pipes, icing, etc.

    All products in factories are tested in three stages, protected by heat-resistant insulation, so you can be completely sure of its safety. Much is being done to ensure that the system of warm floors consumes a minimum of energy. The company's specialists have found a solution to the problem of energy saving due to the development of the Devireg Touсh thermostat, which is equipped with an intelligent timer. By the way, the company received a separate patent for this system.

    The manufacturer's product range includes a warm floor in the form of heating cables and thin mats. For different finishing coatings products are manufactured with slightly different parameters. Installation, in any case, is carried out quickly, it is possible to install even on an uneven concrete surface. Service centers of the company are located in large Russian cities, so even if something happens to the system, repairs will be quick, qualified, and its cost is included in the warranty.


    The Finnish company Ensto has been leading its history since 1958.Today it is the largest corporation, one of the leading European manufacturers of warm floors, for which the main task is not only the quality of its own products, but also concern for the environment. The company specializes in the production of underfloor heating and anti-icing systems.

    Electric underfloor heating manufacturers are highly reliable, easy to install and durable. The range has a heating cable that is installed in a concrete screed, thin cable and heating mat. By the way, heating mats FinnMat were made specifically for the domestic market and as much as possible take into account local climate and operation features. Warm floors of the company can be used in the most problematic places, and the cost mainly depends on power.


    The English company Energy appeared only in 1996, but during this time managed to establish its name with high-quality products. Warm floors of the manufacturer are very popular among domestic buyers, as with the use of high-quality components, advanced technologies and interesting design solutions, they have quite reasonable prices.

    The company's range of electric underfloor heating includes a two-wire photopolymer-insulated cable that can be installed under the tile even in rooms with high humidity , as well as a polymer mesh with a two-core cable evenly spaced on it. There is also an ultra-thin heating mat with a single-conductor cable, which can be used perfectly for any type of coating, and it is desirable to use it in dry rooms. The manufacturer makes a bid not only on low prices and cost-effectiveness of materials, but also on the environmental friendliness of products.


    The German company Rehau appeared in 1948 and since then has become a world-famous innovator in the field of polymer technologies. Today, the company is widely known for its windows, water-heated floors, also produces doors, furniture and much more. The manufacturer also succeeded in the production of electric floor heating. Numerous positive reviews testify to the high quality of the system, durability and ease of installation.


    Today, is a Norwegian company, Nexans , famous throughout the world, producing a wide range of products and famous for its innovations. Electric floor heating companies are widely represented in the domestic market, and buyers have already managed to evaluate the special technology of couplingless coupling, which allows using a programmable thermostat to adjust the desired temperature in different rooms of the apartment.

    Ceil Hit

    Spanish company Ceil Hit , working since 1975, deservedly ranks among European leaders in the production of electric floor heating. Distinguished products of the manufacturer is not only high quality, but also an affordable price. Thanks to the well-developed representation of the company in Russia, the Ceil Hit underfloor heating is widely spread among domestic users.

    The company's widest range of products, it offers complete solutions for space heating, produces heated mirrors, heating panels, infrared heaters, electric convectors, anti-foot systems and other products. As for electric heated floors, the company has in its assortment heating cables, heating mats, cutting cables, ready-made kits. You can use the system in virtually any room, they rarely break. Products are popular not only in Europe and Russia, but also in Asian countries, as well as in North and South America.


    Eltherm is a German company , engaged in the production of high-quality underfloor heating, which received a lot of positive feedback in many countries around the world. Next to reliability, durability and functionality, low price is among the main advantages of the system, which made products popular in Russia. In the assortment there are not only warm floors for heating different types of premises, but also systems for protection against freezing, to maintain the required temperature of pipes.


    Calorique is the leading American manufacturer of electric underfloor heating, . For about 30 years, the manufacturer has been engaged in this activity and has reached tremendous heights. Today, products are in demand in many countries of the world on different continents, incl.and in Russia. The company specializes in the production of flexible heating elements that carry out heating of the room due to infrared radiation. The thickness of such a film is only 0.3 mm , it took many years to develop it, but now it has received due international recognition and confirmation of compliance with all safety standards. The manufacturer’s product range includes different systems for use with different types of floor finishes, and the only disadvantage of the company's products is its high price, which, however, is more than covered by the quality and durability of the system.


    Underfloor heating under the brand name Raychem is manufactured by , an American company Tyco Thermal Control , which is known for many years of experience in the field of electrical heating cables. In the assortment of the company a lot of different offers in the field of heating systems, as well as accessories. Heating mats and heating cables are available for underfloor heating. All products are characterized by high durability, efficiency, hygiene, uniform distribution of heat around the room and the highest quality.


    Warm floors Caleo are represented in the country much wider than the products of other manufacturers. In terms of sales in the domestic market, these warm floors are leading. The Caleo brand is owned by by the South Korean manufacturer , and it is this country that is often called the birthplace of the infrared heat-insulated floor. Over the years, the company has become well recognized throughout the world and has enabled users to understand the full benefits of infrared film floors over cable. Quality and reasonable prices ensured high sales levels worldwide: in Russia alone, Caleo products account for 60% of the infrared film flooring market.

    In the production of film, the company uses its own innovative patented technologies, which made the products so popular and in demand. The range is presented by several options of heat-insulated floors. In Russia, representative offices of the company operate in hundreds of large and medium-sized cities. At affordable prices, products are easy to install, durable and reliable.


    Another company from South Korea , which has conquered the whole world, incl.and the domestic market. For heating, the manufacturer offers carbon thermomats, which, due to infrared radiation, heat the surrounding objects, not the air. The unique innovative system of the company can be used in any premises and even on the street. It is not surprising that she found widespread in saunas and baths. Another significant advantage of the company's products is its cost effectiveness. At the same time, the prices for warm floors of the manufacturer remain at a level acceptable for a domestic buyer. The company gives a guarantee on its products for 20 years, which says a lot.

    Domestic manufacturers


    Warm floors under the brand "Teplolux" are produced domestic plant "Special Systems and Technologies". This is considered the leader among all Russian enterprises in the sphere. In 2010, the brand was recognized as the most recognizable brand of warm floors in Russia. Since then, sales of products only grow, began the supply of electric underfloor heating in a dozen other countries.

    Products received such a high level of popularity due to the excellent price-quality ratio. The manufacturer is not afraid to give a 25-year warranty on , as it is confident in the durability and reliability of its products. With all this, the price of warm floors remains very democratic. At the moment, the company's product range includes electric underfloor heating with different parameters, ultrathin underfloor heating, mobile underfloor heating, as well as a host of other solutions aimed at ensuring maximum comfort in the room.

    “National Comfort”

    The National Comfort brand also belongs to to the Special Systems and Technologies group of companies , but the scale of development of each brand allows us to speak about them separately. On the territory of the country there are several factories where the production of this electric floor heating system is carried out. The products are of high quality and reliability, available at affordable prices.

    On sale you can find electric underfloor heating of the “Special Systems and Technologies” plant under other trademarks that have received less popularity and distribution of : Green Box, Teplofol and I-Warm .Warm floors under different brands of the company are exported to 40 countries of the world, which makes it possible to speak of it as one of the world's largest manufacturers of such systems.

    LLC Chuvashteplokabel

    Another domestic manufacturer, which constantly increases the pace of production and gains the trust of customers. The company began operations in 2000, and today it can boast of a completely independent production process: the company performs everything from insulated workpieces to the production of ready-to-install systems. Production is carried out on the German equipment, at all stages of the strictest control, work only experienced professionals, which allows to produce the highest quality products.

    All the most advanced developments of European companies are used in production. Due to the use of high-quality local raw materials, it is possible to offer buyers the best prices. In terms of cost and quality, electric underfloor heating confidently occupies the first place in the domestic market.


    Spayhit LLC is a major Russian manufacturer of electric underfloor heating, which has been on the market for over 15 years. The main specialization of the company is the production of heating cables and electronic thermostats, which allows us to offer customers comprehensive solutions for arranging their own homes.

    The company's products are in increasing demand due to high quality, ease of installation, reliability and affordable prices. Moreover, the sets of heated floors immediately included all the necessary elements for installation, which is very convenient. There are heating mats and cables of different capacities in the company's assortment, new offers are constantly appearing as a result of the analysis of the market and consumer requirements.

    Phoenix LLC

    This Russian company has been producing electrical heating systems for about 10 years. She has solutions for heating the roof, pipes, gutters, paths, steps and, of course, for floor heating and control of the system of heated floors. Representative offices of the company sell in different regions of the country. Warm floors of the manufacturer are presented in the form of cables, mats and a thin infrared film.

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