Fireplaces: types, benefits and construction

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  1. Fireplaces - Description
  2. Fireplaces - The Benefits of Using
  • Fireplaces - Types of
  • Fireplaces - Electric
  • How Can I Heat a Fireplace?
  • Fireplaces - where to install?
    • How does a stove differ from a fireplace?
    • Fireplaces - a variety of materials for building
  • Building a fireplace with your own hands - stages
  • What a great pleasure a man who drinks warm Indian tea and reads an interesting novel is sitting near a burning fireplace. Or imagine yourself in the winter, when outside the window of the cold, the trees are covered with a thick layer of snow, and you sit in a chair, drink your favorite whiskey and smoke a cigar, looking into the burning sparks of a flame of fire inside the fireplace. You can endlessly admire the tongues of flame, which soothe the soul, contribute to finding peace, achieving a state of relaxation. Undoubtedly, such a corner is extremely necessary for everyone who worked hard all day long and prefers to relax at the “live” light at the end of the working day.

    Fireplaces - description

    Fireplace literally from the Latin language is translated as the hearth. Nowadays, the presence of a fireplace in the house indicates the financial well-being of the owners. However, not everyone uses a fireplace to heat a house, although modern technologies allow the use of such structures that can heat an entire house much cheaper than an and is more profitable. An ordinary small fireplace in the cold of winter, of course, does not help you to fully cope with the heating of the house, but in the fall and spring it will serve you to glory. Depending on the type of fireplace and its size, a certain area of ​​the room and house is heated. For example, if you have a mini-fireplace with a size of 1020 x 510 mm, then you will be able to heat the room at 16-20 square meters.meters

    Fireplaces - the benefits of using

    Despite the fact that fireplaces in our time are not considered as the optimal method of heating a house, they still remain a subject of luxury and aesthetics, a beautiful thing that creates a warm atmosphere in a hotel room. The decorative fireplace will look great in the office, waiting rooms and rooms of a large mansion, as an auxiliary heating method. With nothing you can not compare the feeling of joy and comfort in the soul, which is transmitted to a person from such admiration by fire in his own hearth. At the fire of thought, they are put in order, new ideas appear, emotions calm down, and negative feelings cease to torment the soul.

    Fireplaces - types of

    Fireplaces are classified according to the following four main features:

    1. By the location in the room there are fireplaces - mounted in the wall, wall, island and corner .
    2. In appearance of the fuel hole fireplaces are open and closed. The appearance of the fuel hole directly affects the efficiency( Efficiency Ratio).Fireplaces with an open hearth, as a rule, have low efficiency, which does not exceed 15%, but they certainly deliver a great aesthetic pleasure. The fact is that to control the burning process of and the power of fire in an open fireplace is a rather difficult task that requires a lot of time and effort, as well as high fuel consumption. The room where the fireplace is installed, in this case, dramatically overheats, and when the flame dies out, the heat decreases sharply. In addition, open-type fireplaces are dangerous because even a small spark, such as a carpet, can cause a large fire. From this point of view, a closed fireplace is the most safe and economical .By choosing a special model, you can warm the entire house or apartment. At the same time, the technology allows you to control the temperature and intensity of the flame, saving firewood. The efficiency of such a fireplace exceeds 70%.
    3. According to the method of radiating heat, fireplaces are with one-sided radiation, two-sided and three-sided. The first type is the simplest and most common. A fireplace with one-sided radiation is used for heating a room of 90 sq.m. A double-sided fireplace differs in its complexity, but such a fireplace has many drawbacks, the most important of which is the impossibility of optimal heating of large rooms and the requirement for a larger volume of air. The third type of fireplace with trilateral radiation radiates heat in three directions, respectively, but only one direction has real efficiency and benefit.
    4. The latest classification of fireplaces is carried out depending on the type of fuel used. So stand out wood fireplaces, the most common, gas, electric and biofireplaces, which appeared on the modern market quite recently.

    Fireplaces - electric

    Electrofireplace has a lot of advantages over a wood and gas fireplace. The first advantage is its low price, compared with the two previous types. The second advantage, as stated above, is that such an fireplace does not require the special care of .To install, it is enough to install the fireplace in the place of your choice and connect it to the power supply: it will start its work, giving you great aesthetic pleasure with its bright flame. Electrofireplace fits perfectly into any interior. Certain models of such a fireplace can be equipped with several heating modes - from weak mode to the strongest . can work without any type of fuel. However, there are models that are distinguished by their versatility and work simultaneously with wood or coal. Such models are also offered that do not require the laying of firewood - the fireplace can do it for you after you “order” it with the remote control.

    Electrofireplace with a power up to 2 kW warms up a room up to 20 sq. M.m. As well as the two previous types of fireplaces, electric fireplaces, in terms of the type of installation, can be mounted in the wall, to be wall or corner. In apartment conditions electrofireplaces thanks to compactness, availability and ease in installation and connection use special popularity.

    How can I burn a fireplace?

    Fireplace, depending on its type, can be heated either with wood, gas or electricity. Classical fireplaces are heated with wood. wood fireplaces are the most popular and most preferred in the world. Such fireplaces convey the taste of antiquity, remind of the distant past, and specially decorated fireplaces give the room an aristocratic look. Firewood can be purchased at special stores and shopping centers at the logging plant. You can also go to the forest yourself, cut down trees and pierce the wood. True, the last option is the most difficult and dangerous, besides, there is a high probability that due to illegal cutting of trees you are “decently” fined or a criminal case is opened. Therefore, it is better to buy firewood.

    In the meantime, you still have to take into account the drawbacks of a wood fireplace when choosing. For example, the disadvantage is that sparks of fire, obtained from the combustion of firewood, can get on any quick-burning material, and the slightest draft can cause a fire. Such a danger arises from open fireplaces. It may be noted that in this case it is not a very pleasant thing to constantly clean the wood-burning fireplace from ash and burning.

    The gas fireplace seems to be the most optimal option, because with the wiring of gas in our time, especially in Russia, no difficulties should arise. Gas fireplace works silently, does not require constant monitoring of the fire, heats the room evenly. Installing a gas fireplace is not very difficult. From a financial point of view, this is the most profitable option. Moreover, gas heating is the most economical way to generate more energy and heat the room better.

    The electric fireplace has been on the market since the mid-20th century and is renowned for its cost savings and ease of operation. Heating by an electric fireplace is carried out evenly and without sudden temperature fluctuations. This fireplace works directly from the mains. The owners do not need to bother with the electrofireplace for a long time, there is no need to deal with fumes or smoke, since they simply do not exist, and, of course, there is no point in installing a chimney. More on electric fireplaces mentioned above.

    A bio-fireplace or eco-fireplace is a unique invention, thanks to which real fire burns without smoke, ash or ash. The peculiarity of the biofireplace is its work on environmentally friendly biofuel, in particular - liquid. Due to its lightweight construction, a biofireplace can be installed anywhere, without much additional work, it does not need a chimney, it does not form ashes and waste. Small biofireplaces can be placed anywhere.

    Fireplaces - where to install?

    Fireplaces can be used everywhere - from a country house to an apartment, office or entertainment places( bar, cafe, restaurant, club, etc.).As mentioned above, the place and method of installation of the fireplace depends on the decoration, style and type of product. For example, it is customary to install small bio-fireplaces in the middle of the room, next to the resting place, closer to the chair or to the sofa. There are also small desktop fireplaces, which not only serve as an original decoration, but are also used in the art of trataka for fire meditation. Such a mini-fireplace is indispensable for practicing yoga, meditation or Buddhism.

    Naturally, it is not advisable to install a large fireplace in the middle of a room, as it takes up a lot of space, narrows the space and just looks ugly. However, the choice of location is necessary depending on your own preferences.

    How is a stove different from a fireplace?

    In essence, a fireplace is the same stove, only with a more simplified design. In addition to the appearance, the fireplace and stove differ from each other by the method of heat transfer. Modern stove has a high degree of heat transfer due to its massive masonry, which cannot be said about the fireplace. However, despite this circumstance, fireplaces are more popular, because today they are the subject of home aesthetics, coziness and comfort, and only as a last resort act as a simple heater.

    Fireplaces - a kind of materials for the construction of

    . For laying the fireplace you need special fire-resistant bricks, mountain sand, cement, clay, crushed stone and special rubber - roofing material. For finishing the fireplace, you can use any material of your choice, for example, ceramic plates, glazed bricks or just stones. As for the materials for the chimney, you need to be especially careful and approach the issue more responsibly, since the good quality of the chimney should guarantee the long and reliable operation of your fireplace. It is very important that the material from which the chimney is made is as resistant to corrosion as possible. Today, steel chimneys are popular, heat-resistant steel is not subject to corrosion, and the installation of a steel chimney is not very complicated in already built houses. It is enough to make a hole on the ceiling and on the roof of the house. Glass and ceramic chimneys are also popular, but their price is much higher than steel. From this point of view, the best option is the steel chimney .

    Do-it-yourself fireplace construction - stages of

    If you want to have a fireplace at home or in an apartment, you can contact the experts in this matter and wait patiently for its installation. Greater patience and strength will require the construction of a fireplace with your own hands. An easier way to get a fireplace will be to buy a finished product. You just need to install it in a pre-designated area with an chimney. It would be much easier to simply buy and install an electric fire, which does not require a chimney or a biofireplace, which is the most environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly. However, if you nevertheless decided to work themselves on the construction of a brick fireplace, then you are very lucky that today there is anything on the market that you can use to do it yourself. Currently on sale there is a large range of decorative materials you need for finishing the outer surface of the fireplace.

    1. So, you need to start building a fireplace with the most important and main task - you need to choose the place and type of fireplace you want. It should be noted that the most difficult thing is the construction of built into the wall of the fireplace and, as a rule, such a fireplace is built at the stage when the house itself is built. Therefore, in this case, we describe how to build a front( wall) fireplace.
    2. The place for the fireplace must be chosen to be protected from drafts, far from doors and windows. The first thing you need to lay a solid foundation that would serve as the basis for the long functioning of the fireplace. The size of the foundation should correspond to the size of the fireplace .The foundation is made of rubble or gravel and mixed with cement and sand. Previously the floor is covered with roofing felt for waterproofing. The mixture for the foundation that you have prepared is evenly laid on top and left to dry for a while.
    3. Next, a platform under the fireplace is laid out of a special fire-resistant brick, in order to minimize the risk of fire. It is possible to apply plaster on the walls inside the fireplace in order to increase the amount of heat transfer from .The last thing we attach the chimney to the smoke box and shove it into a pre-made hole on the ceiling and roof. Now you can begin to finish and decorate the fireplace to your taste.
    4. After completing the construction of the fireplace, it is necessary to leave it for about one month so that it can dry and strengthen properly, and only then start operation. Unfortunately, it is rather difficult to build classic fireplaces in apartments. In most cases, the building and use of such a fireplace in apartments is not allowed .Although in Moscow you can use a classic fireplace only on the upper floors of the house, where there will be no problems with the installation of chimneys. That is why if you want to have a fireplace, but you do not live on the top floor of the house, then it is best to purchase and install electric or biofireplaces. There will be no major troubles in the installation process. It is particularly important to emphasize the need to follow safety rules. Do not let children approach open fire! Do not leave the fire unattended! Clean the chimney regularly, if any!
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