Two tariff electricity meter

Two-tariff electricity meter is a metering device that allows you to keep payments on two charging zones. At night, the payment is charged at a smaller amount. Three-tariff counters are known.

Issues of application of two electric energy rating zones

Experts say that rhythmic work is beneficial for power plants, when power output is constant throughout the day. In winter, to ensure equality with summer days will not work, but all other things being equal, a gradual change in the seasons is better than everyday fuss. This is due to the peculiarities of equipment operation.

Multi-tariff meter

If you take the private sector, the peak of consumption comes in the morning. Power station specialists are more expensive to maintain and repair, rather than a discount made with the expectation that in the early hours before the start of the working day, some users do not have to switch on powerful devices. This is the official point of the experts in Energosbyt. Approximate reasoned pricing plan by zones:

  1. In the daytime, the tariff is offered above the normal one. This encourages people to use maximum appliances at night. If we give examples, the situation connected with this happened in the Nizhny Novgorod region, where the daily price was equal to one-rate. So, people needed to put a new advanced counter in order to immediately start paying less. It is not right. The daily price is supposed to be above average in order to force the consumer to switch to night hours. The official policy of the Russian government was announced.
  2. Night fare, as a rule, lower by one third. Since 2010, a new system with a similar distribution has been promoted in Primorsky Krai. Hours that coincide with the law on the silence and tranquility of citizens are taken into account: from 23 to 6. Difficulty remains. In some regions, summer and winter time are again introduced, the meter program must take into account the peculiarity. The transfer of equipment to a new mode requires costs, energy suppliers refuse to pay for it.

The clock translation is not that simple. Reprogramming costs between 250 and 700 rubles, depending on the region, which reduces the savings to zero. Residents complain that they paid for the installation, then they laid out for commissioning, now the legislation has changed, and again the process will cost a pretty penny. Experts estimate that the payback period for equipment for an average family fluctuates around 5 years. If you constantly need service, the ups and downs will continue.

Electricity Tariffing

At YouTube, they show videos about reprogramming and installing meters. Any electrician knows that a mains voltage of 380 V reigns in the drive plate, which can be fatal. Articles are increasingly claiming that the counter can be delivered personally. Let us question the truth of such advice - an electrician, when applying for a job, passes tests for safety standards and is obliged to receive an admission.

We conclude from what has been said:

  • Transfer to a two-tariff system is possible in regions where the situation is provided for by local legislation.
  • Before installation, a process of coordination with the management organization is carried out. In some regions, they need to connect a dwelling house at the same time.
  • A preliminary calculation of costs will show whether it is profitable to engage in the installation of new equipment.

Not always difficult electronic device works in a regular mode. If the two-tariff electricity meter gradually moves away from real time, reprogramming will be required. You have to pay the owner of the device. In case of refusal to make the amount of the owner is transferred not to the total tariff, but to the most expensive one available. It turns out that the buyer of the two-tariff electricity meter is the loser. The only advantageous side of the issue: when moving, you are allowed to take your own device with you, unlike the one set by the management company. Finally, in Arkhangelsk, government agencies do not charge money for introducing a new program: you should find out the policy of local power grids.

Electricity meters

Two-tariff electric meter

The two-tariff counter differs from the simple ability to record by time zones. This is the simplest type of instrument. Complicated allow you to set more than three ranges, if necessary, set the annual calendar. In use, the devices are divided into two global types: the first show the operating time in kWh, the second indicate the amount in rubles. The difference is palpable under local law. In some regions, the apartment owner can single-handedly switch to a new accounting system, if the readings are taken in rubles. Otherwise, the procedure must go through the whole house.

In order for the two-tariff electricity meter to start functioning, it is necessary to introduce a program. Standing by default will not work. For reprogramming, primitive means are used: serial I / O ports COM or USB.From the laptop the master pumps the data to the non-volatile meter soldering. Special software is used to exclude the arbitrariness of residents. Memory dvuhtarifnogo counter differs little from a conventional flash drive. And bring there data is available to everyone, do not be intentionally made restrictions.

The meter setting is done programmatically, and the readings are taken by pressing the corresponding keys, which is easy to read in the instructions. The list of monitored parameters is wide, up to temperature and time of work in a certain zone. For payment, only information on the amount of electricity consumed will be useful. Separate devices register the amount in rubles.

For switching with a local electrical network, input and output contacts are labeled accordingly. Colors and symbols can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is necessary to be guided by the instruction on the two-tariff counter of the electric power.

How profitable to use two charging zones

At night, according to the program, washing machines and dishwashers can work. You will need the possibility of programming or delaying the start. Scientists have proved the ineffectiveness of waking at night, provoking the development of fatigue syndrome. According to the program, multicookers and bread machines can work, but not TVs and personal computers. It seems doubtful the possibility of adjusting the time of activation of heating devices. Heat loss through the walls is not related to the time of day.

Microclimate maintenance issues occur in the summer. Without a doubt, the peak energy consumption will be in the daytime. Even when factories and factories are full, when suppliers want to reduce their population consumption. Troubles adds a fact: now the current time of each region is set by local regulations.

Savings on a fee for light

The main energy consumers are electric cookers, irons, heaters. Users of smart home appliances claim that washing and dishwashers spend 1-2 kWh per cycle. It is easy to calculate whether it is advantageous to use night delayed cycles. As for other equipment, it is cruel to force the housewife to iron the night away. It's easier to buy an economical ironing device. Power mode is indicated in the technical data.

So, people who are able to load washing machines, dishwashers, multicookers, bread makers nightly will gain the benefits of using two-tariff electricity meters. When in the daytime there are no people at home. Pensioners who like to watch TV shows do not fall into this category: night channels are aimed at a different kind of public. On the contrary, people of creative professions who freely determine their own schedule, catch the chances of getting a certain gain from the use of equipment.

We must not forget about the fact that in each region there is an individual policy. In Nizhny Novgorod, once billing was conducted on day and night hours, in addition - on holidays. If the counter does not support entering such a complex schedule, you will have to pay the maximum. This is the policy of Energosbyt. Therefore, before buying, you need to carefully study the local legislation:

  1. Is there a system for dividing tariffs into zones by the time of day.
  2. What is the pricing system, the number of time zones, special conditions for various public holidays.
  3. Is there a charge for reprogramming the meter by the master?
  4. What awaits the owner of the device in case of refusal from the pricing system and the transition is not a single payment system. What is the amount in rubles for 1 kWh of energy in this case.
  5. How the device must meet the conditions in order to pass the accounting by local companies.

Additionally, the cost of the instrument and the amount posted for the installation is estimated. At the same time, they clarify the verification issues for the period when the passport period expires. Usually the procedure is cheaper than buying and installing a new counter. In most cases, it is not necessary to remove the device from the distribution box. Please note that the verification involved companies that are not related to the managers.

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