Selecting, operating and repairing a flatbed scanner

Selecting, operating and repairing a flatbed scanner


The scanner is a peripheral computer device. It is designed to convert printed information to digital. It can be texts, photographs, drawings. For what? To send the information to the computer. Tablet scanners are very popular. They are the easiest to use.


  • 1The device and principle of operation of a flatbed scanner
  • 2Differences from other species
  • 3Choosing a device for home and business
  • 4Connecting and Operating the Flatbed Scanner
  • 5Repair your device yourself
    • 5.1Malfunctions of flatbed scanners and their solutions
    • 5.2Troubleshooting a flatbed scanner
    • 5.3How to disassemble the scanner and what to look for

The device and the principle of the tabletscanner

The main element of the tabletscanneraIs a reading sensor. It can be made in the form of CIS-sensors or CCD-matrix, consisting of photosensitive elements. It is also called a CCD ruler, because the pixels in it are lined up in one row. The number of pixels depends on the resolutiondevices.

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The reading sensor moves along the object

Photocells and a light source are enclosed in a special carriage. The stationary transparent glass acts as a working surface. It is put on a printed image or text. The device has a stepper motor that drives the scanning carriage. It moves along the glass with the page. The light emitted from the lamp is reflected from the paper surface. In the CCD-matrix with the help of a group of glasses and mirrors, the reflected light is projected onto the photocells. The latter process the light flux and convert its strength into an analog signal. In the CIS-scannerax principle of action analogical, but without the participation of an optical system.

CIS-sensor does not have an optical group

Thus, during scanning, the photocells receive a certain amount of voltage for each line of the image. Further, the produced signal goes to the converter of the analog pulse. There it goes into digital format, which can be transferred for further work on the computer.

Differences from other species

There are several typesscanning devices:

  • protracted. Processes only individual sheets, since the image extends along the scanning element;
    The image extends along the scanning element
  • drum. The image is attached to a rotating cylinder. The luminous flux illuminates the drum and is scanned;
    The image is attached to the drum
  • roller. The original is moved by a group of rollers, and copying takes place using a CCD array;
    Paper rolls
  • projection. Most often they are used to process the A3 format. The image is placed on a special stand. The rotary encoder scans each line from a distance of 30 cm;
    The sensor rotates and scans each line
  • book. The brochure is placed on a V-shaped surface. The user independently scrolls through it while working;
    The book is placed on a V-shaped surface
  • scannerforslides. Processes slides and film;
    The scanner processes slides and film
  • manual. Has a compact size. The sensor enclosed in the housing is moved by hand.
    The scanner is moved by hand

Unlike other speciestechniques of this type, onTablet can handle a wide variety of originals: individual pages, books, tapes, slides, various objects. In addition, the size varies from thumbnails to large formats. This is due to the fact that you do not need to fix the paper on the cylinder, as in the drumscannere, or skip the originall by rollers. You can raise the lid to process a book or picture with a frame. Depth of field up to 30 mm allows you to scan volumetric objects. With additional devices, films and slides are copied.

Choosing a device for home and business

To choose a suitable model, you need to understand how they differ. Then the purchase will not turn out to be a mistake for you and will allow you to use the device for many years.

  • for what purpose will you usescanner? Different models differ in functional. Some scan documents, others - films and slides, still others - both;
  • image quality. Some models are very high quality scanning photos. It depends on the number of pixels. These are small points that combine to form images. With the increase in their number, the quality of the image grows.Scannerforblack and white copying Canon CanoScan has 2400 pixels, andscannerforprocessing originalWith high image quality Epson Perfection - 6500points. So decide how important to you is the large number of pixels;
  • scanning of books. For such work, the lid should be flexible to copy books of different thicknesses;
  • firm - manufacturer. Experts recommend two major manufacturers: Canon and Epson. ThesescannerWe have convenient software, build quality, great warranty. There are so many varieties of models that any buyer can choose a device for himself;
  • software. Choose a model with a lot of settings for the image being processed. If you do not want to delve into this especially, that isscanners with programs forautomatic onconstruction;
  • format. To scan large images and objects, you need toscanners large format,example, A3. They are more expensive than other models and take up more space;
  • interface to connect. Manymodelssleephigh-speed or standard USB ports. Some models have a Wi-Fi module that allows you to connect to a computer without a USB cable;
  • speed of operation. In different models it ranges from a few seconds to several minutes;
  • type of sensor. CCD-scanners due to theThe optical system is more expensive and more voluminous CIS-scannera. But this is compensated by a greater depth of field.

After you have decided on the main characteristics, pay attention to the following:scanners forbusinesses allow you to process up to 8500 images a day. They have a panel with connectors for creating a multi-user network. Can scan from two sides.

Connecting and Operating the Tabletscanner

  1. Deliverscanneron the table. Connect it to the computer. On most devices, this is done with the USB connector. If there is a power cord, then plug it into the outlet.
    Connecting via USB port
  2. Install the software that comes with the computer. This is the program itself and the drivers. Run the files with the extension .exe. After installation, the computer determines thatscanneris connected. Close the program.
  3. Open the lid of the device and place the item to be scanned downward.
    The original is located downward
  4. Close the cover. Press the power button. And only after that run the program on the computer. Make the necessary settings for scanning. Click ok.
    The program window for selecting settings
  5. If there is no power button, then there are control buttons. They are located on the cover or on the body of the device.
    Control buttons on the scanner cover
  6. Select the desired mode and press the button.
    Selecting the operating mode of the scanner
  7. The program will start and will inform you about the status of the process.
  8. When you are finished, close the program on your computer and turn it off.scanner.

Repair your device yourself

Havescannerathere are different breakages. In some cases, you can fix them yourself, in others - to take the device to a service center.

Tablet Problemsscanners and solutions

Malfunction Cause Solution
Does not turn on Cable damage Self-replacement
Connector damagescanner Address to a specialist
Power supply failure Address to a specialist
PCB Malfunction Address to a specialist
The carriage does not move or stops Clogging the rack Self cleaning
Fouling or breakage of gears Address to a specialist
Engine malfunction Address to a specialist
PCB Malfunction Address to a specialist
Carriage lamp does not light Lamp failure or mirror contamination Address to a specialist
Scanning for poor quality Malfunction of the scanning ruler Address to a specialist

If you do not find the cause of the failure yourself,scannerin the service center.

Troubleshooting Tabletscanner

If you connectscanner, and the power indicator does not light, check the USB cable and the power cord, if available.

  1. Take the multimeter. Put it in the dial mode.
    Multi-meter continuity mode
  2. In the USB cable, connect the test leads of the tester to the pins of the connectors at both ends. Only 4 contacts, so the multimeter should sip 4 times.
    4 pin of USB cable
  3. In a network cablescanneratwo veins. Connect one probe to the plug, the other to the connector terminal. If there is no signal, touch the other connector. The absence of a multimeter call indicates a cable break. Replace it with a new one
    Contacts for wire tester

If the wires are intact, the cause in the faulty connectorscannera, power supply unit or printed circuit board. In this case, go to the workshop.

If the power indicator is on, but the carriage does not move or moves badly, it is necessary to disassemblescannerand clean it of debris. Begin parsing from the top.

  1. For your convenience, remove the cover.
  2. Next, you need to remove the two side panels and glass. The straps are glued with double-sided tape. Therefore, it is necessary to simultaneously peel them off and look so that the latch does not break. Start from the place where the arrow is drawn. Take a flat screwdriver. Insert it into the slot and slowly propel it forward, peeling off the adhesive tape.
    Peeling adhesive tape using a flat screwdriver
  3. If the screwdriver is tight, then there is a latch. To do this, pull the edge of the lower part of the body to the outside, and the bar inside.
    It is necessary to pull the edge of the body outward
  4. After removing both slats, slide the glass in the direction of securing the top cover so that it comes out of the front groove. Poke and remove.
    It is necessary to move the glass inside
  5. Now you have access to all internal nodes of the device. Remove the carriage and set aside.
    Scanner carriage with connected loop
  6. Unscrew the rack to clean it of debris. When the teeth are clogged, the carriage at this point slows down its movement or stops altogether. Remove all dust from the housing.
    Toothed rack bolted
  7. Before assembling, remove the old scotch from the glass. He lost his original qualities. In its place, paste a new one.
  8. Collect everything in the reverse order.

Turn onscanner. Check up its working capacity. If the problem persists, contact the workshop.

Thus, home repair of the scanner is reduced to the diagnosis of wires and cleaning from dust. The main nodes that fail are of complex construction. It is not recommended to touch them yourself.

How to disassemblescannerand onwhat to pay attention to

The flatbed scanner is very convenient for its size and functionality. It can be easily dismantled and repaired. If you make the right choice when buying a device, it will please you for many years.

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