Repair faults hobs do it yourself

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Cooktop is one of the most important appliances in the kitchen, and, like any other appliances, are susceptible to breakdowns, but to repair themselves is easy. If a malfunction is found during the warranty period, your slab will be repaired free of charge. But if the breakdown occurred a few years later, you can try to repair the hob with your own hands, since turning to experts may cost a little less than buying a new stove.

In this article, our experts listed all the faults in the hob and gradually disassembled the process of repairing faults with their own hands.

Electric hob

Does not turn on the hob - the most common electrical panel failure, the device is plugged in, but does not work at all, or only one of the hotplates does not heat up. DIY repair can be disassembled into the following steps:

  1. We check the voltage in the outlet, because of the heavy loads, the contacts of the outlet often burn out.
  2. We check the plug and the cord for mechanical damage - they can tritely cut off or completely break the chain. Most often, damage is observed at the panel connection points in the outlet. Found damage - replace the cord.
  3. Disconnect power, remove fasteners and dismantle the surface from the table top. We disassemble the surface and proceed to the next step.
  4. Take a multimeter and check the transformer, the next step is to check the thermal fuse. In the absence of resistance or if it differs significantly from that stated by the manufacturer, parts must be replaced, they are sold in many electronics stores.
  5. One burner does not work on the hob - it is necessary to check all the wires, as well as their connections to the burners, thermostat, switches, control panel, to the fact of the open circuit. If visually the fault is not visible, all contacts are in place, take a multimeter and check each connection.

If you do not have a multimeter, you can use an indicator screwdriver for repair, which can check the presence of voltage in all parts of the circuit. We also recommend watching the video, which will help you to repair the cooking surfaces yourself.

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Electrical panel malfunctions

The main problems that users of electric electric hobs can face are:

  • Blown fuse - due to a power surge. The low price of a new fuse and simple replacement process makes it easy to do-it-yourself repairs to this malfunction. For the future, we advise you to purchase a device that will protect your electrical network from power surges.
  • If one or two burners do not work .Check the wire that supplies voltage to the heater. Under the influence of temperature, it is unsoldered. Repair is very simple, just solder it in place with a soldering iron. If the chain is not broken, you have burned out the heating element itself, you will need to buy a new one and replace it. Before changing, make sure there is a circuit between the heating element and the control panel, the cause of the malfunction may be poor contact.
  • The sensor does not work - the hob does not turn on. One of the rare and most complex faults in touch cooktops. You can again check the circuit, if there is no break, you will have to completely replace the touch panel, but it is better to have it repaired. The reason may not be proper operation, care of prohibited means. Home repair can only specialist who is perfectly familiar with the electronics.
  • The burner heats up badly or the does not work at all. The reason is bad contact with the heating element, thermostat or thermostat - we check for the presence of electricity in the circuit between these segments.
  • The hob is very hot, it works and does not turn off. - thermostat malfunction. The thermostat is not repaired, you should buy a new one and replace it.
  • The glass-ceramic surface of the has cracked. We find out the reason, if you have not dropped anything heavy, we apply for warranty service, this is a typical factory defect, the manufacturer will repair it for free. If you are to blame for the crack, you will have to give the panel for repair, it is quite difficult to replace it with your own hands. Please note that glass replacement repairs are very expensive, therefore, operate the panel according to the instructions.

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Induction hob

Induction hobs, although they are the most modern and high-tech appliances, are also not insured against malfunctions. Let us examine the main faults of the induction panels, and what repairs you can try to do with your own hands.

  1. Induction hob does not turn on or immediately turns off - most often this is a feature of this type of panel, and not a malfunction. Induction panels have a protective function, if you do not use a suitable diameter or material of dishes, the panel will automatically turn off the power, while the burner will not heat up. Also the burner will turn off automatically if you remove the dishes from the surface.
  2. Induction cooker heats long and weakly - again, we read the requirements for cookware in the instructions.90% of the faults induction plates associated with the wrong dishes.
  3. The induction panel turns on itself, although there are no dishes on the hotplate. Remove all metal objects and clean the salt from the stove, if this does not help, you have a problem in the control unit, it needs repair or replacement. It is better to contact the service.
  4. Induction panel does not work .The principle of diagnosis and repair does not change, experts first check the fuse.then the whole chain is tolled for an open circuit and replaces the burnt part.

Gas hob

The last kind of cooking appliances is a gas hob. One of the most simple and easily repairable with their own hands. Electronics is used less, so there are not many faults and all are easily fixed.

  • Gas does not ignite or is badly ignited. Immediately check the electric ignition( piezo) for the presence of blockage or liquid. In 90% of cases, it is enough to wash it thoroughly and dry it. If this does not help, check the presence of electricity in the circuit leading to the coil of the piezo.
  • The gas hob does not turn on because gas does not flow to the hob. Repair of hobs in these cases is not needed, enough prevention. We check the gas pipe, if the valve is open and there is gas in the system, proceed to check the injectors. The blockage occurs with grease or food residues, it is enough to clean it. Do not forget to wipe dry after cleaning, moisture should not remain. If moisture remains, the piezo will not ignite.

Modern cooking hobs are equipped with fault detection sensors and diagnostic modules, an error code appears on the screen. Find the code in the instructions and follow these recommendations to eliminate the specific malfunction. Use the forums, where you can find real reviews and repair experience with their own hands from experts and other users, it is your model with detailed instructions and photos.

If you analyze all the malfunctions of cooktops that may occur during operation, you can say with confidence that most of them can be repaired with your own hands.


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Summing up the Forces Team, if you are faced with a more complex problem and are not confident in your knowledge and power, contact the service center.

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