Why the washing machine has stopped pressing underwear

After several months of use, a washing machine can unpleasantly surprise with a whole bunch of faults - water does not drain, excessive noise, spinning does not work, etc. And to understand this issue, you first need to understand why the washing machine does not squeeze. This defect is considered to be one of the most significant, as it negates the main purpose of the washing machine - to replace manual labor. Spin linen takes a lot of work, every hostess knows about it, and if this function does not work, it's time to intervene.

The fact is that in modern household appliances one cannot simply turn a blind eye to problems. One failure will certainly entail a dangerous chain of even more significant problems. And if your washing machine is crammed with electronics, one failure will certainly cause a number of failures. Therefore, it is necessary to react immediately after the symptoms are detected, and it is desirable to enlist the help of specialists. However, some problems you can eliminate yourself if you thoroughly understand the essence of the issue.

So what is the reason for such problems? Why did a working washing machine suddenly stop squeezing underwear and put this hard work on the fragile shoulders of the hostess? Here you should pay attention to a number of factors that can trigger a "strike" of your equipment.


  • 1 Faulty programming or electronics module
  • 2 damaged pump
  • 3 Faulty water level sensor
  • 4 engine failure

Faulty programming or electronics module

As is known, electronic machines function by built-in electronic module and electromechanical models - due to special programming, which is responsible forexecution of all processes. And if these fundamental details suddenly fail, we should expect serious problems with your equipment. There are many reasons why the above details may fail, and it is impossible to insure against each of them.

If the electronic module or programmer in the washing machine is damaged, and as a result, the spinning does not work, you will need a complete flashing of the system or even a device replacement. Of course, only a qualified specialist from the service will be able to cope with such work.

Do not try to deal with the problem on your own, armed with dubious advice - such amateur activity usually ends badly. A modern washing machine will not tolerate incompetent interventions, since complex technologies can immediately fail after the first inadvertent movement.


pump If the drain pump in the washing machine is faulty, the water simply will not drain from the tank. Accordingly, your device will not be able to wring underwear in such conditions. To get started is to check the drain hose and valve for blockages. It is possible that the drain is simply clogged with debris or silt from poor-quality water, so the water does not drain well. If the drain is OK, but the spin is still not working, you need to pay attention directly to the pump.

If the drain pump is blown or broken for any other reason, you should call a specialist who will correct the problem in a matter of hours.


water level sensor is defective In order for the spinning process to start, the washing machine must receive a signal about the water level. And if the water level sensor is broken or failed, the signal will not arrive, and accordingly the machine will not be pressed. It will be necessary to change the sensor, with which only a competent master will cope.

Breakdown of the engine

Spin requires maximum speed, and if the engine of the device is faulty, the machine will not be pressed. This can happen for various reasons - graphite brushes have failed, winding has been damaged, etc. To solve this problem, you will need to order a deep engine diagnostics, and only then you will find out how to fix the problem - repair or replace parts.

As you have noticed, it is not always possible to cope with such problems on your own. But you can avoid some breakdowns by following the rules of operation.

  • Always check the contents of your pockets before loading clothes into the machine - small money and other metal objects can cause significant damage;
  • Control the loading process. Do not overload the drum, do not dump everything in one continuous heavy lump - all this can adversely affect the technique;
  • Protect against power surges. Buy a power filter - this minor waste of money will be an excellent protection for your equipment, given the unstable electricity supply in our country.

Follow the instructions - and trouble guaranteed to be avoided.

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