Dishwasher Electrolux ESF9423LMW: features and modes of household appliances

Collected in Poland dishwasher Electrolux ESF9423LMW narrow screen is detached from the device cost about 22 thousand.

This model is present in the Russian market for about three years, so when compared with its competitors, you can focus not only on the technical characteristics, but also on the real consumer reviews.

The content of the article:

  • Parameters Electrolux ESF9423LMW
    • Basic specifications
    • Description of operating modes
    • Consumption of water and electricity
    • Properties configuration and internal device
    • Maintenance and fault elementary faults
  • Positive and negative aspects
    • The main advantages of the dishwasher
    • Observed disadvantages consumers
  • Similar models from other manufacturers
    • Competitor # 1 - Indesit DSR57M19A
    • Competitor # 2 - Candy CDP2L952X
    • Competitor # 3 - Gorenje GS52010S
  • The best offers on the market

Parameters Electrolux ESF9423LMW

Features a dishwasher, which are specified in the technical documentation, enable us to determine to what extent it is suitable for specific operating conditions.

Models such as Electrolux ESF9423LMW, apply for services for families of 2-3 people, provided they are loaded once a day.

If more people need to acquire a full-format or device, or to use a narrow machine several times a day.

Basic specifications

Machine Electrolux ESF9423LMW is typical of narrow-format machine size and a little more weight than the average for such devices.

two-button control panel with knob selector selecting the type of programs. The minimum number of control elements significantly reduces the incidence of failure of the electronic unit.

Indication on the control panel dishwashers Electrolux

Of indicator on the panel shows the current mode settings and stages of implementation of cleaning. Also on the panel visible warning of the absence or low content of salt and rinse aid

Slight noise level allows you to run the dishwasher at night without the risk of waking man. The audio signal is not present, it is replaced by the indicator light end of the work.

The tank is made of high quality stainless steel. But the plastic body is soft and flexible enough, which creates a sense of insecurity.

Specifications Electrolux ESF9423LMW

The width of the machine fit into the "narrow" standard 45 cm. But the depth is slightly greater than the typical 60 cm, it is necessary to keep in mind when trying to use it as a built-in kitchen furniture unit

Description of operating modes

ESF9423LMW model supports technology AirDry by Electrolux company. Its essence lies in the automatic door is opened after the closure operation by a distance of 10 cm at the top.

This creates a natural circulation of air, which leads to drainage and machine dishwashing walls due to a dry room air.

Such technology prevents the formation of stains on the bowl, and inhibits the growth of bacteria, which is characteristic for a warm and humid environment. AirDry option can be enabled or disabled by the user.

At Electrolux ESF9423LMW provided 5 operation modesWhich contain the most commonly used cycles consumers.

Operating modes Electrolux ESF9423LMW

The temperature range is from 50 to 70 degrees Celsius. This makes it possible to wash almost any dish, including soft plastic and thin glass

As a rule, the owners of the described technique using "economical" and "normal" modes.

"Fast" washing is recommended by the manufacturer for lightly soiled dishes, and "intensive" - ​​for plohootmyvaemyh and chronic spots. For this model has a function of delaying the start time to 3:00.

To reduce the water hardness salts are provided for introducing special linking minerals. At ESF9423LMW model there are 10 levels of softener for introducing water which is adjusted to the degree of rigidity (° F).

In Russia, this parameter corresponds to GOST 31865-2012. It can be measured with special strips or find out by contacting the company that is supplying water.

The level of supply of salt to be set depending on the hardness:

  1. ° F = [0..1,4);
  2. ° F = [1,4..3,6);
  3. ° F = [3,6..5,0);
  4. ° F = [5,0..6,4);
  5. ° F = [6,4..7,8);
  6. ° F = [7,8..10,0);
  7. ° F = [10,0..12,8);
  8. ° F = [12,8..15,0);
  9. ° F = [15,0..16,6);
  10. ° F = [16,6..18,0).

The default level №5. At the level of №1 salt supply is not happening. If ° F> 18.0, the machine must be installed before the additional softening filters.

Consumption of water and electricity

ESF9423LMW model has a sufficiently good energy efficiency class - "A +"That when using the" economical "mode in conjunction with AirDry function can significantly reduce power consumption.

Efficiency Electrolux ESF9423LMW

Declared a class "A" washing and drying dishes confirmed not only by independent laboratory tests, but consumer reviews

Data on consumption of electricity and water consumption as indicated in the table refer to the regime of "economical". For other programs, these figures are as follows:

  • quick: 0.7 kWh 8 l;
  • normal: 1.0-1.2 kWh 14-15 l;
  • intensive: 1.1-1.3 kWh 13-14 l;
  • rinsing: 0.1 kWh 4 liters.

Rated power 1.95 kW makes possible the introduction of the dishwasher in the kitchen overall grid.

If it is decided to allocate a separate line to the electrical panel, it will be necessary to secure a circuit breaker at 10 or 13 amps.

Securing the dishwasher Power

Dishwasher does not require a separate power line tender. The main thing is that the type of power supply and mains voltage correspond to the requirements specified on the product label

Properties configuration and internal device

ESF9423LMW standard model is equipped with two baskets, the top of which is designed for easier and less soiled dishes.

Placing items necessary so that they do not contact each other, they were rigidly and was provided with a flow of water.

The lower basket placed most soiled dishes, as well as massive objects, such as pots, pans, lids and trays. When marking utensils necessary to make sure that it does not overlap the direction of water flow.

The position of the upper basket can be adjusted in height, which makes it possible to change the inner space and can accommodate items of complex geometry.

Retractable lower basket

The lower basket can be pulled out for easy placement of dishes. It also helps with unloading the machine after washing

In addition, the kit includes a basket for cutlery and glasses holder.

Maintenance and fault elementary faults

The filter system consists of three elements which must be periodically cleaned. To do this, unscrew the unit by turning it counterclockwise to disassemble it and wash.

Install the elements (especially the flat filter) must be correct, otherwise the system will be bad leak.

To clean the external surfaces using a soft cloth. Use can only neutral detergents use abrasives and solvents impossible.

For the prevention of contamination of the inner parts is recommended at least twice a month to run the machine with the program of long duration.

When cleaning the spray arms in this model, the manufacturer does not recommend to remove the rocker. They rubbed with a cloth, and clears any clogged holes with a toothpick or other sharp wooden object.

Lower rocker dishwasher

Clean bottom rocker conveniently after removal of all or at least the bottom of the basket. Remove blockages holes to be careful to the direction of the jet has not been changed

When damage to the device, before contacting a service center, you must make sure that the problem can not be resolved independently. The most frequent problems that you can fix your own hands, as follows:

  1. No water flow. The reason can be a closed valve, insufficient pressure in the network clogging the filter or kinked inlet hose.
  2. There is no water drain. Able to finish clog drain pipes or kink the drain hose.
  3. The cycle is often stops and then resumes. Such operation of the device is considered normal if not flashing "Start" indicator.
  4. Slight leakage from the door. The machine is not aligned or door must be adjusted by changing the position of the rear leg.
  5. The door is tightly closed. It is not aligned to this device or prevents placed utensils.
  6. Came the rattling or knocking sound. Ware precariously placed in the basket. As a result, when changing the strength and direction of the jets it collides with each other and the metal parts of the basket.

It must be remembered that an independent poorly performed repair warrants removal device guarantees, and can also lead to a significant rise in the cost of subsequent servicing works.

Positive and negative aspects

Long service life allowed users to identify the main pros and cons of this model compared to competitors' devices of the same price range of 20 to 30 thousand rubles.

The main advantages of the dishwasher

A small number of controls on the instrument panel, thereby minimizing the risks of breakage of elements of the electronic unit.

Control Panel Electrolux ESF9423LMW

The control panel consists of only a switch of operation modes and two buttons. By combining them, you can click all settings

Exclusive AirDry technology implemented in dishwashers of Elecrolux, allows to improve the drying quality of the energy savings. Members noted the absence of drops, spots and stains on dishes at its application.

Indicators of the rinsing process, the washing and drying provide the user with information on the ongoing stage of purification of utensils. This facilitates the exact calculation of the remaining time.

This system, unlike the buzzer, without missing the end of the process when it is already possible to pull items out of the car.

LED lights up end loaded salt or rinse aid, not allowing them to check the availability of each time manually.

A convenient form of baskets. At the top is foldable shelf plates, which can significantly increase the space in their absence. Shelf for plates at the bottom of the basket removable, but it almost does not interfere with load bulky items.

Observed disadvantages consumers

The lack of protection of children is a common cause of failure of the purchase of this lineup of cars. This defect causes the user to make efforts for its compensation in the form of restricting access or run the cleaning process only at night.

Most of the competing models are equipped with a function, complicating the opening of the door without an adult present.

Child near the dishwasher

When you open a child dishwasher door during the washing process may pouring a large amount of water on the floor. The same actions during drying can cause burns hot air

Despite the European assembly, many users have reported poor quality of housing material and covers. The plastic is easily scratched and creased, which is rarely found in other devices in this price range. ESF9423LMW machine requires careful treatment.

The absence of half-load function does not allow to save time and resources in small amounts laundered dishes.

In this case it is necessary to wait for or complete filling machine to accept or excessive consumption of electricity and water.

Similar models from other manufacturers

Potential buyers before settling on a particular dishwasher, consider its closest competitors by comparing functionality with the cost.

The important role played by the choice of the opinions of owners who use more than one year of your favorite model. Offer details familiarize with similar dishwashers from other manufacturers.

Competitor # 1 - Indesit DSR57M19A

Dishwasher Indesit DSR57M19A, being one of the competitors Electrolux ESF9423LMW, differs from it more capacity equals 10 sets, An increased number of workers to 7 programs.

Also competing in the PMM has a display, although the two dishwashers are almost identical price tags.

The other characteristics are identical competitor: power class corresponds A +, Electronic control, noise equals 49 dB, it is possible to delay the start, there is a label indicating salt.

Among the drawbacks of dishwashers Indesit Company only partial protection against leaks, the inability to use detergent tablets / capsules size "3 in 1".

In general, Indesit DSR57M19A more functional and roomy, so if the priority volumes laundered dishes, some buyers prefer to her.

Competitor # 2 - Candy CDP2L952X

Household dishwasher Candy CDP2L952X earned the title of "consumer choice"Thanks to the ease of installation settings, as well as excellent quality of washing dishes and other kitchen utensils.

Its dimensions do not differ from a competitor - 45x62x85 cm (WxDxH), so the model can easily snaps into place of the failed old dishwasher. And to change the kitchen is not necessary.

Features of this unit include: capacity - 9 sets, Class A power consumption control - electronic, provided the number of programs - 5. Display, sensor water purity and automatic hardness there.

Candy CDP2L952X has the best indicators of water consumption - 9 l for one cycle, equipped with child protection, consumes less electricity per cycle - 0.69 kWh, has a lower price tag.

Yet buyers are attracted an unusual body color - silver, which enables the dishwasher that fit harmoniously into the interior in the style of "high tech".

The disadvantages of the model include partial protection against leaks, a big noise (up to 52 dB), The lack of half-load. Although the latter mode there and Electrolux.

Competitor # 3 - Gorenje GS52010S

The model Electrolux there is another detached competitor narrow format - Gorenje GS52010S. It is more functional and is in demand among buyers.

That this car customers choose as an assistant, if you want excellent washing kitchen utensils in the company with a clear and very simple operation.

Specifications Model: Energy class A ++5 working programs, 4 variants temperature regime water flow - 9 L noisiness 49 dB.

Also provides complete protection against leaks, the label indicating the detergent in a special compartment of the dishwasher and the ability to use the tablet "3 in 1".

Among the advantages of this model, it should be noted the presence of the display, the sound notification of the completion of the cycle and half-load mode. also provides self-cleaning filters.

As for the cost, it is a little lower than that of competitive brand Electrolux dishwashers.

The best offers on the market

In its price range dishwasher ESF9423LMW in a positive way distinguishes the presence AirDry functions and distinct separation of operating modes by type laundered contamination.

Also, the model there are downsides, which puts it in the middle of the total cost of the range of devices a rating of 20 to 30 thousand rubles.

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