Two-compressor refrigerators

The two compressors are needed when two freon loop present. They do not duplicate each other, and work individually on refrigerators and freezers. Which is convenient when used NoFrost system. If there is a single circuit and, accordingly, an evaporator, air flows from the different compartments are mixed. NoFrost system provides forced air circulation. The evaporator is located in mezhdustennom space, blown by the fan, the flow enters the chamber. Moisture included in the air chambers mezhdustenok immediately deposited on the evaporator. Rime is not formed, from a user perspective. In fact, the evaporator is defrosted periodically Tan. Two-compressor refrigerators are equipped with two fans and evaporators, in tandem to the camera. The smell of fresh fish is absorbed by bread and sausage.

NoFrost system

You mentioned the fish and canned food. People think, NoFrost system dries - except Zone Freshness - products, so everything inside is stored in plastic bags. But an open tin can with saury fill the compartment smell. Air shows dissociate the property to penetrate the farthest nooks and crannies. Moisture remains in the products, if the wrap packaging film, but the aromatic molecules of fat will seep inside.

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Fresh meat, put in the fridge to be fed with the smell of saury made barbecue will give the sea, and guests will require wasabi.

For this reason, any refrigerator with a top NoFrost equipped with two compressors, each working for a particular cooling circuit. Combined, as do in the droplet model simpler, do not. The case rests on two obstacles:

  1. The complexity of the joint at different temperature settings.
  2. Insufficient cooling capacity of the circuit.

Note that the structure when applied double NoFrost, typical for expensive models. On Yandex-market for these criteria to find the product cheaper to 100,000 rubles. Limit rests one million rubles for the brand Zigmund & Shtain FR 02.2122 SG. Most defrosting refrigerating compartment drip. Weak streams drain into the sump. Freezer dry air supplied from the evaporator according to the scheme described above. The price of these refrigerators is still high, but attainable for the Russian consumer.

Two-compressor refrigerator

The bulk of the NoFrost constructed on a single circuit and single compressor with coverage of both offices. Temperature regulation is carried out by the cyclic rotation of the two fans, each operated by a separate thermostat. It is clear that consideration of the review model fall. Summing up, say: NoFrost system today is expensive. From our point of view, to spend 15,000 rubles to try NoFrost with a single compressor, it is possible. But the fish in the clear is not necessary to keep to other products not smelled.

Trickle defrosting system

Refrigerators with dropping defrosting system cost from 14,000 rubles, and readily available, despite the presence of two compressors. By this scheme, Belarus Atlanta work. Freezer cleaned manually. This is typical, usual scheme. The procedure is performed once every six months or less, often limited to switching off the cooling to the frost melted. Then need to collect a dry cloth.

cost of the refrigerator to thaw and drip system with two compressors is similar as that of the NoFrost with a common vaporizer. Authors is the question, why in modern freezers ice is growing much more slowly than in the good old Soviet brands. There was arranged a similar manual defrost, but very different from today. Compartment literally overgrown ice. A input in the form of a plastic door was placed directly into the cooling chamber.

The old system was not distinguished by excellent thermal insulation and tightness. Moisture can easily penetrate into the freezer of the refrigerator compartment and lay on the door. Process compounded by the fact that the overgrown layer is normally prevented compartment cover. Plastic door broke and gave a crack. The Soviet decision considered quite flawed. Modern freezers working well, thanks to the following two conditions:

  1. Reliable sealing of the perimeter of the door.
  2. High-quality insulation.

Most modern door models are two: for refrigeration and freezer. This allows to prevent obviously moist air in the freezer. Humidity in the refrigerator is high, while dropping defrosting system is always in pairs, ready to turn into frost.

It should be two-chamber refrigerator one compressor of the type described by 14,000 rubles. Not very low price, just are taken into consideration worthy model.

large refrigerator

Especially refrigerators with two compressors

The advantages of two-compressor refrigerators:

  • Lightweight operation of each compressor, which positively affects the reliability;
  • possibility of separate cameras on and off, saving energy;
  • easy adjustment of the temperature of separate freezer and refrigerator;
  • possibility of quick-freeze;
  • less noise, each compressor operates in the power saving mode;
  • if one circuit fails, before the arrival of the master will be able to smooth out the damage caused by food spoilage using the possibility of a second;
  • Energy class is not higher than that of single-compressor models.

These features are very convenient when the family is going on vacation. Suppose freezer can be switched off. This is dangerous, department able to dial a bad smell. In modern refrigerators for blocking the effect of using special coating nanosilver, antiseptic additives in isolation doors. What prevents bacteria, the cause of malodor.

Refrigerator with 2 compressors

Owning models simple ones, wherein special coating is not applied, it is recommended rinse compartment before and after leaving the warm water and vinegar or citric acid. Please note that the compositions should not fall on the rubber seal. When cleaning, use any tool for washing machine or dishwasher. As a result, power consumption is reduced significantly.

The debate about how many compressors in a refrigerator reliable, lasting for hours on the forums. We believe that the difference in the price speaks for itself. The warranty on the devices are not too different. In addition to the above refrigerator manufacturers have entered with a single compressor can work separately independent chambers and temperature adjustment. Doubt that this function makes it possible to fast freezing, but most typical single-compressor refrigerator is not much different from the complex fellow. Should I pay extra for the lightweight mode of induction type motors, hard to say, but the current would be consumed together much more.

Knowledgeable people write on the forums that simultaneously engage both compressors are not able to - from this disaster protection is present. Therefore, over the strength of the electrical wiring does not need to worry more than usual when buying a refrigerator model. Two current run never will develop. The cost of a refrigerator with two compressors higher, but not problematic. Manufacturer to duplicate the indoor units, making double-circuit capacitor. This requires a certain cost.

No one will say straight than a refrigerator with two compressors better. Advantages and disadvantages of two-compressor refrigerators obvious. And if there is no difference, why pay more?

Another thing to try NoFrost system, it is good. We recommended instead of the number of compressors to pay attention to a method of controlling the inverter. Due to this move Samsung provides a 10 year warranty on engines of their own refrigerators.

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